Twinj a made for each other couple epi 15


Twinj come in their honeymoon sweet . It is beautifully decorated. Kunj sits.on the sofa and says twinkle u sleep on bed and I will sleep on the sofa. Twinkle nods and proceed towards the bathroom. Kunj says where are u going dont you want to sleep. Twinkle says I will change as the lehanga is quite heavy. Kunj nods. He is reading a magazine. Twinkle comes wearing the same dress which kunj gifted her. Kunj is mesmerized but he moves her eyes away from Twinkle. Twinkle traces her fingers on Kunj’s face. Kunj says what are u doing twinkle. Twinkle says sshh kunj tday is our wedding night so we not say anything and will do only what our heart wants. She takes him to bed. They sit. Kunj says twinkle u are not angry with me. Twinkle says I m but from tmrw tday I have gven u the liberty. Kunj smiles. He says ok then . They have a passionate lip lock kiss. They both fall on bed over each other. Kunj once again kisses twinkle with more lust than previous. Twinkle clutches kunj’s Kurta and start unbuttoning it. Kunj kisses twinkle on her neck. She giggles. He touches the hook of the dress to expose the flesh.” Kunj ” twinkle moaned in. Kunj.says repeat. She obeys. Kunj undress her completely. Twinkle covers herself and goes to the mirror. Kunj came and removed the blanket. He kisses her legs then thighs then stomach then the exposed flesh her neck and finally her face . Twinkle rubs back of kunj and travels her finger on his body.kunj picks her and makes her lay on bed. He leans over her. Twinkle kisses kunj on his chest and kunj caresses her face. They hug each other very tightly. They have a long wild lustful and passionate lip lock kiss than ever. They hide in the bed sheet and gets intimate.

Twinkle wakes up and sees herself in kunj’s arms and shies. She covers herself with blanket. She goes to bathroom to change. After changing she comes to kunj and sees the blanket slipped from Kunj’s nude body. She closes her eyes and softly tries to cover him up. Kunj wakes up by the soft touch and pulls her . She falls on him. He covers her from blankt till shoulder. Kunj says what u were doing taking my advantage.. Twinkle (stammer)says no .. I was covering.. Kunj says what to cover twinkle.. everything is exposed now. Kunj laughs. Twinkle blushes. Kunj kisses her on cheeks. Twinkle says kunj.. Kunj says what..I wished you gud morning. Now u also wish. Twinkle says no kunj btw I am angry with you. Kunj says I will make you up till afternoon. First u kiss me. He grips her from waist. Twinkle leans to kiss . Kunj loosens her. Twinkle without kissing runs. Kunj says twinkle wait. Twinkle says no ways kunj. Kunj goes to washroom to change. He comes out wearing a towel from his waist. He is bare chested. Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj pinns her to the wall. He removes her hands from her eyes. Twinkle crossss her fingers against his back. Kunj says now I will take my kiss. Twinkle says ok baba. Twinj have a passionate.and wild kiss.
Yuvi opens the door and sees twinj kissing. He says gud morning. Twinj seperate each other. They adjusts themselves. Yuvi asks kunj are u not having clothes. Or twinkle tore all ir clothes in the bed last night. Twinkle blushes. Kunj says uvi u are kabab me haddi .. we are coming you go.. uvi obeys . Twinkle tries to leave. Kunj holds hr and pull her. She gets close to kunj’s chest. Kunj says I love you twinkle. Twinkle says I love you too kunj. But u start calling me baby sweetie shona and all as earlier. Kunj says okk… They hug.


Twinj together do the grih pravesh. Kunj picks ishaan in his arms and plays with him. Twinkle touches everyone feet. Ishaan asks kunj chachu why u have put this lipstick on your neck. Everyone looks on. Nikki shuts ishaan. Twinkle is wearing a red saree. Nikki says come twinkle . She moves back. Shanaya says it seems u both had a amazing night yesterday. See bhabhi has prints of kunj bhaiya’s hand beneath her blouse. Ishaan asks chachi did u gave chachu a gud morning kiss ..?? Twinkle blushes and says why .. ishaan says bcoz dadi gives to dadaji na. Usha n Manohar blush. Usha instructs twinkle to come for first rasoi rasam. Twinkle nods. Usha says to Nikki to take twinkle to parlour for evening. As it’s her muhdikhai tday.
Kunj says but twinkle is so beautiful. She doesn’t needs makeup. And I will dress her up. Today also I wrapped her saree. Twinkle stares kunj. Kunj says sorry .
Nikki says kunj is right. He is very eager to dress up twinkle. Let him take the opportunity. Everyone laughs.


Twinkle is making suji halwa for everyone. Kunj comes and hugs her from behind. He kisses her hairs. Twinkle says leave me kunj. Nikki and anand are seeing alk this from window. Kunj says sorry . Twinkle says yesz u know what u have said. I will not talk to u.kunj gifts her flowers. She takes it. Kunj goes. He shouts sorry twinkle. Twinkle comes in room to call kunj for breakfast. She sees a big teddy . She takes itv. Kunj comes from back he says sorry. Twinkle stands up. He gifts her chocolate. She eats. Ishaan comes and asks kunj to give his chocolate. Twinkle says kunj u took ishaan chocolate. Very bad. They have a pillow fight. Twinkle fall on Kunj. Nikki comes and says everywhere u both start romancing na come down . Twinkle runs.
All like the halwa. Shanaya tells abt a trip in which they all have to go.
Everyone decline as twinkle was weak.
Twinkle comes in room and starts taking clothes for evening. Kunj says sorry twinkle. Twinkle says for what. Kunj says means . Twinkle says means I was never angry with you kunj. I was just joking . To see what u can do to make me up. Kunj says I can die even. Twinkle says shut up. Dont think for that also

Precap- Twinkle muhdikhai. Yuvi attempt to rape Shanaya.

Credit to: Avantika

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