Twinj a made for each other couple epi 3


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The episode starts with kunj and twinkle sleeping in the same position as in the previous night.leela and usha comes and have a successful smile on their faces.they leave.
Twinkle wakes up and sees herself sleeping in kunj’s arms.she again closes her eyes peacefully.kunj wakes up and immediately comes out of bed.they both are embraced. Anyhow they come down and usha tells twinkle to pack as they have to leave tonight. Twinkle nods in yes and touches her feet. They leave.
Twinj are staring each other. Usha smiles and all leave.

Kunj calls twinkle .
K- hii
K- packing ho gyi
T- nhi tmhri
K- nhi abhi..q ni ki tmne man ni h jaane ka agr nhi to bol de main hi koi bahana bana dunga.
T-nhi mhi kunj I would love to spend my tym wid u..aur maine isilyw packing nhi ki qki I want to smone to help me to choos clothes..
Kunj is amazed..and says mere bhi yehi dilkat h to qna hm shopping pr chle ..if u don’t mind..
Twinkle- wow kunj chlo turant chalte h..
Kunj is happy at this reaction of hers.

At shopping
They both do the shopping tgether and kunj sees a onepiece of golden and pink color .it is sleeveless and above knees he chooses sandles also it is high heels and criss cross till her knee.he buys it but is afraid in giving her.he buys a chocolate hamper and bouquet of red roses.Twinkle also choose something for kunj.
They eat icecream cake,cold coffee etc and kunj drops her car
Twinkle- kunj maine tumhare liye kuch liya I hope u lyk it .it is kept in ur car back.
Kunj- twinkle I loved ur gift ..before seeing it but I also want something to give you .he gives her and twinkle is super happy seeing the gifts. Tum jo aaye jindagi me plays in bg.twinkle pulls kunj on the backseat of the car.she hugs him much tightly and romantically rubs his back.kunj also does the samev.
Twinkle smiles and leaves but sees chunky and uvi standing.Twinkle runs and chimki runs after her.uvi sits in car
And kunj tells him everything that happened briefly.other side twinkle also does the same with last they say- I love you kunj/twinkle.
I love you from bodyguard plays

Scene 2

They come on airport and flies for cape town.Twinj are sitting together and yuki is also.sitting with each other . Twinkle and kunj talk and laugh and oftwn feds each other in the plane.while yuki confess their love.
The plane lands.
A beautiful resort is shown.
Twinj and yuki comes to the reception and she tells them that only 2 rooms are available.yuki says fine and takes the keys.yuki says they will be in one room and other one they can take.twinj agrees

Twinj’s room

Kunj comes in and sees the a romantic candle night and sees twinkle dressed in the gift he has given.
Twinkle comes near him and grabs his collar .
Twinkle shakes kunj and says khuli aankhon sw sapne mat dekho.(infact twinkle was also seeing the same)
Kunj takes his pillow and is proceeding towards balcony.sajnaave plays.Twinkle stops him and says – itna bharosa h n tm pr kunj ki tum mere saath vaisa,kuch bina merimarzi ke. Nhi kroge to tmhe kahin jaane ki koi jarurat nhi h tum bed pe so jao,mere saath..kunj stares hr with all his affection and love towards her.they sleep and light is off.

Precap- yuki’s killer romance

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Avantika, u r so rude. I was just requesting & u gave me the reply so harshly. Tumhara ff bahut faltu tha. Mere frnds toh tumhara yeh ghatiya ff parhna toh dur dekhna bhi nahi chahte.stupid & idiot girl/woman.

  3. Nicec epi…liked it

  4. Natasha aise Avantika ko insult plzz mat karo… Nice episode

  5. Nice epi avantika
    Keel writing
    It is really . …

    1. I am sry yashika. I was abt to write sikha’s name.

  6. So boring & by the way yashika tum hoti kaun ho mujhe samjhane wali.

  7. Avantika, don’t u’ve manners & zai is the best ff writer.avantika u don’t deserve a gud comment.

  8. Sikha u r too disgusting by the way who the hell are you to tell me whom must i insult & whom i must not.avantika deserves my is a universal truth that avantika is a shameless girl.

  9. hello natasha…please dont be angry and mad at people…if u dont like someone..just ignore it…welll.this ff is really nice…just becoz she talked rude to u and u have to do the same…what’s the differences…see around u…there are a lots of people u can communicate with..i dont to tell tis but wen u are sooo daring to insult someone,i and have to tell tis…as a human u have BRAIN…so use it carefulll….dont let it burst…

  10. Harsha u r a disgusting person.why’ll avantika talk 2 me so rudely.if she had done this wid u then could u ever forgive her.may be u could have bt i m not a big hearted person.

  11. Sry sikha.pihu,harsha,harsani & avantika.a special sry 2 u avantika as i had hurt u the most.plz forgive me.

  12. This Natasha is a manner less girl…. You think dat you r correct and others r wrong.. So please stop ur drama… Well you said sorry so for formality it’s ok…

  13. Well I forgot to change my name… The above comment is from me to dat idiot Natasha

  14. Well I am with you Natasha… No need to apologize to these people..

  15. Absolutely correct baby doll.everybody has a right 2 speak according 2 their views.i think these stupid people don’t know anything abt democracy.such uncivilized people.what do they think they’ll like someone so others’ll also like them or what? thank u once again for u’r support baby doll.

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