Twinj Love Strategy : Season 4 : Episode1

Well well well remember me ? i dono how many do remember me but i do remember u all..
now a chotu work to all those who r in contact with me through other social networking sites ..
i request u all to keep me bagging behind me by remembering me to post the episodes coz i m a big bhukkad !

so here we go


“no..i ll never let u go away from me how i mean just how can she go away ?..nope thats not as easy as u think babe i ll never let u even go far away from me..u are my world..
when i was alone and their was none to cherrish memeories for me u made an entry by making my dark lead life and baught a light into it..and now when i have a light a source to stay in to live in i cant allow i just cant allow u to go far away from me..
if u say my love as obessed then let that be i wont mind i litrally wont mind..but i wont let u lev me”

these were the words of a man who was in his early 25’s a greek god we better say him..
shinny hair colonel eyes..great feature that any girl girl would go gaga on him..well built body ..
yes.. guess u might have guessed by now who was that yup..that was yup..that was our very own THE Kunj Sarna..

he said so standing in a room which had only Twinkle ‘s pics and their very own candid moments..
u guys can imagine FAN MOVIE..the way full room was with SRK’s pics..
(i wish dad gives me such room sooner with my SRK all around)

His eyes never showd love at that moment it only showed anger anger and that need yup the need the crazy to get what is his is his..
Twinkle ko wapas lana ki ziid is what i can say for this..
all he wanted was her..
she was now became his need for life..
she had become his heart beat
she had beome that air which was needed to breath
she was rythm of his life!

Kunj was lying on the bed having a dupatta(wail) in his was of nanadi which had her asscent..just then he got a call..which disturbed his taughts!
seeng the caller id..a huge smile we better say a smirk came up

Kunj – i guess u better have a good news with u else u know me
Kunj Sarna never forgives now forgets anything!

caller –

Kunj- cool with in few min ur money ll be transfered to ur bank account

caller –

Kunj gets up and walks towards balcony and looks up may be he was talking to god..and by his expression we can say that he never believed him!
“people say u write destiny ?is it?well they are wrong u took of my every mear thing of my life..but i m thankful to my fate that i came across an innocent soul called Twinkle..but udared to take her away from me..from Kunj Sarna..and taught to write my destiny ?arent u?well the histroy repeats…like i wrote my destiny years before and became the Kunj Sarna same way i ll get back my life line again and show u again that Kunj Sarna writes his destiny himself”

he takes a deep breath..keeps his hands in his pocket!
i m comming Twinkle ur Kunj is comming !


kuch samay pehle(i mean lets move to flashback after all story samajnehai ya nahi )
i know i know i had promised to be by feb here and i m here on last day of feb how pathetic of me na ?
but kya karun yar buzy hun so only i said u all to keep me remaiding after every 2 days of update topost the nex one…


I readily remember the day when I actually saw her…
She was with her friends in the car..
Han what’s their name yeah Alia Soumya and Ridima
She was n the back seat I was spell bound by her
Her innocent look her fair completion her long hair the way she tucked them behind her ear
I went flat on her that’s d first time I actually saw her…

I was in my car n she in taxi …

V we’re in signal that time that’s d day I decided to have her for me
I mean I was eventually needed her n I had decided to get her ..

My madness reached to new Kevel when I saw her drinking water
N the sweat beads that formed on her neck
For a man I just wanted to suck them…

But the timings!!!!
I missed it..

But I guess gid had something else stored for me that’s d reason


I actually had my meeting d best part in me is my controlling power n when it comes to work I do it readily
So did I
We had d meeting in a cafe where I again saw her…
A graduly need to have this beauty with in me got into my self

So I called up d owner and asked him to take the feedback from them
I asked to take it from her friends too..
N that’s where it went as wanted I smirked and scanned her eventually undressing her in my eyes!!!


I was waiting n my car so that d manager handover her feedback n their if comes ..

Name: Twinkle Taneja
Age : 23
Address: —–
Phone number : 944******

These were the only needed info ..
Unfortunately she din write her address
So I chked her frnds n they too don’t write about it…
Then I noticed all 3 gave same number
When I dialed it its wrong number eventually…my blood do boiled but the only word came to my mind was SMART

but she don’t know me nothing z impossible for Kunj sarna
n her name z enough to get her

so kasa tha ?
now i want many many nice comments from u guys bashing me for being late but hope late hote huve bhi
this update can make u all forgive me


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  1. Sohi

    It was just fabulous yaar
    But iam angry with you I was waiting for you
    Plz plz post your another ff soon plz
    Do continue

  2. Sameera

    Hayee crazy seriously loved it yaar ??ummah the devilish kunj woah do cont soon ??….

  3. just..amazimg..awsm

  4. Fabulous

  5. Presha

    hey its awesome loved it,…but post ur other ff too

  6. SidMin23

    Look finally someone is back again and well we do miss u here here.

  7. Where were you????? Missed you and your ffs …..Post those soonn??? and thiss ..,oh the devil ??Kunj ..,??? fabb
    Post next jaldi se bhi jaldi???

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting….

  9. Ramya

    Hiii crazy
    How r u
    Kitne dinno se gayab thi dis isn’t fair
    N awesome amazing episode
    Superb loved it
    As usual as d way I love ur all other writing too n even post ur other ff too na
    Love u keep smiling

  10. Loveleen

    Dear it ws good …Nice to u see u aftr so long….bt try to give a glimpse of the last episd in the episd u updt…Cz I cud nt remember wat happened last….Plz…..Or else it ws nice …

  11. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome and Good to see you back 🙂
    Love you Post soon 🙂

  12. Kruti

    Amazing update
    Do continue soon

  13. Purvi128

    Yarrr i m angry on you..! I was missing you sooooooo much. Where were you haan?. Where were you missing..! Itna lamba wait..!
    Acha leave all that..
    This was amazing,,!
    I mean uffff the devil kunj..!ljust loved it.. amazing.
    Post soon
    Or haan your another ff too..! I m waiting for it desperately..plsss

  14. Baby

    Crazy dii luvd it
    …… 🙂 missed u alot post soon….

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