Twinj a made for each other couple epi 25

The episode starts with the flight landing in Mauritius. A glimse of Mauritius is shown. Twinkle stretches her hands and says hello Mauritius..I am here to entertain u and complete my mission pati ko dhundho..!! She wears her glasses. Twinkle comes out and sees the address manager gave. Twinkle sits in the taxi to.reach there.

She sits and starts telling the ways to the driver. She thinks I hve to reach fast othrwse he will go. She says to go fast.
She folds hands and prays. She gets a call frm usha. She says pari paonda maa.usha blesses her. She says in a bad tone. She says where is my son. U have not made him in any problem na.he os fine or not.

Twinkle nods and says.he is.fine. he has gone to attend meeting.
Twinkle asks abt her health and usha disconnect the call. Usha smirks and says its not easy to forgive you. Twinkle cries. She says kunj where are u m so alone right now.

It is 11:15 at night.
Twinkle reaches the hotel and appreciate kunj’s choice. She enters . She asks abt kunj. The reciptionust object fr the tym. She calls kunj. She asks twinkle’s name. Twinkle tells. Kunj asks her to let her come. The receptionist shows her the way. She is in lift. She thinks what to say to to face to react.. so confused god help me..!!

Twinkle takes a deep breath before ringing the bell. Kunj opens the door. He is in a lose shirt and lower. Twinkle goes in. Kunj stands still holding the door. Kunj says where are u u came here. Twinkle says I m going in my room and I came by flight..anything else. Kunj holds her and sys twinkle why u came..that also could you baby..?I was fine. O khuda from hero plays. Twinkle hugs him tight. She says I died fr listening baby frm u..and if i didn’t came how could I lived..I probably died without u think to escpe frm me..I m sorry kunj but I love you so much ..I cant live without you a day also. Kunj smiles amd hugs her. The song ends.

Twinkle sees a wound and scold him fr not taking proper care. She starts finding the first aid box. Kunj follows her. Kunj holds her hand . Twinkle loses balance on her heels. They fall on bed. Saajna ve moment.kunj is beneath twinkle. Kunj traces her fingers on twinkle’s face. He puts his finger under her chin and lifts her face up. She is seeing his button eyes and blushes thinking what he is upto. Kunj is saying when u threaten like this na biwi..bygod. I feel so happy.. Twinkle blushes more and hide her face.

Kunj says by the way the fitting of ur suit is awsm. He tickles on her waist. Twinkle beats her sofly on chest. They laugh. Kunj says twinkle u are getting too much fun kya.. Twinkle says how.
Kunj says u are sleeping on me..I know u are keen to romance me but control. Twinkle gets up and beats with pillow.

Kunj makes her sit on bed. Twinkle says what are you doing.. Kunj says shut up.. he closes the lights. He lits a candle. He sits on knees and wishes her ..happy rose love..!! He kisses her softly on cheeks. Twinkle says ohh I frgt..this is our first Valentine’s week. Kunj gives her a big bouquet of red roses. Twinkle says same to u kunj. Kunj says not like that twinkle…something plzz.. Twinkle crosses her hands across his neck. And say like what kunj. Kunj says something romantic..something private. Twinkle traces her.finger on his lips amd say something passionate. Kunj nods and makes a childish face. Twinkle says okk kunj as u say..even I wanted that. Kunj says ok then why to.wait..he pickes her and lands on bed. They tickle their nose and laugh. The waiter comes and sees them. They shy. Kunj scoldd wht hppnd what u wanted. Waiter says nothing he takes the utemsils and goes.

Twinkle giggles. Kunj says and u comes come twinkle kisses him on cheeks and kunj says better..but more and more I want until we are here. Twinkle says why we will go tmrw. Kunj says are u u have came so we.will spend our Valentine’s and then we will go. Twinkle says okk. They sleep hugging each other he kisses her forehead. They smile and says I love you to each other.
Screen freezes..

Precap,-: Mauritius sightseeing..

I hope u liked it if not then please u all are free to throw slippers tomatoes eggs or etc.. coz I m not at all a good writer.
And mahira in the 26 epi der will be a romantic date as.u said.

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