Twinj Love Strategy (SEASON-3)Episode 2



S-how z this possible….
Bilkul maa ki tarah ditto same to same..
May be I m dreaming…
I think muze ajj maa ki yaad arahi Hai
Abbee ooooo sid
S-kya Hai?y d hell r u shouting…
N-i m not shooting but warning..
No need to go to her..just calk off the bet…
U don’t know her..
She’s daughter f avantika Kumar…
D biggest business tycon n most powerful lady f India…
Not only India but Asia…
So just call f d bet…
N her daughter z d most happening hot girl I want to b Frnd with her not only I..
N- just turn around n c….d way girls c u when u enter sane way all boys r Cing her….

Sid yaniiii hamara Jur kunj…ko bura tho laga hi after all janmooo ka sath Jo Hai…
S-btwn wts her name?

Lo another shock to our sid
N-han twinkle twinkle Kumar
But wt gappnd 12kyun baje hai
S-no nothing btwn any more info abt her…
N-kyun pyaerre hogaya kya?
S-u know na I don’t believe this areee I want a true love

Just then they hear a thud sound…
Guess wt?
Hearing it all the guys n girls turn to that direction…
T-kya kaha han…
U better b in limit got it…
U bas****..ladki Deki nahi ki challo…
Don’t misunderstand ur self…
Cing my dressing style ki I m any benji type who ll tolerate all…
Us newsence
Bad a aya muze rag karne…
At u said hoo han..
Just then sid n Nikhil intrrput..

S-wts happening here…
T-who r u
S-none f ur business
N-saleee v warned u na
Ki u shd b in limit…
I know all seniors do ragging but in limit..
S-no touching…
Just then they hear a melodious voice laughing out loud…
S-wt d hell..
V r not joking that u laugh
T-areee its joke only
N- accha how sister g..
T-good I like it sister g…
Actually u know u 2 r like our Indian police
Murder chori hone ke badd pakde atte hai na vase
N-point tho Hai
Ri8 sid
S-(giving him angry looks)
T-opposss bro I think ur so called Frnd z angry young man…

Just then they hear a voice interrupting them…
N all c in that direction
P-twinkle…wt a surprise yer…
They hug
T-i missed u so much darling…
P-me tooo
Wase how cm Mumbai
T-oooo..its du to Hitler
Ignore kar oky…
P-vase how’s handsmmm?

Listening handsm nikhild eyes pop up out…
N immediately shout…
oops u might have guessed na guys ki Nikhil is priyas bf
S-hahaha! I had said u not to keep hopes..
P-areee Nikhil ..twinkle meet Nikhil my bf…
T-ooooo…hoiii vase just now u called me sister
So shd I call u bro r Jiju
N-are bro hi bula
Isne tho muzse breakup karne ka plan banaluya Hai
P-wt r u insane
S-u only said na handsm
Listening it twinkle n priya burst out laughing
T-oooo so jealous han?
Btwn cool down…
That handm z a happily married man having a daughter who’s standing ri8 in front f u
Nikhil smiles sheplessly
P-awwww my sweet bf…
T- any way myself Twinkle
N-Nikhil malhotra ..nice to meet u siso
U better b my sis only
Twinkle looks towards sid….n forwards his hands…
S- hii sid
But here n CLG v have rules u have to cm here like an ordinary girl..
May be they can drop n pick u…but inside CLG
No extra things…
P-ctrl ur excitement twinkle
T- are yar I m so so so happy at last I ll b free of this torchur…
U don’t know sid how good news u have given me…
Anyway tq so much sid
Any way wrs 3rd seem cs class
N-ur 3rd sem
S-follow us..u r in our class only
T-thats grt..but…
P-kya huva
T-areee Hitler gave these black buffalos instructions to b with me…even n class’s
Abb kya Karun…
P-omg! The get Twinkle Kumar z asking
Are its simple like always baga de..
T-areee he’s new one…
Hitler gave all those instructions to him..
Hai u both Nikhil n sid u give me some ideas
N-first let’s go to canteen I m hungry…
S-bukkkaxdd u just eat a while ago…
T-areee its okay let’s go…
Treat from my side…
As I got 2frnds n 1bhai here
S-wn did I say I m ur Frnd…
T-oky abb bool doo..
Anyway let’s go…

P-idea..are call handsm na
T-han…are but he helped MD already today…
N u know if he helps me I shd allow him to eat sweets
N he must not eat actually so no…
P-try tho Kar…but don’t promise him…
N-phone speaker par rakna I also want to hear abt d person who me my gf refers as handsm
S-kuch jal rahahai

(On call)
T-hai pops !!!
H-hai princess’s
T-wr r u?
H-i m on shoot princess
T-pops u know some one wana talk to u…
H-accha who
P-hai hansm!
H-areee priya my baccha how r u beta..
P-i m fine handm…
T-pops v r n same class
H-thats grt!
T-i got two more frnds pops
Ek tho bhai n other akdu (sid throws draggers)
N-hello uncle myself Nikhil
S-hai uncle sid here
H-wase who’s bhai n who’s akdu (giggles)
T-hahaha nikil z my bhai…
H-okkk…don’t mind sid beta u r not d first akdu n her life….
H-oky anything else…
T-han vo hit…..I mean..
H-oky…kya kiya abb usne…
H-wiw pops se dad…
Bata kya batt Hai!
T-vo now c priya z here Nikhil bro n
Sid too..
So ..
H-beta u know ur mom…
Uska gusaaaa n her warnings too..
She just worried for u…
Okay I ll try something…
I ll call the BG(bodyguard) n say him to stay outside but he ll stay…
Aur even if I make her convince
Wt abt ur bf ?ll he ?no na
T-oky bye
H-love u beta…

N-tera bf…?
P-aree I forgot abt him…
Kaha Hai vo ?
U better don’t speak abt him…
U know he flew to London..
Without meeting me…

Bf sunte hiii…sid ke dil mein manoo kisiinneee 100 chedd kardiyee hoo
After all he was flat on her…

All move to class…

—– * sids POV * —–

When I saw her for first time I was shocks…
But then 1 sidey heart said I m fool but other made me think f dadis words
“If kunj janma Hai tho twinkle bhii hogi”

When she talked to me I was on cloud 9…
But I don’t know I was bit disturbed…
I taught her to be rich Frick…
Somewt gamandii type…

But another shock she was not so…
She literally jumped n happiness
N hers n her dads Convo…
I liked their bonding…
I just fell in love for her…

Wait wt did I say LOVE?

Omg it means I love her….
But she said bf?
Does she have any1?
But mera love ka tho shuru hone sh
e pehle hi the end…:-(
Anyway let’s find out first mr Archit Kunj Sarna…
Bf ka bahot sare MATLAB hote Hai..

Bhai ka Frnd 🙂
Best Frnd 🙂
Aur boy Frnd bhi 🙁

but its better if I stay away from her
He spark f eyes says HSS 3rd option..
I ll b rude to her n ignore her han that’s good!!

—— end f POV ——

So how was it?
Liked it r loved it
Hops lived it!

Throw ur cmmnts below guys…!!!

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  1. Kruti

    superb …….awesome …..amazing ……fabulous epi crazy
    day by day my crazziness for this ff is increasing and increasing and only increasing
    just cant tell u how i fell when i find a twinj love srategy epi on the TU page

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome superb…..

  3. Shailja


  4. Just loved it
    Amazing n Fabulous episode

  5. SidMin

    Crazy loved it and the dialogue Agar Kunj ne jana liya hai tho Twinkle ne bhi liya hoga !!!!!!!!!!
    Loved it pls post the next part asap

  6. Fan

    Super epi crazy..

  7. It wz a craZzzzzzzy epi … awsm dialogues Esp sids pov…

  8. Angita

    Oh no oh no am I dreaming… was such an amazingly crazyly mixed episode

  9. dreamer... arundhati

    Crazy di.. Craziness to abhi shuri hui hai na.. Lovely 1 di.
    And all ff writers.. I wouldn’t be able 2 comment 4 sum days… Hope u all understand but i m reading all the ffs.. All r going great… Keep writing.
    Crazy di ctd soon.
    Hope many of my dear ff writers read this message. Luv u all.

  10. Rashiverma2199

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  12. Baby

    amazing crazy luvd it

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