Twinj in Love#OS Part1~ by Shreya aka Lovely {Happy B’day Sonal}


Happy birthday Sonal…
Love u dear?

Twinj in Love?…OS.

Let’s enter the dream city…the city which is known for fulfilling ones dreams.. The city which is fulfilling dreams of many right now..

Radio Station..

“Hello namaste…sasriyakaal..Main apka RJ back again..with your favorite show..Ishq Of Life……..”… The show went on by the most popular RJ Kunj Sarna..

Here comes out the Handsome guy…he was wearing a brown Jacket with a white T-shirt and denim…
” hey Kunj..the show was AWESOME… “..complimented Shanaya..the girl flat on His looks..

But Kunj didn’t pay any heed..Because his eyes Were searching for someone special.. Someone who is more important than his life for him..some one for whom he has love filled in each and every cell of his body and for whom his soul his spirits are glutted and gorged with his love for her..
Yes he found her..His beautiful, breath takingly gorgeous Love..
” Thank God I found You Twinkle.. Or I would have died right now”..he said with Glassy eyes..

“Twinkle.. He is approaching you..please..say it today.. Or else you’ll regret..”.. Pallavi said.
” Pallu..”..Twinkle widened her eyes.
“..umm..Twinkle.. Can I drop you today?”.. asked Kunj who was standing in front of Her..
Pallavi came behind Kunj and signaled Twinkle to say yes..
” Ya..why not..”..Twinkle agreed casually but her heart knows that with how much joy it was jumping..

In Car..
“Did you wanted to say something?..”.. Twinkle asked.
” why do you feel so?”..Kunj asked..
“Vo..actually I felt that you wanted to talk..”..Twinkle replied.

Twinkle’s POV-

I could see him smiling..God!..his smile is killer..” Nothing.. Just wanted to tell that…that I am returning to Amritsar..I donno if I’d be able to come back or stay there only..”..his reply made me shocked.
“ mean then what about your career?.. You have gained so much popularity being the sensational RJ&VJ here…”.. I popped.
“.. I don’t know.. My father never liked my decision to become a VJ..I left my home to pursue my dream… He’s calling me back..may either I’ll be handling the Sarna Empire..or will legally be out of his hierarchy…I’m not sure to return but will try my levels best..I have something extremely important here in Mumbai which I can’t afford to loose… I felt to tell this to you”… His reply again left me shocked.. Somewhere in a corner I was happy that he shared everything with me..things which no one knew..the problems he faced before becoming the Kunj Sarna…but the thought that I am going to loose my love forever terrified me…I was choked..
“.. We…we are..mee..meeting for the laa..aast time..”.. I said with a heavy heart was crying it’s pain out..I have never got love..I became an orphan when was born..I found all the love I wished in the friend whose sitting beside me..who remained..Just a friend!??

I din got any reply.. My hostel was there so I got off the car and went inside..I didn’t had that much courage to show my tears to him..I ran till my room and locked myself.

?Next scene?
(At evening)

A dashing guy came out of airport carrying a bag on his shoulder.. He put on his shades and sat into a car waiting for him..
The car stopped in front of a Lavish mansion.. with a wide garden..swimming pool..and all the facilities inbuilt.
The guy got off..his car and removed his shades… His handsome face is revealed..ahh!..he’s my love…his eyes turned glassy..

?Next Scene?
“ see Usha..our boy is back..I knew it you’ll realize…I am so happy. “..A man came hugging Kunj..
Kunj was perplexed but was happy even looking at his family again after 4 yrs.
“Come my Boy..”.. The man alleged.
“ Tell the truth Papa.. why did you called me?..wait..I know.. give me the papers..I’ll sign them and myself will withdraw from your hierarchy..I don’t need a penny yours.. You don’t need to do all this and don’t worry this will not harm your reputation too….”..Kunj replied..[the man was Manohar Sarna..Kunj’s father and one of the richest Indian businessman..]

“That’s what I like about you son…you always listen to your heart.. That’s why I.. actually we have decided… We are whole heartedly permitting you son…do what to love to…just bring out son back.. “..Manohar rendered with a smile…”missed you too son”..Manohar said.
Kunj’s eyes turned wet due to the tears of happiness.. He went and hugged Manohar tight…”I missed you…I missed you so much dad.. “..he said…Usha stood with a grin..afterall after so many years she was watching this father-son Jodi.
“But you’ll have to pay for it my boy..”..Manohar’s words made Kunj part being shocked..
“Anything for you both…you don’t know how difficult it is to live without parents…”..Kunj said.

Kunj’s Pov-
“Get married day after tomorrow.. to the girl which we have selected… We know you won’t let us down..”..his words made the earth slide beneath my feet…the first thing with came to my mind was…’Twinkle! I can’t do that…I can’t live without her..’..I was on a balance between my parents and my Love…I know my parents love me..but I don’t know if Twinkle loves me or not…I should fight for my love..but I don’t have strength to loose my parents again!… My parents are my world… but Twinkle is my life… I will get pierced into pieces if I loose any of them…I stood there blank.. I looked at maa and Papa…both were smiling.. I can’t snatch their smile.. But I can’t see a tear in my Twinkle’s eyes…ya I know..her eyes expressed her pain though she din that she was broken when I told that I am going… Ahh!..I can’t find a way out…
“The girl is waiting in your her and tell us your final decision..”.. Papa’s words broke my chain of thoughts…
I blankly motioned towards my room…

When I reached there..I found a girl standing in the balcony… Her face wasn’t visible..she was wearing a black Crop top with denim..with her hair tied in a pony tail…I could make out that she’s a simple girl…hope I’ll be able to convince her to deny to this marriage…
“Uhhmmm…hi..”.. I greeted.. she kept the mug of coffee on the side table…
“Actually.. as you know that we are here to talk about our alliance… But I need to tell you something.. But before that I wanted to ask…do you want to marry me?..or its because of our parents?.. “..I said it in a go..
“..I don’t know much about you..your family seems good…in short it would be an arranged marriage..say what you want to..we can think on that..”… she said folding her arms after taking a sip of coffee..I felt her to be a straight forward girl…
“Fine…I don’t want to get married.. It isn’t because I don’t like you or something like that…the reason is…”…I took a breath before spilling out all of it…”I love a girl❤..Twinkle… The only girl I’ll get married..whatever happens…I am here just because of my parents…I know some could think that I can forget her and lead a life with you but…I can’t..and I am not sorry for that coz I love her..she is my life and I can’t live without her..that’s get married to her.. if my father would ask to leave my profession.. My passion.. I I love her more than anything.. She owns utmost importance in my life?…”..

“ Twinkle know how much you love her?”…..she asked turning…

The moment she turned… Kunj’s jaws were digging the ground below to drop more ?…his eyes were widened… That girl picked her side bag and hastened out of the room………


To be continued…in few hours..
May you get all the happiness in your life and keep smiling… A very

Hello guys..its Lovely here..your shreyu..
Note-…(plz read)
I know I have so 3 ffs to be posted..but actually I amn’t well…cold ho gya hai…and moreover I have my FAs from 5th of Nov…..I am posting it to wish Sonal…a Very Happy Birthday in advance dear..sorry as from 4th-11th..I won’t touch TU…soo..

And yes I am posting tooooo late approximately half a month has passed.. I posted an OS on Sayoo’s b’day..and now..but I have guys know that my masi borne a baby boy so v had to go Gorakhpur.. 700kms far…I missed my school and on returning was overloaded with written works& assignments.. and then these exams..I din got any time to post or read …I am really sorry again..
I want you writers to give me the links of your recent posts in the comment box.
So this was a fiction running in my mind its actually an OS but would turn too long if written completely… So I divided it into 2 parts…I’ll post the next part Soon..stay tuned and do comment…

And yes I am informing you beforehand only..THE NEXT PART CONTAINS MATURED CONTENT…written by Priyanjali di…as u guys know..
Read at your own risk.

Love you?

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  4. It was awesome…mind blowing
    Thank u soooooo much thank u sooo mmuch…shreyu I luv u
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