Twinj a made for each other couple epi 27

Twinkle adorns herself in the mirror.. she says kunj how I am looking. Kunj says fantabulous.. Twinkle turns back and says kunj u are in u know how I m looking.. kunj says so whatt I was complement my dress not u.. Twinkle says very funny kunj sarna..
He laugs.

Twinkle says I m going to order some food … Kunj says okk
Kunj comes drying his hairs with towel. Twinkle stands in front of me. Kunj opens her jaw.. he stands still..
Twinkle is wearing a criss cross black high heels.. a grey onepiece nd a short cream jacket.. she is looking hot. She has her red chura in her hands with kunj and twinkle written on it. Twinkle shakes her hand . He gains consciousness. Twinkle says kunj come have food. Kunj says yess…but I m not hungry..come lets go..we have to go.. Twinkle says but where.. Kunj says fr sightseeing come on fastt.. Kunj goes. Twinkle picks her bag and runs .

They come in the car. Twinkle switch on the radio. Kunj offs . They do this agn and agn. Twinkle in a angry face. Says kunj if u will do it agn I will .. I will
Kunj says what u will do..u can’t do anything.. got that..
Twinkle says ohh rilly see what I do. She leaves the car and runs. Kunj says twinkle twinkle …where are u going ..Twinkle …..siyappa…
He stretches his eyebrows..

Twinkle is running and reaches a beach. She sees a setup and thinks I can get some help there to reach the hotel. She goes. She sees a fat black man.there. she thinks to ask fr help. She sees kunj coming running.. she thinks to seduce the man to make kunj jealous. She smirks..

Kunj thinks what she is upto.. Twinkle seduces the man. The man starts flirting with twinkle. Twinkle thinks that he is helping me. Twinkle says wanna come for a drink. He says yeah.. They cheers the drink. Kunj says twinkle what she is doing. Twinkle says okk good bye nice meeting you.. the man hold twinkle hand tightly and flirts with her. Twinkle tries to escape but fails. The man throws twinkle on a bush. He takes off twinkle’s jacket. Twinkle shouts. A stick comes and hits the man on head. He falls. Twinkle look on. Kunj is shown. Twinkle rushes and hugs Kunj tightly. She cries. Kunj consoles her. He makes her wear his jacket. Twinkle sees him lovingly while tears flows from her eyes.

They come in a restaurant. Twinkle laughs. Kunj says what happened now.. any new siyappa coming to ur mind right.. Twinkle makes a childish face and says noo .. I remember our first meeting when we came in a restaurant in amritsar. Kunj says yess I remember..I knew seeing you first tym.only that u are a pure siyappa queen.. Twinkle says ohh really mr. Kunj sarna. The waiter comes to take the order. Twinj hears an announcement of a dance competition. Twinkle says kunj I want to take part. Kunj laughs and says twinkle u know dancing other than creating syappas .. Twinkle says kunj …dont joke ..lets take na plzz.. kunj nods and orders waiter to enroll their name.he goes.

Sanam re team comes on a ship from the top. Pulkit samrat,yami ,urvashi and rishi kappor inaugurates the competition. They sit on the judge seat. Every contestant comes and does their performance. Kunj says twinkle are u sure u wanna take. Twinkle nods but says kunj I m nervous. Twinkle thinks he will get romantic and console me. But kunj says u should be siyappa queen.. Twinkle shows an angry face. Kunj laughs . It is turn of Twinj. They dance on the song gazab ka hai yeh din from sanam re. Everyone claps.

Pulkiit- so this was the last performance of the night.
Yami-: so now we should leave..nothing left right..
Urvashi -: yeah Offcouse
Audience shouts for results .
They smile.
Rishi-: noo beta..we should tell their results.
Pulkiit -: okk as u say so audience any guess for the winning couple.
Twinkle prays.
Yami -: cmmon they were so.cute tgthr.
Urvashi-: ohh yeah..yami but our audience didn’t recognize the gem. But rishi sir will announce.
They hoot.
Rishi-: so the winning couple is… Twinkle and kunj..
Twinkle jumps with joy…amd her heels hurts kunj . Kunj says siyappa queen be 10 feets away

Pulkiit asks them to come on stage.
Thwy go.
Kunj shakes hand with pulkit. And hugs yami and urvashi. Twinj takes blessings from rishi kapoor.
Yami gifts them a chocolate hamper and tickets of sanam re ..
Kunj sits on knees and asks yami for a dance. Pulkiit does the same with twinkle. They dance on sanam re.
Everyone claps.
They promote the film. Everyone takes a selfie.

Screen freezes.

Precap-: Happy propose day..!!

I think it was enough long and entertaining. Plzz do cmnts and suggets him something. Tara and smc u both cmnt I feel obliged coz u both are also a fabb writers. Plzz tell me more to post fr this Valentine’s week.. Thnxx to all othr cmntors for motivating me. Plzz suggest me something mahira fatarajo sudha etc

Thanking you
Best regards..!!

Credit to Avantika

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  1. Awsm episode Avantika luv ur ff????

  2. Gud Bt create sum romance btwn twinj and v want it more longer avanthika…luv u really yaar…

  3. thank u so much avantika for this long and fab epi….and also for the compliment,,i indeed feel grt that u r saying such a thing..the person from whom i got inspired feels grt..really..
    i think u know better what u should post for this special week bt still what i can say is that..kunj can plan a romantic date for twinkle bt b4 that he should pretend to be annoyed wid her just to spice up the situation..otherwise ur wish..whatever u write is very good..

  4. There is no doubt that u r a fab FF writer too…….awesome episode

  5. Hey I loved it yaar sorry didn’t comment as I was busy 😛

  6. Yr u are just fantastic… creative….I really like your ff. God bless u

  7. Itss brilliant!!!

  8. Nice one
    Love it

  9. woooww….superb….just loved it.

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