Twinj Love Strategy (SEASON-3)Episode 5{Surprise-Last Chapter}


hai guys you guys know what i m back with one of the most popular and most talked and discused FF of Twinj TU world..
u might have guessed na which one it is..
obvio after all its in the title only..

yup it is last episode..
and this one dedicated to all the lovers of the ff..coz i becme so popular in TU only coz of u guys..
do read it…

well i was short of ideas for this season due to huge gaps but now as i m back i ll see to it that once i start posting i ll also send u guys schedule coz i m gonna post few fabtastic ff’s

and those who want REVENGE LOVE STORy..
i ll post after my exams hope its oky with all..
parden me for that!


#TwinjLoveStrategy-Season-3(Last Episode)


It was another night..
twinj were sleeping peacfully in eachothers embrace..
kunj had wrapped his hand on her waist but being careful about their new unborn memeber the member of their own..the one that goona cm from them..
their necture…

it was about 2-mid night..
suddenly twinkle wakup with a pout..
she slowly sliped from her hubbys embrace and moved out of the room..
and went in kitchen..she was doing something..
hmm lets c wts up with her..
she was searching something in fridge?
hmmm but what?
she made a cute pout and ran but carefully in her room…
she went to kunj..
slowly sat beside him..
and slowly romed her finger from his forhead to his chin se*ly..
he had a small smirk on his face when she did so..
but did he wake up?
na noo..he dint..
she again madea pout..
then suddenly her face lit up like a 420volt jatka..
she slowly kissed him on his lip..
she keep giving instant peaks on his lips..
but still he dint woke up..
frustrated she picked a pillow and threw it on him..

kunj -kya hai twinkle let me sleep..
twinkle- but plz wakeup na..plz..
kunj-kyun what u want?pickle na..c in drwer i have kept it..
chup chap kale and dont irritate me..
twinkle-what?what did u just say?han u idiot u moron..
first u made me pregnent then u r saying i m irriteing u..
mummaaaaa koi muje pyar nahi karta..
all hate me..
n this my husband lost his all all intrest on me..
kunj-kya anab shanab bakri hai twinkle..
he caught he hand and pulled her..
cm babay u too sleep..
acche wife hubby ko distrub nahi karte u too sleep me too sleep and let our kid too sleep…
good girl hai na baccha?
twinkle-cried more..
fine u dont want to cm na dont cm i ll only go..i ll only drive if i die na then save my kid oky..give her mumma’s love and yeah also get married too..but not with that chipku alisha..
if i c from up that u r married to her i ll beome bhot and(he sushed her by kissing her)..
she broke the kiss and hit him hard


after about half and hour a car is parked..
we can c a guy resting his head on staring of car and a girl sitting in indian style on the passenger seat and enjoying her soliter(its a kind of iceicrem where ice cubes are smached and different flaours like kala khatta,straberry mange etc and added ad syrup )
yes..she was demanding that..
and she went to c if she had any such syrup in fridge..

kunj was so much in sleepthat suddenly he put a huge pressue (i mean fell totaly thta his body weight)on staring of car ..
and obvio horn baja..
with the sudden sound he woke up but what he saw was more shocking…!

lets c what he saw..
he saw that twinkle had a cute pout and was amking crying face as if she would cry any instance..
and he saw her directionin which her gaze was..
he saw ki her icecrem had fallen..

and now he was sure she would demand another but he cant get her u guys know y?
coz kunj with great difficulty had woke up the icecream maker and he had got good scoldings and he was in no mood of getting another lecture..

kunj -twinkle look i m sorry except icecream say me anything i ll do but plz not this..

twinkle said oky…


twinj walked in a room …wait wait guys thats not our twinj room1
its..i mean its not their bedroom insted its a honeymoon suit..
and we can c kunj thinking something..

***** flashback *****

twinkles wish -she asked kunj to make love with her..and that too not in their room but insted in a honeymoon suit..

*****Flashback ends *****

After sometime..
BABY PLZZZ I WANT YOU NOW….SO BADLY, DON,T KNOW WHAT GOT INTO ME…BUT I WANT YOU MEANS I WANT YOU…AND RIGHT AWAY………………….while kissing,bitting him on face,down on neck,tearing his shirt off she said with too much s*xual need…….the dominant and needy way of his girl made him theorughly turned on….her fiery assault on his made him asusuall hard for her……….he shut every other thought in his mind and made himself totally foussed on the main figure…who was now frantically unbuckling his belt,wringling his hard member above his pants hard…..…….Her crazy moves become ceased when He wounded her from waist with himself ,lifted her into air ,fusing her body with himself,while kissed her wildily on mouth hard…..their bottom crashed with each other and she moaned with closing eyes,into his mouth, while wounded her hands around his shoulder tightly……..

and their special moment was disturbed by someone..
kunj signeled to make herself proper and presentable and he too wore his trusers and walked to words the door..
he moved it slightly so that only he can see through it..not the other and omg what we saw
their on the other hand it was a POLICE!
kunj -s..officer?
P.O-wts going on here..let me get in..
kunj-what the..
P.o-later u do what the..
kunj-do u know i can srew u up and remove u from ur post for intellecting
P.o-llok its a raid and i need to chk..

this all was heared by our twinkle..
and u guys tho now her how big siyyapa wueen was she..

and then what happened u guys ll find out soon..


twinj walked out of the police station and kunj giving furious looks to twinkle where as our twinkle was pouting as usually keeping a hand on her belly..

they soon reached the house..
twinkle-kunj i m sory na..
plz na kunj sorry she was roaming like a dog runs behind his master..
suddenly kunj stopped and she bumped and was about to trip but he caught her..

kunj-seriously u r a siyappa queen did u not get any other idea..
are u made ur husband a brother..

actually when they were caught kunj was about to explain the circumstances but from no where twinkle poped up and stated that they are sibblings..
kunj eyes where poped out..and then the police officer saw few love bites and then what direct to jail..


it was her last month was her ninth month..aand time flew like anything..
twikle always used to trouble hima lot..
and kunj had to bear huge tauntrums..
but he loved this phase in his life..
after the death of their addopted daught arya..(read season-1 and 2 for the details in case u forgot about it)
though it was their official cjild but they somewhere both missed her but destiny had played many crewl games and now they had decided ki they shall keep them into good memories..
and they knew somewhere the child might fill her place..

but would destiny lend that also to do?
ll destiny not be cruel this time..
no..that cant actually happen what is written in fate its written and none can change it..and again something was gong to happen in thier life..


it was 7 in the evening and it was time of kunj to be back home!

and twinkle was waiting for him..
just then the landline phone rings..

twinkle goes their and pics the cell..
caller-faltu time nahi hai mere pass..remember u had a daughter?
ya fir bhul gayi ?in the happiness oof ur comming child..
caller-are wah u remember still?hmm thats great then..
tho wanna meet her?
twinkle-what d hell whts so funny han?
dont dare to ..
caller-chup..if u want to c her cm immediately to xyz is standing outside ur house..
and b4 u ask questions let me tell u she alive she was in coma…
and now she regained cm else i ll kill her..
u time starts now tik tik tik tik….

it means my daughter meri bacchi ..
she forgets everything even this ki shes preg and she need to inform kunj and run to the place forgetting everything..

after all its moms love which is very precious on earth…

kunj returns home and finds that twinkle is missing..
he cals everypossible memeber but shes nowhere then he notices that the lindline phone is not in a proper order he gets suspicious..
and chks the caller and as hes a business man his home and personal all calls are tapped..
he evently finds out about the rushes out to the mentioned place..


twinkle is seen strugling..begging to lev her but a guy is forcing upo her..
he thros her on bed she evently falls on stomach and as shes in ninth month the pain starts but she controls and begs him to lev her..
yup that was all a drama by a guy
now whs a guy ll c it later!

he laughs like a manic..
are yarrr i asked u one night but u refused but c what u denied but kunj ke sath tho u could have done na?then y not with me han?

but now iss vajjud ko mein mitaunga..i ll make u mnine now get ready baby”

“ plzz….levme..i m preg ..and my baby what has it done plz ev plz..”
she was begging liek anything but now he proceeded towards her and
just then
(oyee always hero dont cm sometimes kuch alag bhi hota hai..)

he captured her lips and started hurgyly vitty it..but she dint gasp and kept num and was pushing him..

just the
(are everytime i cant make such thing sometimes hero too enters only na?so now he entered)


HE SHOUTED(s the guy was raj(refer season2 for any queries)
he came forward and held him by neck and chatak
are one slap at left cheek
one at right..
one punch and hes bold..
the police enters and takes him away..
then our kunj goes to twinkle and hugs her..

but now her pain was more and she scremt..


her pains her cries her screma echoed in the hospital coridor..
but what can a man do though he love her he cant share this pain of delivery that a women goes through…

though the pain is more but the hapiness later on is no boundries..


kunj remembers the promoise made to twinkle that he ll save the baby ..thats what he had done..
he had saved the baby..
and unfortunetly..
something else to happened,,,,,

twinkle went in coma..
kunj was all heart broken..

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse..

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse..

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah..

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse

Log Kehte Hai Paagal Hoon Main Yeh Bhi Na Jaanu
Dil Lutaya Hai Maine Ab Kisi Ki Na Maanu
Chain Dekar Ke Maine Bechainiya Yeh Li Hai
Neende Udakar Ke Maine Tumse Wafaye Ki Hai

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Jee Rahe The Hum Tere Dum Se

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse
Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse

Kuch Ishaaron Mein Tumne Humse Jo Yeh Kahan Hai
Ab Yakin Aa Raha Hai Tumko Bhi Kuch Hua Hai
Kyon Tumko Dekhte Hain Kya Dil Mein Sochte Hai
Toofan Jo Uth Raha Hai Hum Usko Rokte Hai

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Yeh Milan Hai Sanam Ka Sanam Se
Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

while the song played in the bg..


Every love story cant be happy ending it can be sad too..evently while falling in love none can state hat everything relately can be good it can be sad too..
the strtegy of love is not that easy as we fell too..
i have never fell in love uptill now but when fall in love na i ll tell u..
but yeah wt so ever it may be but
did u guys did maths graphs..
can u c that few graps are sinosidual..
evently the strategy of love is same



I ll cm back with another season too only if u guys like..
the season ll be of twinj with their kids and their life after that..
it ll really be fun season..but need ur support like always..
but it ll cm if u guys need it..
and now i want many comments..





dont rot me to hell
btwn rotten tomatos and beautiful roses are welcomed 😉


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  1. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Haye ram
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    Apni dumbo KO speechless kr diya
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    Pehle toh itna accha ff phir se restart krne ki
    Uske baad usme mera naam likhne ki
    Par Jo bhi ho
    Thank u soooooooooooooooooooooo much
    For this lovely and amazing surprise…..
    Love u fraud
    And get well soon haan..
    U know na I miss u…
    So just be back to normal…
    Love u..
    Urs dumbo
    Urf Shruti ??????❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Crazykipuh

      Happy bday dear Shruti urf crazy ki do called Dambo

    2. Crazy

      Love u too hope u liked ur surprise
      I taught I can give u surprise with ur fav ff which was this one I GUESS?
      I m not sure but in our calls n chats u asked me abt this ff more so wrote this ff as ur gift

  2. Ramya

    It was amazing lovely superb but emotional
    Loved it

  3. Fabulous episode ???
    N ya do write another season also Plzzzz
    Love uh a lods ??

  4. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 and s it a thing to ask that you would start a new season Just start it soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  5. Pls continue another season. It was awesome.what happened to twinkle’s child??

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Hayeeeee!!!…meri diduuuu….kitni awesome ho?…itni awesome ho ki poocho mat…na na..mat poocho..bad itna jaano…ki …this was soooooooo awesome!!!…

    I am soooooo Glad after reading this…do come up with another season …?

  7. SidMin23

    It was good episode

  8. The epis is awesome,,fabulous,, luv it
    Well it is my one of the fav ff by crazy and its finished…. Well no problem come back with another season….
    Get well soon crazy…..and post ur recently devil and angel wala ff….
    m waitingggg….luv…u…

  9. dreamer...arundhati

    Crazy di

    Lovely end….

  10. Crazykipuh

    Crazy can’t reply u
    But yeah she just now read all ur cmmnts
    But doc gave her medicines na so no using gadgets
    N yeah she said everyone big fat thankuuuuuu

    Lovely she said she miss her Lil sister

    N arundati for u she asked how r u?
    As after many days she saw u n TU

  11. Aanya_pandey

    That ws jst so so so good.. n yeah.. i would surely want u to continue to next season.. ??
    Will b waiting

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    awesome as usual yaar…

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