Twinj a made for each other couple epi 23

Twinkle dresses up elegantly. She takes a candle in her hand and blushes as kunj loves this pose. Kunj comes and pins twinkle to wall. Kunj says-if u didn’t wanted to go..then u could have told me..I would not force u..whst was the need to tell Maya. Twinkle says no kunj.. kunj says shut up twinkle..he blows the candle on her face.. Twinkle cries bitterly and collapses on ground. Twinkle says what happened babaji..misunderstandings are getting higher day by day….what should I do.. Kunj comes late at night and sees twinkle undressing. Kunj says u are undressing now…u have gone smwhre. Oh yess..u may have gone on the dinner with ur mr.perfect right.. Twinkle says what happened to you Kunj..I was cooking in kitchen..go and ask Beebe..u are spying unnecessarily.She hurts her hand by the bangles. Kunj rushes to her and twinkle says I m fine.. Kunj goes and gets hurt by the bed’s corner.. Twinkle comes and kunj says I m fine u were.. Kunj sleeps on the bed facing twinkle. They both watch each other sleeping alternately. Soch na sake frm airlift plays..

Twinkle wakes up and doesn’t finds kunj. Twinkle says where are you kunj .. she checks the washroom but doesn’t finds kunj. She goes to take bath .
Bebe is praying . Twinkle comes and checks kunj. Beebe asks twinkle abt kunj. Twinkle says I don’t know bebe..when I woke up kunj wasn’t here. Usha says which kind of wife are u ..u don’t know abt ur hubby. Cherry says kunj is not a kid he will come don’t worry..
Twinkle senses some bad thing to happen and prays for kunj. Maya tells twinkle that Kunj was upset last night..something happened and he left the home maybe. Beebe scolds maya and says kunj is not so weak. Twinkle goes in the room. She checks all the file fr getting updates of kunj. She gets something and runs out frm mansion.
Cherry and maya looks on.

Twinkle reaches a temple. It is vacant. A guitar voice is coming. Someone is singing. Twinkle goes in the temple. She runs in the temple here and there. She doesn’t finds kunj.
Twinkle gets worried. She thinks if kunj didn’t came here so why he mentioned it in the to-do list.

Twinkle reaches the office. She asks abt kunj . The manager says wait first we have to attend a meeting. And then..
Twinkle says why everyone is behaving weird. The manager calls kunj and asks whethrr he shuld tell twinkle or no abt where he is.

The manager doesn’t tells twinkle. Twinkle yells at everyone. Twinkle gets a call from nikki telling kunj has nit came yet. U got to know whether he is or no. Twinkle thinks.

She says I came to know .. we are going somewhere fr a official meeting and will come aftr some days.
Nikki nods and says kunj is so romantic . He took u too so that u enjoy a romantic vacation.

Nikki tells everyone and everyone gets happy except maya.

Precap_: viewer’s choice

Audience there will be a Valentine’s week in the ff. So u all cmnt what u wanna see. Asap u will cmnt u will get the ff.
I so I will update think amd comment as much as u can.
I will side all the misunderstandings and will focus on what u guyzz want..
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  1. Twinkle to cheer up kunj and clear all misunderstanding.?????love in the air…????

  2. Twinkle and kunj clear their misunderstandings and spend some cute moments and dance on muskurane ki wajah tum ho…….

  3. Hi Avantika I’m a silent reader but u made me write 2de. Ur ff is awsm. I luv it. Yes I have a request plz clear these misunderstandings between twinj and make Maya realize that twinj r made 4 each other and she can’t break their trust so easily

  4. jst clear all missunderstandng.
    i jst need there cute fights.
    n an extremely romantic date 4 our twinj
    update fast dr..

  5. I hope before valentines day they both clear thier misunderstandings and spend some quality time with each other btw avantika ff is good

  6. plz clear all the misunderstandings btw kunj and twinkle

  7. Is twinkle really going to becom mother or thats just mayas plan??

  8. maya’s truth should get revealed in front of kunj and he should ask twinkle to forgive him and some romantic moments

  9. Twinkle clr d misunderstanding n twinj becme tgeder n thrw cherry n maya out of d house

  10. Avantika plzz jaldi se twinj ki misunderstanding khtm kr 2…and plzzz twinj ki romantic epi ho jaye

  11. we want twinz romance avantika. plz clear all misunderstanding ma

  12. Whn will post nxt part of veiwers choice

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