Twinj a made for each other couple epi 20

The episode starts with Twinkle waking kunj..
Twinkle- wakeup kunj
Kunj-no so tired ..plzz 10more mins..
Twinkle-u will be late for office.
Kunj remains sleep.. Twinkle fumes and goes.
She sees maya talking to someone.. Twinkle spies. Maya says yess bhaiya I will as you have said dont worry.. I love___kunj__but not more than u..
Twinkle cant listen the name as usha called.  Twinkle says who is this guy.. i hveto find out..
She goes.

Twinkle comes in room with bebe.. They both are discussing about leela’s bail..  Kunj comes bare chested with his eyes closed as he wants his morning to be started with Twinkle’s kiss.. he comes and holds twinkle by waist. Bebe looks on. Twinkle shies. Kunj says gud mrng wifey..give me a kiss so that I open my eyes. Twinkle says kunj not this tym plzz.. kunj kisses her neck. Twinkle jerks his hand . Bebe smiles and leaves. Twinj have a cute pillow fight.

Maya sees this and says I don’t want but I have to do it. Sorry.
Twinkle comes to Leela in jail. She sees leela talking to a girl. Twinkle questions about her and leela changes the topic. Twinkle hugs leela. She sees a glimpse of the girl and she runs. Leela tries to stop but falls. She shouts twinkle. Twinkle sees and runs back.

Precap- cherry enters the sarna mansion. Twinkle cries in hospital. Kunj goes to drug addict center.. bebe is shocked

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  1. too short episode and what a precap no connection btw sentences but hope it will be nice

  2. Hmm.twist in the next epi….hope it will be exciting

  3. Too short epi. But seems quite interesting

  4. Awesome avantika

  5. Waiting for next epi. Dear.short but was sweet..

  6. Sorry dear if I did offend u..ur work is just fabulous .must say .just luv it dear

  7. Nice episode..

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