Twinj a made for each other couple epi 24

The episode starts with twinkle.crying bitterly in temple..  the manager tells something to twinkle. Twinkle says thank you.. she goes. Twinkle reaches the airport. Twinkle says kunj I will not frgv you fr this. I wouldn’t stop u but then also how could you.. Twinkle’s flight is announced.. she wipes her tears and says I.m.coming kunj I m coming.
She takes her luggage and some boys stares her lustfully. Twinkle disbalances and sid (frm jamai raja)comes to the rescue. He puts his hand on twinkle shoulder. Twinkle sees him..she understands. Sid.comes and they greet each other. Twinkle tells the problem to.sid. sid thinks and says kunj is definitely very stressed tht’s y he did this..plzz support him dont burst on him give him love . Twinkle nods and says but he should share the problem or if there is a misunderstanding he should clear it. Sid nods amd says he is sensitive frm childhood only. Thry laugh. Twinkle says come we will miss the flight. Sid says I have to go mumbai. I came here to meet you. Twinkle waves bye and goes. Sid smiles and sys kunj ur plan worked..u really know.Twinkle very well. Made for each other couple. He smirks.

Twinkle sits in the plane remembering all the old moment of Twinj. A handsome hunk comes and sit besides her. She adjusts herself. He is kunj disguised as a business man. He intentionally touches twinkle agn and agn. Twinkle gets frustrated. She warns him. He laughs. Twinkle calls the air hostess and orders a cold coffee.
Kunj says fr me also. Twinkle stares him. Kunj says hii I m rakesh..rakesh malhotra.. and u
Twinkle says mee….I m out of ur reach. Kunj laughs . Twinkle sys psycho. Kunj touches her again. Twinkle says why again and again u are touching me. Kunj sys u are not deepika padukone that I am.dying to.touch u. It is by mistake. Twinkle says haha u guessed me right I m deepu fr my ranveer singh got it…stay aswy 100 feets frm me..otherwise u will.not be able to touch ur own.wife also …
Kunj says u are married..??
Twinkle says Offcouse…
Kunj says ohh shit…
Twinkle says what do u mean by this…mai tmhre jhaanse me nhi aane wali
Kunj says u came in my.plane when.will u come in my arms.
Twinkle says shut up…how dare u
Kunj says I dare bcoz I care

Twinkle sys stop ur nonsense..otherwise..otherwise I will thrash u frm.the plane..
Coffee comes..and kunj takes both the coffee..he signs hostess..she goes. He takes sip frm both the coffee mugs and hands over to twinkle.. Twinkle says what was this..
Kunj says it is new trend of increasing love …
Twinkle says love..
She throws the coffee on kunj’s face ..
He stares twinkle..
Twinkle sys love has increased I thnk right..
Kunj says I will see u..
Twinkle says go go..get lost..
Kunj comes aftr smtym
He asks twinkle she hasn’t eaten anything..why
Twinkle says what’s ur prblm..matter to ur urself not me..
Twinkle gets hiccups.. Kunj orders water.
Twinkle thinks he is not so bad.

Water comes and kunj drinks it making twinkle more frustrated.
He says too much hot right..
Twinkle orders water and drinks.
She says u have no shame …u should gve me right amd u were drinking urself.
Kunj says if anyone gets a siyappa queen lyk u na..then he should drink that..getting na..that rather than water.
Twinkle says very funny..
She sees in window.
She says one min…only my hubby calls me syappa queen…how u know it..tell me fast..who are u..tell me
Kunj says I m rakesh malhotra I have told..and ur hubby doesn’t invents words everyone knows it got it..
Twinkle says fine.
Twinkle thinks.

Kunj smiles seeing twinkle all frustrated..
He says twinkle twinkle twinkle…u dont know how much I missed u … but what to was my duty to help them.

Twinkle is lost in her thoughts.
She thinks what is the matter that kunj didn’t told me..sid has told me not to ask what should I do. Plzz help me babaji…to mend my relAtion…Kunj is really very good.. I don’t wanna lose him. A tear fell from her eyes.

Kunj was staring her . He puts his hand and the tear fell on his hand. Twinkle doesn’t sees this. Kunj kisses the tear.
Twinkle says what were u doing..

Kunj says it should not matter to u ..
Twinkle says whatever.
Kunj says where are u going btw
Twinkle says why u will come and ruin my vacation there also.hmm
Kunj says as u think..I dont care
Twinkle says gud…btw I m going to Mauritius..where are u going
Kunj says mee.too
Twinkle says fr vacation
Kunj nods no and says I have to patch up with someone
Twinkle says best of luck
She giggles
Kunj says what happened
Twinkle says I thought u are only rude to me…but everyone brokes up with u..
Kunj says very funny
He goes.

Twinkle says when I will reach godd…I miss u ….

Precap-: Twinj patchup. Kunj surprises twinkle on rose day..!! They get lovey dovey..

I hope I met ur wishes…plz gve more suggestions so that I make fr u..

And fr sum days I will not show negativity as itz Valentine’s but if u gyZ want then plz do tell me…and plzz comment more ad more it motivates me yo write frthr

Thanking you
Best regards

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  1. awesme avantika .
    m basically a silent reader.i just wait for ur ff.update the next episode soon

    1. It was nice ff where do you get the plot you can even make your own serial yourself avantika

  2. Omg avantika….such a nice plot….just loved it…..keep it up…?????? post ur ff on wattpad also, u will get many readers and comments….

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  6. These scenes should happen in the actual serial as well…

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  8. Awesum ff… Just luv it… 🙂 😉

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  10. absolutely awsome…avantika i just loved it..and thanks 4 clearing their problems..

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  12. Please tell if u wana see negativity or no..??

    And thnx fr the lovely comment…tara ,sana ,fatarajo ,ruchi,mahira,aarti,sasmeera,riya rashi – I am already on wattpad and I have posted a ff on it named twinj+yuvi ff back to the past..have a look everyone..!!

  13. Why she didn’t recognized him that he is kunj

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