Twinj a made for each other couple epi 29

The episode starts with kunj.saying sorry to twinkle again and again and falls on the ground in disappointment. Twinkle laughs and makes a aww face. She cups his face and says my cuttie hubby..u got tired so early..who will show me more surprises …. Kunj exclaims and says twinkle u forgave me .. he hugs her but twinkle stands still. Kunj grabs her hand and takes her. Twinkle is lost somewhere. Kunj makes her sit. Kunj is speaking continuously but his voice is muted. Twinkle is still lost. Kunj stretches her eyebrows and says what happened to her now. He remembers the pregnancy papers and sees his hand.

Kunj thinks how much I m trying to forget It but twinkle is making me remember again and again..don’t know which new turn our relationship will take. Kunj shakes her hand. Twinkle comes to her senses.. she says yess kunj u said something.. Kunj makes a face and says no..there is nothing to say now..

Twinkle says what. Kunj says nothing see the decoration. Twinkle makes a good for nothing face and says itz a candlelight dinner deco what’s new in this .. Kunj saddens his face and says twinkle.. Twinkle says shut up kunj sarna. Order something. Kunj orders and twinkle serves him. Twinkle starts serving her own plate. Kunj stops her and says twinkle we can eat in one right.. Twinkle says why kunj…kk let it be..we will eat in one. Kunj sits on her sofa. Twinkle adjusts her and kunj feeds her they feed to each other. Kunj shows her a cake. He propes her with a rose bouquet. Twinkle accepts it and gives a rose to kunj. They say I love u. Kunj propose her for a dance. Twinkle nods and keeps her hand on his hand. They dance romantically (very very romantic …u all think as u want ) on the song ye fitoor mera from fitoor. In the damce kunj kisses her on neck and cheeks sometimes. He picks her in arms and revolve. Kunj gifts her a heart ballon and twinkle pinches it. They have a cute moment . Thry falls on sofa upon each other.

Twinkle says lets cut the cake kunj . Kunj nods. They cut it together. Twinkle puts some cake on kunj’s nose and laughs . Kunj shouts twinkle.. Twinkle giggles and runs. Kunj runs after her. Twinkle gets hit by someone. She looks and it is kunj. Kunj holds her waist. Twinkle catches his collar. Kunj gets close to her. Twinkle blushes heavily. Kunj says twinkle baby u know what is today.. Twinkle says what.. Kunj kisses her neck and says kiss day. Twinkle shies. Kunj puts cake on her both  cheeks  and twinkle looses control. Kunj says twinkle I wanna eat cake baby. Twinkle says ohh..come I will cut and give. Kunj catches her hand and says u fool..Cake is here eatself .

Twinkle says where. Kunj says I eat it and show. Twinkle says okk.. Kunj eats from her cheek with a light smooch. Twinkle shies. Her heart beats heavily. Kunj says see tmrw is Valentine’ u tell what should I do for you. Twinkle says u are master u think urself anything. Kunj nods and says anything twinkele he gets close ..more close..more close…he is so close to her.. Twinkle says kunj please step back if anyone will see then.. Kunj says no one is here twinkle no one. Twinkle shies. They make a pose for a liplock. The   waiter comes and  They step back. Waiter says sirr tym is over. Kunj says I have taken this pub fr tday u go.. Twinkle says kunj.. Kunj says okk go we are also leaving.. the waiter goes..

Kunj sees twinkle. She tries to control her laugh. Kunj says so where were we…he steps frward . Twinkle laughs and runs. They run to a long extent and are now in a dense jungle. Twinkle gets scared and calls kunj. Kunj comes. Kunj says her not to worry. Twinkle nods. They try to find some way. They land on a shadow of tree. They stare each other angrily and laughs.

Time fr some adventure on Valentine’s day..

I know it wass not so long but my exams are there I will post one more tday itself. And to tell u that the pregnancy issue is not over yet..but kunj is trying to make twinkle happy with him so that sje breaks up with yuvi..

Happy Valentine’s day to all….lots of love to all commentators and silent readers fr showering love on me…muaahh love u all..!! :-* <3

Thanking you
Best regards

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  1. Wowwww its fantasticc i loved it !!!

  2. hey their misunderstandings are not still over i am very excited about the next update if possible upload fast plz

  3. Brilliant….. Beautifully written….keep it up …..???

  4. wow..amazing!!…avantika just awesome..!!!!

  5. Hmmmm……. Precap is interesting surprise valentine’s ok dud, avantika carry on. Give daily one episode.

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