Twinj a made for each other couple epi 10


1 month later. Twinkle’s voice is back. Leela is in jail. Twinkle vows to find the real culprit for chinki’s death. Alisha has filled kunj ‘s ears against twinkle. Anand nikki and ishaan come back to india.

Kunj, Alisha , Nikki, Anand and ishaan come to taneja mansion. They see twinkle in the worst state. She is so weak. Kunj sees her and is sad but acts to be happy. Anand and Nikki asks for twinkle’s hand for kunj as usha and Leela both wanted this. Kunj acts as nothing happened and behaves gud to twinkle. She agrees. They all go. Twinkle stops kunj. Kunj stops with alisha. They both intersect their hands as a couple. Twinkle says kunj please come with me in my room. They both follow. Twinkle says alisha I have called kunj not u. Kunj says she will come every where I will.go. u get it asap. Bye. Cum on alisha he hugs and kisses Alisha on her cheeks . Kunj says alisha come on today we will do the same we had done yesterday night. Alisha says what something private something passionate. Kunj nods . They both go. Twinkle says kunj please don’t do that I will die. She cries. Kunj apologize Alisha for kissing her. She says no problem. She kisses him softly on cheeks. Twinkle prays to babaji and says like sita ji gave the agni pariksha. She msgs kunj something. Kunj sees it and says twinkle it doesn’t matter now.

Twinkle does the agni pariksha as.sita ji gave. Kunj and alisha sees and goes. She waves looser to twinkle. Twinkle wipes her tears.

Twinkle comes in Kunj’s room and sees their engagement ring in dustbin. She says kunj he can’t do this.. she sees Alisha’s pic all over the room. She sees the tore particles of her picture in kunj’s cupboard.

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Plz unite twinj…

  2. yrrr the episode is bad plzzz kunj ke samane sach laa do plzzzz make shanaya bring the truth in front of kunj

  3. See ..there will some negativity for some time but twinj will reunite plzz bear it for some time and if u want that I should change the track so plzz tell asap.

  4. i know twinj will reunite bt i cant see that chudail alisha wid kunj bcoz twinkle looks best wid kunj no need to change the track bt just finish it soon nd an advice kunj should feel the pain of twinkle after getting to know d truth nd also twinkle should not forgive him so easily.. it would be great if u add something like this

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