Twinj a made for each other couple epi 13


The episode starts with a black room. Two spotlights come . A pair is standing. The boy says music. They both turn their faces. They are none other than ranbir and gauhar. They both dance on shaam shaandaar. They both complete the dance and everyone claps. Ranbir says now presenting to u the queen,my love my glamorous bhabhi. Twinkle is shown wearing a cherry red party gown. (U can see by typing red party gown on google. In that the 30th pic is exactly what she is wearing.) Ranbir kisses her hand and she shies. Gauhar says enough Ranbir now I will call my handsome hunk kunj sarna my love of life. Kunj comes he is also looking dashing. Gauhar and kunj hug. Twinkle gets jealous and signs uvi. Uvi says now twinj will sit as twinkle’s makeup will get damaged. They laugh.

Ranbir and gauahar sit. A girls voice comes. She says sid kahn ho tum. A boy says jahan tum vahan mai senorita. The girls fAce is shown she is alia . A boy with guitar is shown he is Siddharth . They both dance on locha e ulfat from 2 states… Everyone claps. Alia and sid congratulate twinj and says u both look so gud together. They make a weird face. Sid says tashan n all hmm..
Alia says sid u didn’t understand itzz tashan-e-ishq actually. They smile. Uvi says now a hotty will again come and expose everything.. Kunj says what .. uvi says just see kunj. Sanjeeda comes with varun aka sanskaar frm swaragini and dance on sab kuch yahan ek raaz h . In the dance they inact all the things that happened with twinj till date. Kunj says enough . He rudely stands up. Alia says kunj u will not danxe with me. All dance on tukur tukur. Alia says now mehndi function . Gauhar says now twinkle u write ur name on kunj ‘s hand and kunj will write his name on yours . Come on .

Sid says but there is a twist . U both can’t write by ur hands..they both says then .
U have to write by your lips.
They both says wht..
They cover their lips by plastic.amd write
By stencils tracing.

They all clap. They take a selfie and bid bye.

Usha and manohar come and blesses twinj.
Nikki and anand dance on wah wah ramji.

Precap -twinj wedding. Truth revelation.Twinj honeymoon.

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. wowwww amazing… cant wait for the next part eager avantika do it fast

  2. Nice..cant wait for next epi

  3. Avantika,Please don’t end it Plssss……………….
    Impatiently waiting..

  4. Nice episode.. Update the next part eargerly waiting

  5. wow avantika plz don’t stop writing ur ff its so great plz continue

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