Twinj a made for each other couple epi 30

Twinkle shivers with cold and kunj says twinkle u wanna coat . Twinkle nods no. Twinkle says kunj I wanna sleep plzz do something. Kunj nods and sees a police man. He goes near him. Twinkle follows him. Kunj punches the policeman hard.

Screen shifts.
Twinkle is angry and taunting kunj in the para below. She is speaking in a taunting tone. And kunj is super happy..

Twinj are in lockup. Kunj says see twinkle I got excellent idea intelligent I m.. Twinkle makes a weird face and says yaa yaa kunj sarna intelligent infact u have got the excellent palace to sleep. U arw the king and I m the queen of this maha dirty lockup right.. Kunj says so what twinkle..what is bad in this place.. itzz fine.. Twinkle says fine..u are saying fine itz awsm .. I m thinking to shift in a jail when we go amritsar..what say.. Kunj says woww my siyappa queen what an idea..hmm I have to believe that company matters. Twinkle says haww … what do u mean kunj sarna. He laughs. Twinkle sleeps angrily. Kunj sleeps near her . (It is a very short plateform and both twinkle and kunj are sleeping on it. But no one is touching) Kunj says don’t take advantage of mine. Twinkle laughs and sys kunj u fly too much in air..come on land.. Kunj says why are u waiting for me.. Twinkle says kunnnnjjjj.. And flips other side.. Kunj sees her amd smiles and says my siyappa queen.. hayy 😉

Twinkle wakes up by the hiccups of policeman .. she wakes kunj. They wake up amd feel dizzy. Kunj rubs his eyes. Twinkle sees her phone amd says what the hell no network.. she throws the phone. Twinkle shakes kunj amd says kunj how we will go out .. Kunj says I don’t know twinkle…u think something.. Twinkle mimics kunj. She sees nailpaint in policeman’s nails. She gets an idea. She kisses Kunj hard on his lips and kunj shouts. The lipstick of twinkle gets onto kunj’s lips. The policeman lustfully and comes near him. Kunj says ye mota yahan q aa rha h.. hm bahar kaise jayenge. Twinkle says kunj we will go but u have to give your izzat. Kunj says what.. The policeman man comes in the lockup and leaves the policeman tied to the handcuffs lying to a wall. Twinj secretly stoles a Scooty. They are driving in a farm.

Chal pade h hm aisi rah pr
Bekir hue ki ab jaana kahan
Laapta hue saare raaste
Dhundhenga hme ye jamana kahan
Ye sama h kaisa
Muskurane jaisa
Dhimi baarishe h hr jagah
Ye nasha h kaisa
Dub jaane jaisa
Jagi khaishe h hr jagah
Gazab ka hai yeh din..
(The whole song plays in bg)

They stop by a beach. Twinkle says kunj to pluck some fruits.. Kunj climbs the tree and falls down. Twinkle laughs. Kunj says twinkle to climb and twinkle gets stuck between two branches. Kunj laughs and runs. Twinkle shouts. Kunj clicks her pics. Twinkle falls o ground and cleans.herself. Kunj shows her a iceseller.. (commonly called gola or chuski available in summer) they run towards it. They see a old man selling. They gets an idea. And starts selling it. They sell it to some kids coming from school. Twinj sepreate their stalls and bets to see whose sell is high. Twinkle is unable to make and kunj laughs. Twinkle fumes and starts again. The school teacher come and says there is a boys vs girls competition in our school.. I request you to please participate not as a couple but as a student. Kunj says challenge accepted. Twinkle says mee too.

In school

Kunj is supervising his boys team hi -fi them. Twinkle sees it and calls her girls team and supervises them. The announcer announce the first competition to be of singing. Twinkle fumes and says spo sorry kunj u are going to lose very badly. Kunj’s named as tashan and twinkle’s team as ishq. Kunj comes on the stage with his team and sings manma emosan jaage from dilwale. Everyone claps. A girl asks twinkle whether they will win by the song bcz their song is not filmy. Twinkle says don’t worry we will win for sure. They sing ae malik tere bande hm. Everyone claps. The judge gets impressed.

Next level of competition.

The boys have to wear a sari and the girls have to fix a.tyre. Twinj makes a I cant do this face and gets sad. They start the competition. Kunj makes a boy wear the sari by seeing the process on YouTube. Twinkle is unable to change the tyre. She rotates the spanner angrily and tightly and it breaks. They all get shocked. Other side kunj steps on the sari that is tied on the safety pin and it gets tears. They all get shocked..

The judges wait fr both the teams to come and after sometime kunj comes with his team. The judges sees the sari and smiles. It was all messed up. (U all only think a boy has tied it so how it will be.) Twinkle comes with her team. The judges see the tyre and goes to approve it. Kunj interrupts and says we want a test drive. All nods. The car’s tyre breaks after 1m . They laugh. Twinkle gets embarrassed..

3rd level

It is a foot ball match. Tod tadaiyaa plays. They play joyfully. It starts raining. Kunj tears his shirt. The girls team wins. Kunj pats his forehead. The judge says wait..we still don’t have any results.. calm down..
The judge announces a tie in between both and both The teams gets the trophy.
Twinj shares a hifi .. Everyone claps..

Precap-: Twinj reaches amritsar.. kunj shouts a name.. ermm someone is dead but who..??

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  1. Awesom . …..
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