Twinj a made for each other couple epi 2


Episode starts by leela calling usha.
Leela- hello usha.
Usha- haan leela .
Leela-kya kr rhi thi
Usha- arre leela vo na abhi kunj aaya tha to vahi mai uske liye khana garam kr rhi thi pr vo bola ki man nhi h .pta nhi kya baat ho gayi.acha twinkle aa gyi kya
Leela- hmm..twinkle to aa gyi aur vo bhi khana nhi khayi.
Usha and leela understands that they must have eaten something together out.
Usha- leela mere pass ek bahut acha idea h .
Leela- han bol na
Usha tells her the idea and leela is delighted.

Scene 2 twinkle’s room

Twinkle is lost in kunj and her day with him and smiles.suddenly her phone rings and she is not in a mood to disturb her from the thoughts of kunj so she thinks to disconnect the phone asap.she picks the call.
Twinkle- kunj.
Kunj-kya baat h mere bina kuch bole tu samaj gyi ..mamla kya h boss.
Twinkle- arre vo bs maa puch rhi thi tumhare baare me isiliye glti se nikl gya
Kunj – dekh tu mujhse jhoot na bole to behtar hoga.leela aunty mom se baat krrhi h.
Twinkle- smart boy.vaise Maine tmhe apna diya nhi phir call kaise kiya tmne.
Kunj- aree tu bhi na pehle smart bolti h phir ye stupid question puchti h..jugaad h apna tu chod vo sab.
They both talk whole night..

Itz morning usha comes in kunj’s room and see him sleeping.she sees his phone attached to his ears.she checks it and it shows that they were talking whole night.usha doubts but is happy.
Same happens with leela and twinkle.

Scene 3
Twinkle calls kunj .
Kunj – (sleepy) twinkle
Twinkle- kunj
They both repeat the same 3tyms and gets consciousness.
Twinkle- aaj mil skte ho kya
Kunj- hmm bilkkul kab kahan aana h .
Twinkle- (laughs) college me mile
Kunj – done.aur kuch
Twinkle- nhi.
Kunj- to mai phone rakhun.
Twinkle- q rakhoge mujhse aise hi baat krte rho.
Kunj smiles and thinks mai bhi to yhi chahta hu na.
But instead says- arrw college me milenge na
Twinkle – acha okk
They both get ready and are wearing same coloured clothes.
Twinkle- maa mai college ja rhi hu
Leela- kaunse college
Twinkle-spoken English sikhne
Leela -pr ..acha chinki to le jaa
Twinkle-thik and shouts chinki .jaldi krna.
A girl comes her hairs are curl from bottom and she has done a high pony some of her hairs are coming over hr eyes .she has wore a black coat and damaged jeans and looks s*xy.Twinkle has dressed up so simple as they shuld go to college usually.
Chinki-kya yr hua kya h college jane ke liye itni excitement.
Twinkle makes a funny pout showing dat she doesn’t care.

Scene 4

They enter the college.Twinkle sees kunj and kunj sees her and they proceed towards each other smiling.chinki doesn’t sees twinkle and proceed towards class.she slips and a boy holds her.he is wearing a tracksuit.he is yuvraj anita’s son…They both share a cute eyelock.
Yuvi comes nearer her and whispers in her ears- u looking glamorous.btw I am yuvraj u can call me uvi.and yess I m ur frnd so need for sorry n thanku
Chinki-i m chinki.u looking hot .
They both wink.

Twinkle has arranged a special place for her and kunj in the college.They both are sitting on a table and kunj is staring twinkle and twinkle is busy talking with him.
Kunj – beautiful.
Twinkle- acha hai na
Kunj- bahut itna acha h na ki ek bar agr dekh lo to nazar hi nhi hat ti.
Twinkle- kunj lagta nhi h ki tm room ki baat kr rhe ho.
They both laugh . Kunj sits on his knee and asks twinkle – Will you dance with me.Twinkle-sure .kunj plays music and they dance lost in each other as a couple .(it is a couple dance)
Naazdeekiyan from shaandaar plays in bg.

Scene 5

Twinj and Yuki comes in sarna house.
Leela anita and usha are sitting.
Usha announces twinj and yuki for going cape town.(south Africa) they all get happy.usha says to kunj to show twinkle his room.they go

In room

Twinkle is sitting on the bed and kunj comes .
Kunj makes twinkle stand up he closes the door and twinkle sees him lovingly.sajnaave plays.he makes twinkle stick to wall .he becomes very close to twinkle.Twinkle and kunj’s chest is attached to each other .Twinkle breathes heavily.kunj makes a pose for liplock kiss and twinkle proceeds towards him for the kiss but she sees that kunj was removing a dangerous insect in twinkle’s eyes.he then ties the knot of her t-shirt that was near the backbone.kunj’s fingers touch twinkle’s untouched and gentle skin.they both are smiling as if they both are not have any problem.
After tying the knot kunj steps back.twinkle proceeds towards kunj and they both fall on bed on each other and hug each other in the bed and becum cosy.

Precap- they reach capetown.twinj realise their love for each other and thinks to confess as soon as possible.
Yuki comes to know about twinj.

Credit to: Avantika

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