Twinj a made for each other couple epi 14


Twinkle is dressing up in her room. She touches the nose.ring. she says u remember kunj how u gave me this ring and promised to make me wear by your hands on our wedding. she cries. A knock is on the window. Twinkle opens and says kunj. She hugs him. Kunj stands still . He says I m just here to fulfill my promise. Give that nosering. Twinkle says u remember it kunj. Kunj says u forget the promise twinkle not me. She gets upset. He makes her sit and wear nosering. As kunj touches his gentle face he looses his control. Twinkle also looses her control by kunj’s touch. She stands up and says u know when the groom remove the nosering it is said that bride is all his. Kunj says no twinkle. Twinkle stops him and they both fall on bed upon each other. Twinkle says kunj kya krne ka man kr rha h. Kunj says nothing. Twinkle says pr mera k r rha h ..

kunj says twinkle leave me. Ge goes. Bubbly comes and says u looking beautiful di.. come down now. They all go. Kunj comes on a horse. Uvi is dancing with Shanaya and aakash. The marriage rituals complete. The pandit announces them as husband wife now. Shanaya says I want to tell you something bhai . Kunj asks what. Shanaya tells him everything with the proof. It is revealed that alisha abd anita were talking abt a fake video . Kunj slaps alisha. And says to stay away . Bubbly start crying. Twinkle also start crying. She says take my room and all my things bubbly bt plz dont cry. Bubbly says I want you and nothing else. Kunj jiju I will not send di with u. Kunj hugs her and says I will always come with twinkle to u and u also come .but for now. I have to first repent my mistake. I m sry twinkle. Twinkle says vry bad Bubbly see ur jiju he is changed. Earlier he called me baby but now. Huh..

They offer a honeymoon ticket to twinj.
Anand puts a con**m in Kunj’s pocket. Shanaya gives a short dress to twinkle. Uvi says come I am coming with u.
Kunj says but why . Uvi says don’t worry saale I have another room. They laugh.

In car

Twinkle’s bra stuck to kunj Kurta he says what is this and who kept it here. Twinkle says itz mine . Kunj smiles and says mera ho bhi nhi skta. They hug and kunj is about to kiss twinkle on cheeks but uvi clears his throat and says u both are in car.

Precap- wedding night..

Gyzz I should show intimacy or not plzz clarify asap..

Credit to: Avantika

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  9. ya plz do …….
    Love ur ff
    eagerlyWaiting for ur next epi

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