Twinj a made for each other couple epi 28

Episode starts with Twinkle sitting before the dressing table and combing her hairs. She is in a deep thought. Kunj comes and thinks what happened to her now. He coughs and says twinkle u had already broken our mirror in amritsar once u want to break here also..don’t do that coz ur hubby is very poor and can’t give fine all day. Twinkle says kunj…it was so fun der n.a. Pulkiit was so cute. And they were like made for each other couple. Kunj smells his coat and says yeah.. wow so hot so s*xy.. Twinkle shivers him and says what happened. Kunj says I and yami hugged na so her stil there.. she was so hot and s*xy ..omg I.wish I also have became an actor so I would be able to romance beautiful girls and not a siyappa queen..
Twinkle says ur dreams are big kunj sarna ..u can’t be a hero.
Kunj says obviously I can be..I m so handsome..

Twinkle fumes and says whatever..come lets sleep..
Kunj says what let’s sleep don’t touch me tday as I want to be in yami’s touch. He smells the coat and winks.
Twinkle makes a weird face and sleep angrily.


Twinkle wakes and doesn’t finds kunj. She gets up and gets ready. She combs her hair and comes to the balcony. She sees kunj jogging and flirting with a girl. Twinkle says arey arey see him..I will show him now. She goes. Twinkle comes down and clutches Kunj’s hand. Kunj looks on. Twinkle says sorry we have to go. See you later. Bye. She takes away kunj .
Kunj asks what happened to you twinkle.. Twinkle says what happened to you Kunj..u were flirting how dare you.. Kunj says so what. Whatever I do u have a problem. They have a tiff. Twinkle cries. Kunj says I am going for chilling.u go and cry in the room got it
Twinkle cries and runs. Kunj fumes and goes angrily.

A decorated date scene is shown. Kunj is supervising them. It is based on white snow and blue table and decoration. Kunj dresses in a white tux. He takes a phone and by changing his voice calls twinkle and says hello mrs.Twinkle Kunj sarna. She says yes . He says ur husband is admitted in hospital by accident come fast. Twinkle says am coming. Kunj laughs. He says twinkle why u love me so much..why baby.. !! Issshh..

Twinkle comes on the address. She is crying. She comes hurriedly. She opens a black gate and opens it. She sees everything black. Twinkle scream who are u..where is kunj tell me fast.. a guy comes he sings a song . Twinkle says who.are u ..plz tell me .. don’t irritate..where is my kunj.. she collapses on the ground. Kunj comes and consoles her. Kunj hugs her tightly.He kisses her on forehead and caresses her hairs. Twinkle wipes her tears and breaks the hug. Kunj holds her hand. He says happy propose day twinkle..I love you baby..see I have arranged the date as u’s it. Twinkle jerks him and says what is this kunj..anytime u will love me next u will betray me and then be rude to me. I don’t wanna talk to u . U know what u don’t love me u just like me as a toy .. Kunj clutches her shoulder and says twinkle I am telling you for the last time..I love you and u abuse me be angry to me or anything but I don’t love you dont say this please..please.. Twinkle makes a uh oh face and says whatever kunj sarna it doesn’t matter to u. Kunj sits on knees and says ok twinkle tell me all ur complains right here and I will note it down and improve it.. Twinkle and kunj enacts the song jab tm chaho frm prem ratn dhan payo.
Kunj falls on ground and twinkle laughs.

Precap-: Twinj date..

I m not getting enough feedbacks so I have thought to write short and should post with a gap of 1 day or week. And aftr some days I will definitely stop it..

And this tym I mean it
Sorry if I m u take my place amd think.for once..

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  1. Awesome
    Pls continue dear u r a talented writer

  2. Nice please don’t stop ur ff
    Its really good

  3. Noo yaar plzzzzz do continue ur ff plzzz ur a very gud writer I do read it always

  4. Plzz do continue ur ff

  5. Please don’t stop writing!!! I love reading your fan fiction. It’s such a pleasure to read. Please don’t stop 🙂

  6. nice episode avanthika but dont say that ur ff is really nice but that twist of twinki s pregnancy how kunj managed to know the truth reveal it yaar

  7. Avantika…..u r a good writer ….pls pls write longer episodes….

  8. Please do not end ur fan-fiction…We are loving it…

  9. we are loving it avantika
    we wait fr ur ff
    please dnt stop it

  10. avantika please reveal abt twinkles Npregnency nd how it was revealed

  11. avantika very nice epi.. okay i dnt knw y r u telling all this bt there must b sm reasn..i can jst request u nt to stop writing bt decision is urs..even if u do ..plz cme back wid sm other ff..

  12. Its amazingg dear plzzz don’t stop writing plzz

  13. Exactly Avantika,what she is saying is absolutely right bcoz even for my FF I am gettin a low feedback only around 1-6 so if she stops even I wl stop what is the use of writing if anyone doesn’t read and I am really sorry if this wl hurt anyone….BTW the episode was fantastic!

  14. S dud, am totolly agree with u…….avantika your ff is amazing yar plz continue on…..

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