Twinj a made for each other couple epi 26

Twinkle wakes up early. She sees the sunrises and gets delighted. She sees kunj sleeping. She caress his face. Twinkle gets up to have bath. She take out her clothes from her suitcase. She goes to washroom. Kunj wakes up. He doesn’t finds twinkle and thinks of some idea. He calls someone and smirks. Twinkle comes wearing her white bath gown. She has packed her hairs in towel on top of her head. Kunj gets mesmerized and acts slept. Twinkle opens her hairs and shakes. The water coems on Kunj’s face. Twinkle is drying her hairs. She is looking damn hot. Dheere dheere se plays. Kunj comes and holds twinkle’s hands. He hugs her from back and adjusts his face on her shoulder. Twinkle says gud mrng kunj u woke up … Kunj says yess.. he rotates her. She is facing kunj now. Kunj gets closer. More close more close. Twinkle blushes heavily. Her cheeks reddens. Kunj teases her . Kunj kisses her neck.
Twinkle says kunj..what are u doing.. Kunj says shh he touches her lips. He says u dont know how much I m controlling myself. Twinkle says ohh.. Kunj gift her a dress. Twinkle says wow kunj thanks.. she hugs her. Kunj hugs her too..

Scene 2
Twinkle is busy in arranging their so called room. Kunj.calls twinkle from bathroom. Twinkle says what kunj..whatever u wanna talk come out and then talk ..I Wil not come in bathroom. Kunj says why baby..plzz handover me my clothes or towel..or shall I come nude as u wnna see me..
Twinkle blushes thinking what he was saying.. and says ok wait giving..
Twinkle hands over the towel to kunj in bathroom. Kunj pulls her in the bathroom. Twinkle sees him and says u have already wore clothes.. Kunj says yess I have wore..I called u so that I can change ur dress from this ghaghra to the suit which I brought. Twinkle makes a uh-oh face and says u will change my dress.. Kunj nods she says kunj ..she beats him and goes. Kunj rubs his hair and says naughty kunj.

Precap- Mauritius sightseeing

Sry I couldn’t post the precap as I declare in the previous epi.cox I have to see what is in Mauritius to see.. sorry

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