Twinj a made for each other couple epi 18


Episode starts with nikki calling Twinj angrily. Bebe and usha comes . They ask nikki what happened. Twinj come. Twinkle asks nikki what happened. Niki says twinkle u can do this I have never thought . Twinkle asks but what. Niki says this new diamond necklace. Everyone forgot but only u remember my bday. How swwet thmx so muxh. Nikki and twinkle hugs.  Kunj says happy birthday nikki bhabhi . Everyone wishes her . Anand comes and niki goes angrily. Kunj too angrily goes in room. Twinkle runs after him. Kunj is sitting in his yellow chair. Twinkle comes and says kya hua kunj . Kunj says u are asking this twinkle. Dont you know ..u could have told me abt her bday why dont u share with me . We could have arranged a small party type thing at night fr her. But no u only want to be good in everyone eyes. So why would you tell me. Right. Twinkle says no kunj itz nthng lyk that.

Kunj says enough twinkle enough. He goes. Twinkle comes in lawn to give him tiffin and he rufes and says I am not hungry. He drives the car rashlt. Twinkle says oh no babaji whats going on. I have not kept any necklace for bhabhi. But then. Arey I have ro go kunj office right now. He is really very hungry . I cant do this.  Maya says ohh twinkle baby..u r so innocent..u don’t know I kept the necklace so dat u and Kunj have a tiff. Haha….she winks..

Twinkle comes in kunj”s  office. She is wearing a, collared white onepiece till knees . With red lipstick and a french braid at one side . Straight hairs. She is looking damn hot. Everyone greets twinkle. She walks in to Kunj cabin. Kunj is sitting on his chair talking to his manager. Twinkle comes and says hii kunj . Kunj looks her and is mesmerized but doesn’t showz. Manager says I should go now. Kunj nods . Manager says hello mam. U will have something.coffe or juice . Twinkle says hello. No thanku

Twinkle says kunj see what I have brought for you. Ur lunch. Come we will hve lunch today. Kunj says no thanks.. Twinkle rolls his chair to the sofa. He says what are you doing twinkle. Twinkle says shut up kunj eat fast. U have not eaten anything. She feeds him. Twinkle says sorry kunj. I should have told you but you were so busy and tired yesterday so..kunj says sshhh enough I m sorry twinkle…itzz my fault u wish first or me itzz same thing now right.. Twinkle says right .. Kunj says twinkle wait what u have eaten.. Twinkle says I have eaten..dont worry.. Kunj says dont lie I know you haven’t eaten. He feeds her. Kunj’s assistant comes and says sir the client will be coming in 30 mins u want to postpone it or not. Twinkle says no dear .let it be kunj is ready fr meeting. She nods and goes. Twinkle says kunj work is first . I m going now bye..she,stands kunj also stands . He holds her from back by her waist. He adjusts his face on her shoulder. Twinkle says kunj this is not our room. Kunj says so what u are my wife and I have this much right atleast. Twinkle says yes. Kunj kisses her neck . Kunj says twinkle yrr kya lg rhi h aaj tu ekdam meri syappa,queen. Twinkle says kunj no syappa queen plzz.. Kunj says okk if you give me a kiss. Twinkle says okk

She poses for giving kiss on his cheek and his assistant comes. Twinkle stops. Kunj bursts on her. She goes. Twinkle says kunj wat was that…Bye and,all the best. She finally kisses him.
She comes in hall where al workers are there. Kunj leans from his cabin and shouts I love you twinkle.. Everyone looks on. Twinkle shies. Kunj gives a flying kiss to her. Twinkle goes. She says mera payi Bahut flirty pr Bahut acha h..actually best h.. she goes .. she consoles the assistant. They hug.

Precap- kunj’s bday

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Waaaaw i jus lov ur ff plzzz try to write long ff plzzzzzzz avantika n poat it daily i m waiting for if other r not waiting plzzzzz write lingarts

  2. Nice one..Waiting for your next update…
    I am waiting for your update of your another ff too plz update soon

  3. Hii Avantika! I’m a silent reader but today’s epi was damn good and was awesome actually all ur epi’s are awesome. U re very talented and u write vry good. It will be vry good if ur story will be on air. Compliment, Bravoo!!

  4. Awsome like always…yr where is epilogue of three slot fan fiction????

  5. very nice kunj birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome

  6. Dammmmmnnn gud dr..
    eagerly w8ing 4 ur nxt update..

  7. Your ff is really good plsss keep writing and plss try that u write long ff plzz and post daily

  8. Avantika r u going to post ur ff nxt part tdy plzzzzzz post fst

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