Twinj a made for each other couple epi 21

Epi starts with Twinkle rushing to hospital. The doctors take leela. Twinkle prays . A girl comes wearing a shawl. She hugs twinkle. Twinkle says who are u . The girl runs. Twinkle says kaun ho sakti h.. she tries calling kunj and he doesn’t picks… the doctor comes and say mrs .Twinkle come and fill the formalities. Twinkle follows. She fills the formalities. She sees maya in hospital going in pregnancy ward. Twinkle spies.. the doctor calls twinkle.
Kunj goes in a car secretly. Bebe follows him . He reaches a drug addict centre. Bebe cries amd says no..kunj is a drug addict. He takes drugs ..?? I dont believe this. Kunj says to the doctor that I want to get rid of it. If anyone will now what aft will happen. Beebe sobs. She goes. Kunj comes oyt with two big packets. Bebe says he will definitely take it to home I will check there. Twinkle goes in the jail and applies for the bail. She gets the bail and she comes to take leela. A nurse handovers some reports to twinkle. Twinkle keeps in her bag. She takes leela’s medicine and waits in the loby for the dishcharge papers.

Kunj is in the office. He is checking some files. He sees a file and checks. He stands in shock and the file falls. Kunj takes the file and reads again. It shows that twinkle is pregnant with yuvi’s baby. He throws all the file angrily. He tries calling Twinkle and yuvi both but no one picks. He says to manager to call twinkle and call her . The manager obeys. Kunj sees their wedding and honeymoon pics in his phone. Uvi comes and he throws the phone. The manager comes and tells kunj that twinkle said that she is busy somewhere important and said to wait.. Kunj says ok go.

Leela comes in taneja.mansion and stares the walls . Bubbly comes and hugs her. She is on wheelchair. Twinkle says bubbly u take care of maa I have to check kunj he must be coming. Bubbly nods. Leela says now even my daughter doesn’t stays with me to take care. She sobs.

A man enters the sarna mansion . Bebe hugs him.. maya is also thwrw. She hugs him. He says where are everyone. Manohar amd usha comes and cherry touches feet. All are happy. Twinkle comes in and bebe introduces them. Twinkle says hello cherry bhaiya. Cherry shakes hand. Cherry sees her backless suit with bad intentions. She goes in room.

Twinkle is decorating the room with pink theme with candles. She says kunj didn’t missed me tday. But I missed him so much. . She takes her dress for that night and blushes. She comes in kitchen for dinner preparations. Twinkle thinks abt maya and burns her finger. Cherry comes in and sucks her finger. Twinkle jerka him. Twinkle says what are u doing. Maya says twinkle this is the way to talk . I will call usha. Cheery pulls twinkle ‘s hairs harshly. He says I will do everything twinkle u just wait and watch. Maya laughs. Twinkle cries and thinks where are you kunj. Agar tum saath ho from tamasha plays. Kunj feel for some bad thing and he sees twinkle pics and says are u ok twinkle. His sad face is shown. Their faces come together onscreen. The song ends.

Twinkle arranges the food. Everyone comes down. Twinkle serves. Chery hilds her hand and twinkle jerks. Maya says twinkle u have to suffer u have to .. bebe says twinkle to eat . Twinkle denies and says kunj doesn’t likes to eat alonr so I will eat when he will come. Maya says but twinkle kunj will be late today he had called me and told me. Twinkle thinks kunj called.her and not me. She fumes. She ssys maya i know kunj will be late. He has said me to eat but I am.his wife so I will eat. U don’t tell me anything abt my husband. He tells everything first to me and then to anyone else. Got it. Maya says hmm..she crushes the spoon. She intentionally slips the glass. Maya says ouch. It is hurting. Usha orders twinkel to twinkle nods. She cleans beneath maya ‘s legs. Maya crushes twinkel’s hand over the glass. The glass gets into twinkle’s hand. She says ouch. Usha says twinkle dont act and clean fast. Twinkle nods. Cherry and maya winks.

It is night. Kunj is walking through the roads. He remembers thier moment from first meeting till today. He has his coat in his hand. His white shirt hallf out. And his tired face. He reaches sarna mansion. He comes and sees twinkle sleeping on one hand on the dinning chair. He sees bleeding from. Her hand.

Kunj rishes to bring firstaid box. He brings and starts cleanjng the wound. Twinkle wakes up. Twinkle says kunj baby u came. Wait I will heat the food and bring. She stands to go. Kunj pulls and ahe sits. Kunj scolds that cant u see I am doing first aid na. Sit . Twinkle says kunj I wanted to tell something. Kunj says leave twinkle. I know already. Twinkle says kunj you know.. plzz frgve me ..I will fix everything fine. Kunj leaves her hand and stands to go. Twinkle grabs his hand and says please have food ..I have made. Kunj says twinkle I have eaten already with my friend. Twinkle says okk.

Kunj comes and sess the room. He smiles and blushes. Twinkle comes aftr changing. Twinkle locks her hand around his neck. Kunj grabs her by waist. They rub their neck and smile. Twinkle gets a call from yuvi. She goes to attend outside the room. Kunj says now twinkle u have to keep ur things personal from me. He sleeps .

Precap- kunj gets to know that twinkle didn’t had food last night. He asks her for a day out for shopping and dinner. Twinkle denies. Kunj goes angrily..

I think I wrote long as u all wished. But u guys have definitely frgtten me coz u u have got such bezt writers like tara,twinkle,smc etc .. I have thought to end it aftr all as I.m not getting enough feedbacks and support


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  1. Plz continue, it is good

  2. Please continue to write!! I love your ff. Keep writing please!

  3. No yr its nothing like that urs is also nice

  4. Its really fantastic …. no words to define…. toooooo good u keep on writing ..u r d best est 1 ♡☆☆☆

  5. Nice episode..

  6. Why so much of misunderstanding between them.i hope i get cleared soon btw your ffs are awesome i always read them keep writing ✍?

  7. avantika ur ffs are really awesome….dnt feel low dear today i wanna cnfess smthng…my first ever read tei ff was ur 3 slot ff…it was just incredible…i used to visit this website often in those few days just to give a glance whter the nxt part is updated…ur story, ur language…ur twist just rocks…franky speaking i was inspired by u to strt of wt my thank u..nd m telling this 4m the bottom of my heart…

  8. Ya, its really good…keep it up…. Keep going…. Update next part ASAP…??????????????????

  9. hey avantika..
    its so gud naa..
    u hav ur own unique talent of writing.
    no one can copy ur style n nvr create an ff as u did.
    especially ur three slot ff.pls dont stop updating . im eagerly w8ing 4 each episode.
    u r all spcl 4 me. its my request dr..
    so pls pls pls dont stop..
    ur writing make u familiar 4 me. jst becoz ur ff is nice n u r blessed.
    dont feel desp.
    pls update regularly

  10. It’s really good plzz keep writingg plzz

  11. Its just awesome yrr…n plzzz don’t emit soon….u all are fantastic writers ….

  12. And the new twist is quiet interesting…..I really liked it….bs twinj ki misunderstanding jald khtm kr daina…n I hope k ic k baad twinj will be more closer

  13. Plzzz don’t end it…..

  14. nothing like that avanthika twinj three slot ff is my all time fav and this ff is also nice dont finish it we really love it

  15. if you dont mind i want to share my opinions

  16. reports can only say that twinki is pregnant but not the name of childs father and that too file in kunj office how it will come there kunj should think na because only dna test can determine father of child and usually it is not done itseems to be fishy and kunj should not believe it blindly and tried to find out truth behind it other than this episode is nice i really dont want to hurt u but said this as i am not convinced with it and am saying this as a friend hope u take it positively but dont finish this ff and if u want create such a twist then u can try that kunj listening on twinkis conversation with yuvi or some one else and if u hv explanation for this then i am really sorry

  17. can u plz give a small precap of ur ff i read it 4 d first tym and it was reallly incredible
    plz give a short recap a humble request

  18. and i really like ur ff no dont in it

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  20. hey avantika how can u think to end ur ff.. i would kill u for dat dont ever dare to end it.. 😛 🙂 😛

  21. Awesome keep writing don’t end it pls

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