twinj the love tashan yeh ishq – Part 7

Hi guys thank for ur support .pls do the same even further though nt too good.n this ff is only on twinj and others may come only in few parts pls forgive me for that .now moving on to my idiotic story today may not be able to give many epi like yestered as busy wid my studies sorry but I will try to give.
After lunch they decide to go to a near by mall.
In the mall

Both were shocked to see a huge crowd of girls rushing towards them .twinkle looked back and held kunj hand very firmly .
Twinkle-y these girls r running as if a star have arrived but I don’t find him and one girl interrupted
Girl1-sir I m ur great fan pls a selfie plsss.she pushed her aside.and stuck wid him .twinkle didn’t like it.and was standing aside wid a slight upset no may be jealousy.and widens her eyes as more girls stuck to him .

Twinkle thinks y these girls r sticking to him as a bubble gum .but y but y are they behaving as if he is a big star. Ya he is hot that doesn’t mean just go and stick to him .that black dress girl is going on telling him cheesy lines and kunj is not even resisting him.thinking it went and sat on a table and ordered a ice cream and started pushing it seeing the if trying to calm herself .just then kunj sat in front of him.
Kunj-could have waited for me
Twinkle –u were busy clicking pics
Twinkle- y were behaving as if u r a star and all
Kunj-ha ha so u really don’t know
Twinkle-wat I don’t know
Kunj-I do concerts mainly rock music
Twinkle-oooo.wat u r a rockstar but u won’t look like that
Kunj-so do attend one of my concerts fine

Kunj-if ice cream is over we will move
Twinkle thinks being much popular among girls not even a single gf amazing always I find smthing new in him .and also he is so simple .
Kunj shakes her shoulder and asks where r u lost?
Twinkle-nothing.let’s move
They move to clothes section and twinkle was busy selecting clothes and finally gets over.
Twinkle-my shopping is over .now it’s ur turn .
Kunj-but I don’t need it .lets move.
Twinkle-no no u have to atleast for me and searches for a shirt and finding a suitable one says now try it .
Kunj-but it’s already late better we move home.
Twinkle-I will wait out of trial rom so better follow my order.

Kunj went inside the trail room .twinkle was waiting outside .a worker came and said we will closing in just 5 mins so be fast. twinkle nods . suddenly her eyes fall on a person and starts sweating very’s karan.she remembers how he was angry on her for the last day.and he was approaching her but didn’t see this time kunj opened the door and twinkle rushed in and locked the door.kunj was confused of her behavior.

Kunj-wat happened y did u come in and locked the door.
Twinkle (breathing heaviy and in tensed voice)-kunj pls let us be here for few mins till he goes.
Kunj-who goes and y are u tensed be cool dear
Twinkle hugs him very tightly and sid that karan is back .i don’t know I don’t feel like facing me.i want forget him pls let him go .and starts crying.kunj stil hugging said u should not be afraid of him . u didn’t do anything wrong it’s he who did misake so he should be punished not u .rather he should feel guilt and hide his face not stop wasting ur precious tears for that bl**dy jerk .otherwise u will get punishment.

Twinkle –wat punishment
Kunj-not leaving u to hug me
Twinkle realized that still they were hugging so pulled off from hug .
Twinkle- he might have gone right .
Kunj-ya may be if not I will don’t worry I m there to take care of u.twinkle satisfied by the reply tried to open the door but failed.

Twinkle- Kunj it’s not opening.
Kunj-I will try .but he too failed
Twinkle-damn we r struck the worker told me it’s closing time but I forgot everything seeing that jerk and ended up here.o my god y such things happen to me only wat wrog did I do .
Kunj-calm down I have waterbottle, and a burger with me which I bought when u were having ice cream and also phone so I will call someone.
Twinkle-god where is my phone lastly I think I gave to karan.shit again he comes.kunj took his phone out of pocket and there was no battery.

Kunj-what my phones battery we gotta the night again with u .i mean we somehowor the other end up in a room that too night isn’t it.
Twinkle-ya even I don’t know wat kind of game is god playing wid me
Kunj-let’s sit till the morning.

Credit to: titiksha


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