TWINJ; The Maaquerade Party.. one shot. (Happy birthday butter cup)

Hi guys… how r u all??? I m not here wid my ff but an os for my jaan… my buttercup… my Ishuuuuu…
Yeah… LOVE U LOADS MERI JAAN….. 😉 😉 😉 😉

This os is especially dedicated to you…
Here we go:
‘Tringggggggggggg….. tringgggg…’ What the hell.. my alarm clock .. huhhh.. my beauty sleep’s enemy… I took out my hand from the blanket and stopped it. I then got up nd sat straight on the bed.. can’t it let me sleep for some more mnts.. I cursed the one who set it bcuz I never did so. I knw who the person is.. but I love her more than anything.. she is my life.. the sun rays kissed my face.. see, how beautiful I am.. I saw the time nd ohh f**k man… again I m late.. he will screw me up.. wesy hi itna khadoos ho aj bhi late hogayi to kaccha chabaa jaayega… I quickly got up from the bed nd directly went to washroom without even wasting a secnd.. I changed into blue denims nd white top.. I combed my hair nd left them open.. I applied some mascara nd eye liner.. nd then pink gloss nd hurriedly went downstairs..
As usual.. she was waiting for me.. ‘I m sorryyyy….’ I pouted nd she smiled .. afterall she is my best frnd.. she has to forgive me.. ‘Its okk.. now finish ur breakfast else we’ll get more late..’ ‘I love you Ishuuuuu….my butter cup..’(yes she was Ishu..) ‘I love u too Twinki…’ (u must have guessed till now..) We bith left for office nd reached there after half an hour.. I saw my boss going in his cabin.. thank god.. Im safe.. he didn’t saw me or else again I would have to bear a punishment.. ‘Twinkle…???’ ‘hmm?’ I asked her. ‘yarr today there is a masquerade party..’ I looked at her with my happy nd delighted face.. ‘succhhiiiiii????’ I asked her nd she guessed my excitement bcuz I love masquerade parties.. ‘muchiii..’ she replied.. weboth settled down on our respective places.. she was not at all happy becuz she hate those parties.. ‘Ishu you’ll come with me nah???’ ‘Not at all.. pagal haii??’ ‘tu mere liye itna nhi ker saktii..??’ ‘stop ur drama samjhii.’ The peon came there, ‘Ms. Taneja.. Sir is calling u in his cabin..’ SIYAPPAAAA .. ker diya na tu ne twinkle.. I looked at Ishu who was smiling at me.. I gave a fake smile, ‘I m coming..’ I replied to him nd he left.. ‘Ishu ki bachhi hans rahi hai mujh pe.. I won’t leave u..’ she laughed.. ‘abhi jaaa.. is se pehly wo tera sadu saran yahan ajaye..’ I looked at her in disbelief.. like seriously.. ‘Meraa???? Seriously… from which angle???’ ‘From every angle.. ab tu maanti nhi toh that’s not my fault..’ ‘tujhe to me dekh lungii..’ I said nd left from there nd she shouted, ‘Best of luck Twinkle..’ I heard her giggling..
‘Sir she said she is coming..’ I heard the peon saying.. ‘OK, you may go.’ I said nd her left.. She is again late… Huhhh what to do of this girl??? I haven’t seen a girl like her… beauty wid brains… siyappa queen.. attitude ki dukaan.. her brown big eyes… every boy wants to sink.. her soft glossy pink lips.. her cute soft hands every boy wants to holds.. words r less to describe her.. wait wait wait… from when did u started noticing her Kunj Sarna.. (yes he is kunj..) my thoughts came to an end when I heard a sweet voice, ‘May I come in Sir?’ Yes, one more quality. .. her melodious voice.. ‘Yes come in..’ ‘Sir I m sorryyy.. plss I won’t do this again.. sir pls forgive me..’ I smiled in heart at her cute behavior.. her childish act..she is so cute.. ‘This is last time..’ she didn’t made me complete my sentence nd, ‘thanks a lot sir.. u r soo good.. the best of all..’ she said nd ran out.. I looked at hr going with wide eyes..nd then burst into laughter.. so innocent..
‘Twinkle what is going on here…?’ Ishu asked me.. ‘Arrayyy you’ll soon get to know..’ I replied nd ran from there before she asks me anymore questions.. soon all the things were ready and I blindfolded Ishu.. ‘Arrayy yar what r u doing..’ I took her to the place.. which was dark.. I opened her blindfold.. ‘twinkle tu mujhe kahan laayi haii?? Its all dark here..’ ‘I knw.’ Nd soon all the lights got open.. she was dubstruck to see the scenario. The whole place was decorated with ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ balloons.. the table was kept in the middle nd whole office staff was there.. it was all planned by me.. u knw I m the genius one.. she looked at me wid tears in her eyes.. ‘Happy birthday to u.. happy birthday to u. happy birthday dear Ishu.. happy birthday to u…’ all the staff sang wid me nd everyone clapped.. she jumped on me hugging me tightly.. ‘I LOVE U TWINKLE… agr mere pass tujh jesi dost hai toh or kuch nhi chahiye mujhe..’ ‘I love u too butter cup..’ we broke the hug nd went to cut the cake.. she cut thecake nd feeds me.. I feed her. ‘ishu yarr I m going. I have to go the party..’ ‘ okk go..’ I left from there.. nd reached home.. I got ready nd left for party…


I got ready nd called Yuvi to pick me as I won’t go alone.. he told me that he is stuck somewhere nd can’t go so I alnoe left for the pasrty.. yukk I hate these type of parties..


I reached there nd saw everyone in the masks…. Ugghhh I hate it.. I saw a girl from a distance and got attracted towards her.. I went to her nd tapped her shoulder.. she turned around.. I gave her my hand and asked for a dance… she agreed.. I don’t knw why.. I just felt something..
A boy came to me nd asked me for dance., I agreed nd I myself don’t knw why.. I should have denied but no… I felt a connection with him.. he holds my waist sending sensations down my spine… he twirls me nd we move as per the beats of the song..
(Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha Ek Ladki Thi
Hoti Kya Hai Jawaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha, Ek Ladki Thi
Woh Bhi Ek Daur Tha
Waqt Hi Aur Tha
Jab Woh The Ajnabi
Dono Tanaha Se The
Par Woh Kehte Kise
Baat Jo Dil Mein Thi )… (2)
Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha Ek Ladki Thi
Hoti Kya Hai Jawaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha Ek Ladki Thi
Gumsum Gumsum Rehte The Dono
Phir Bhi Dil Mein Kehte The Dono
Koyi Sapana Hum Bhi To Paayein
Ek Din Tute Ghum Ke Woh Ghere
Jhilmil Jhilmil Aaye Savere
Mausam Badala Jaagi Fizaayein
Woh Mil Gaye, Woh Khil Gaye
Aur Pyaar Ho Hi Gaya
Jo Maanga Tha, Woh Paaya To
Hosh Kho Hi Gaya
Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha Ek Ladki Thi
Hoti Kya Hai Jawaani Suno
Ek Ladka Tha Ek Ladki Thi
Haule Haule Ab Woh Deewaane
Gun Gun Gaaye Dil Ke Taraane
Sun Sun

I reached home nd felt like I shouldn’t have come back.. I miss her.. why did I let her go.. I didn’t even saw her face nd I m missing her.. u r crazy Kunj Sarna.. I rubbed my hairs nd smiled endlessly.. I LOVE HER.. my heart stated.. no you can’t you haven’t seen her face.. my mind replied.. face doesn’t matter.. after a lot of argument between heart nd mind.. my heart won… yes I love her… I should find her.. I smiled crazily thinking abt her nd drifted to sleep..
Next morning
I left for office nd saw Twinkle sitting doing work.. I smiled that she came early.. I went to my cabin..
‘Ishuu.??’ ‘hmm bol???’ I told her everything abt yesterday .. ‘ ohh so my twinkle is in love.. I thought abt u nd kunj sir.. shitt yarr u two look perfect together.. I told u before also..’ ‘chupp ker… never.. he is my boss. Nd yes I m in love widout even seeing him..’ I replied.. ‘there Is no chance of kunj sir..’ ‘not a single one samhjhi…???’ she always tease me by his name she knws na it irritates me.. that’s why..
I was shocked .. yes I was… I heard her talks wid Ishika.. omg.. that means she was Twinkle… I hurried back to my cabin… should I be happy that the girl is twinkle or should I be sad… nooo.. I m more than hapyyy becuz somewhere deep in my heart I loved Twinkle… nd I love her…. I called her in my cabin..
He again called me.. ab kya hua… aj toh I came early.. I entered in his cabin taking permission.. ‘Yes sir???’ ‘Twinkle where were u last nyt??’ he asked making me confused.. ‘what do u mean??’ ‘it’s a simple question twinkle..’ ‘Sir.. why r u asking..’ ‘was it you in the masquerade party..??’ my eyes got widen.. ‘yes ut how do u know??’ ‘u danced with a boy?’ ‘yes..’ I was so confused.. ‘nd u love him???’ ‘sir.. that’s my personal life..’ ‘or agr apny hi boss se pyaar ker betho to???’ I was shocked.. was it he?? Noo.. ‘u were saying no chances of kunj sir..??? nd u have fallen in love wid him…’ I looked at him..
‘was it you???’ she asked.. I smiled.. nd she jumped on me hugging me tightly.. I smiled.. as I got my world in my arms.. ‘I LOVE YOU TWINKLE…’ I whispered in her ears nd broke the hug.. I kissed her temple.. she closed her eyes.. ‘I LOVE U TOO..’ she replied blushing hard.. nd I captured her lips forgetting the world around us..
How wa it???? Do comment plss
Love u loads.. 😉 😉

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  1. Haye meri bhootni ne kya os likha hae…muahhh sabth he nai mil rahe meri puru that was just amazing awesome mindblowing fab…u just spellbound me with ur writing…so sweet of u to dedicate an os to paavu dear…Happy b-day paavu…Have a wonderful b-day…

    Loads of love

  2. Aamna_2690

    Oye hoye!
    Purvi dear it was a bliss to read??
    Just loved it yaar❤❤
    It was beautifully written ??
    It was cute yet lovely Episode??
    May u have a beautiful future n blessed life Ahead☺☺
    Yaar Purvi it was to cute??
    Loads of love ??

  3. amazing jaan…luv u

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute

  5. Presha

    Just loved it…
    To good…
    Happy bday ishu….
    Love u both.. ???

  6. SidMin23

    Love it happy birthday dear.

  7. SidMin

    Aww just loved it … so cute the os was just awesome . ..
    Love you keep writing ❤

  8. Pata tha aap hi hoo ?????amazingg os reeeee???

  9. Fatimaa.

    Heyy jaan…
    It was amazing yaar…kya os tha..
    Mindblowing…lovedd it to core..

  10. Amazing os

  11. Ramya

    It’s so unique amazing awesome
    Lovely aur kya baatau
    I was just lost in it
    Like lovely superb n everything
    Hayeee kitni cute so story hai amazing
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Sameera

    Wow yaar purvi ummah ????loved it shoooooo much yaar ???…
    Happy bday ishu ?????

  13. Lovely

  14. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god purvi amazing.♥
    beautiful loved it…….
    soo cute……marvelleous.speechless……..
    love u sooooo mch…….♥

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