Twinj a made for each other couple epi 22

Episode starts with kunj not getting sleep . He sees twinkle in the balcony talking on the phone. Kunj says twinkle is talking so long with yuvi …he opens his laptop and works on the new project he had got that day. The pregancy reports come in front of kunj. Kunj stares it. He reads again and again. Maya is watching all this with a camera . Cherry says maya u are brilliantly u did it and kunj never thought for the father’s name…it is proved by dna ..but this good fr nthng kunj didn’t knew this also. Maya says yess I made this fake paper. Coz I knew that kunj will not get to know. Now their shaadi will soon end . And then kunj will be forever mine. Cheery says yeah..

Twinkle is talking to yuvi . And says yuvi I think we should get divorced. I can’t bear it now. Hiding from kunj is a difficult task. Kunj hears this . Twinkle says yuvi only u are there with whom I can put my heart out..please come back…she says okk baby…bye love u muaahh (actually she is saying this to yuvi’s niece sanya)
Kunj thinks.they love each other …enough I will myself give divorce to twinkle when our 3 months will get over.  He sleeps . Twinkle comes and says kunj u slept …I thought we will romance tday. Khair koi nahi babaji meri madat krna taki mai ye shaadi nibha saku.. she places a gentle kiss on their wedding pic.

Kunj was going to pick his red tie when he remembers something.
Flash back-:

Kunj is going to wear the tie. But twinkle comes and says Kunj I make you wear the tie right..dont u dare to wear it anytym . U can only wear it when I will hate u and that is never gonna happen. They smile.

Fb ends

Kunj wipes his face to forget everything and be normal. Bebe comes and kunj touches her feet. Beebe asks kunj did u liked last night’s dinner. Kunj says no bebe..actually I had eaten out so I had not eaten. Bebe exclaims and says kunj twinkle had eaten..? Kunj says I don’t know..she might have eaten with u all.. coz she didn’t ate when I came. Bebe pats him and says u dumbo..Twinkle ws waiting fr u amd u didn’t asked her even how can you do this … Kunj gets shocked. He says bebe I have a meeting tday I have to rush to office. U take care…
Bebe says kunj u didn’t reacted but ur eyes said it all.. u might have taken drugs and that is the reason u didn’t took dinner.

Twinkle comes and doesn’t finds kunj in room. She sees the tie and says kunj might have got hurt. He has not wore tie tday. I have to check his office.

She goes in the office and makes kunj wear the tie. Kunj says twinkle u remember. Twinkle says kunj please how can I frgt this. This is only way to be near you. Kunj laughs. He says twinkle u had dinner last night. Twinkle nods in yes. Kunj says so twinkle now our relationship is so weak that u will lie to me.. u are my syappa queen only na or some hamshkl. Twinkle says maybe kunj..some points in life comes when we have to lie.. Kunj says fine then …come tdat I will regret my mistake. We will go on a dinner. Twinkle says kunj that would be so swtt.. but I cant come sorry. He saddens and twinkle says oh my sweetu hubby..I will definitely go I will change and come. Kunj nods and says ok then pm I will cum and take you. Twinkle goes.

Twinkle comes and tells beebe . Maya says dinner twinkle no..I won’t let this happen. Twinkle comes in room and starts dressing up. Maya comes with a recorder and says twinkle if yuvi will take u on a dinner date will u go.. Twinkle says no mera man nhi h mata..vo to bus mai uska man rkhne ke lye chli jaati hu. Maya winks and goes. Twinkle says strange why she asked this. Maya sees kunj coming and acts like talking. Maya-if twinkle doesn’t wanna ho..why kunj is forcing..he will be hurt aftr knowing that twinkle is doing only that if je is relax. Kunj listen this and asks maya . Maya shows the recorder. Kunj leaves .

Precap-: kunj pins twinkle to wall and says if u didn’t wanted then why u did this.. I didn’t expect this frm u. Twinkle cries.

Thnks so much to all my frndzz who cmnted. And please give me suggestions.. I badly need it. And thanks sudha fr telling mistake. And komal I would not end if u all support like this.

Best regards

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  1. now i am relieved thanks avanthika for understanding and nice episode

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  6. Lve ur ff its awesome avantika rlly its nice

  7. i will be out of town for 4 days where there is no network i will really miss ur fan fictions but i am happy as when i return i will hv a lot of ff to read as a festival missssssss……….. u all

  8. Plzzz clr d misunderstanding btw twinj n make dem togeder plzzz dis part was nyc

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