Twinj Love Strategy (SEASON-3) Episode 1


hai guys?
shoked na..
i m writing so many ff n all..
but kya karun
traveling time is more so n top on that my shaitani dimak..
getting so many new new ideas..
btwn this is season3 of Twinj Love strategy..
hope u guys ll enjoy this..

to avoid ur much needed confusions..let me tell u all my present FF details..
Vamp Diary..
Budhhu sa mann(by crazy n Puh-wase i m feeling u all are bored with this ff ll end that soon.#puh)
Swasan FF by Crazy
n obvio Series frictions too
vase u all r enjoying asa mein hope karti hun..

so lets begin the show..
but guys u must promis me that u all ll cmmnt in the ff..coz its my boster..i ll give u long episode 1 or 2 in a week..

A big mansion is shown..
and a lady is doing arti..
after her arti..
she goes to kitchen and chk if its all done or not..
and then she calls up a boy..
“kunj puttar utttt”comon beta getup..
today ur 3 rd sem classes will commense na..
challo get up..
and hust then a voice a heard..
“yup dadi..comming”
a cool guy comes down wearing
a v neck white shirt..and jeans
rotating keys in his index finger..
and hugs the lady..
the ladies face is revealed..
she turns out to be..
our swwet and bebe..
and she turns towarsd d boy and his face is revealed to be none other than our cute handsome boy..
u might have guessed na kon?
guy-uff bhi na.again u called me by dads name..
i m archit kunj sarna..
not kunj sarna..
bebe-may be..bu i can c ur mom and dad with in u.. i call u as kunj..
K-ufff dadi u and ur logics..
but u know na..all call me sid..
sid the rockstar..jispe ladkiya marti hai..
bebe-badmasss..vese beta u know wt i already know u may marry u..and ll love u..
c if kunj zinda hai na tho meri sherni bhi hogi kahi na kahi..
pakka dekliyo
(guys for this guy is kunjs child..whos his lookalike..
i ll call him sid..
but his real fuull wala name is archit Kunj sarna..
hope douts r cleared)
S-are dadi ladkiyan mere piche bagti hai sachi..but bechari vo badsurat ladkiyan kaya jane..
ki ye sid uski dadi pe marta hai(winks at her)
achha challo now..
i m late for clg..
bye muhh!

secne shifts to another home..
where a girl gets up slowly..
a round king size bed…room decorated with light sky blue colour with white combinations..(guys plz…dont assumw all girls like pink color..mera hi example lelo..
i just hate pink color..)
she gets up slowly moves out of her room..
just then a servent comes to her with bed coffee..
she takes the coffee mug from him sips the coffee..
and moves into another room..
she goes and hugs a lady..and saya Good morning momie…
and a male voice interrupts her..
only momie no dady..
very bad..!
are dady..
ase kase ?
she hugs both of them and greets her..
(guys imagine Avantika and harish of pyar ka dard hai serial i.e Mansi salvi and Mr pandey)
she then moves to another room tip toes and searches some one..
just then her mom comes their and says..
“he went to londo for a business trip for 3 months twinkle”
T-ohh shit now ?
A-what now..?
A-stop it twinkle..
u r the princess but mind u u r also a human so get ready for clg..
and yeah Twinkle no mischiefffffffff
got it..
varna i ll be worst person to u..
n ur dad wont be able to save u..
i have a meeting so i m going to office get ready fast ll drop u..
(guys mind u all..this twinkle is totaly different..
shes just look alike…but her name i kept same..)

twinkle makes faces..and harish notices it..
she pleads him..
he assures her through his eyes..
H-avantu…i was thinking ki u go for ur meeting i ll lev my daughter today..
A-and y did u taught so?
H-are shes my daughter i can do that much and i dont need ur permission for princess get ready ur dad ll lev u today..
A-no tq..i m here na..i ll do it,..
H-even i m here na then? wt ever u want ..
saying so she goes out and twinkle and harish gives hifi..
H-challo princess i now saved u from ur moms lectur now ur bid on me..
T-so u r gonna come really
H-stares her for a min..
and then both burst out laughing…

kunj aka our sid
guys his nick name is sid so all call him sid..
sid parks his bike and takes out his helmet and gets down in a stylish way..
all girls stare him and gives him wow looks but our hero is so sanskari na?
so he just smiles and moves to his best frnd Nikhil..
N-hai sid
S-hai man..
N-after long time back to classes..
i m bored even before entering them..
but u know na 1sem wala bhi honge..
so ragging is obvio..
S-yeah(smirks)v shall for sure
so whos our first prey..?
N-hmm lets c
S-oky..vll do a thing who enters first from clg gate ll be our prey..
just then a black mercidz comes their..
and a body guard comes out from front seat..and opens the door..
and our princess our twinkle Harish Kumar gets down..
T-ahh so here is it..
new clg…so first let me c a new banda for me..
twinkle yeh tu kya bol ri hai..
banda nahi bakra..
she chks her self in mirror and takes out her goggel
all boys glares at her..
sid is dam shocked to what he saw coz he can c his moms look alike..their..
but he jerks the taught..
coz hes a practical student..
and he knows their are look alike people in the world..

episode ends on the face of shocked and surprised sid..
and nikhil is scared seeing her..

now guess y is nikhil scared?

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  1. directionert91


    1. Crazy

      Awwww tq…
      Waiting for ur cmmnt n my next update

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..Amazing…loved it…& nikkhil is shocked to see twinkle becoz he might be knowing that she is look alike of sid’s mom twinkle…..

    1. Crazy

      Let’s c in next episode…
      If u r guess is right r no..
      Btwn tq for liking n cmmnting

  3. Naina0923

    Awesome!!!! ???
    Loved it❤️
    Can’t wait do d next update?
    Do Continue asap ?

    1. Crazy

      Ohh tq dear ..yup ll try to upload asap

  4. Fan

    Super epi crazy…loved it..plz post buddhu sa mann ff also…btw same pinch even i dont like pink colour..

    1. Crazy

      Tq dear..btwn now pub ll b post I g it not me..
      But I ll give ur msg t her for sure

  5. Angita

    Nice but to much suspense……I’m loving this current track……why is nikhi shocked anyhows blockbuster episode….waiting for next…love you…btwn I don’t like pink to..

    1. Crazy

      Tq dear..stay tuned to know more
      Aur crazy me ka ff ho n suspwnce na ho how’s dt possible Hai na ?

  6. Kruti

    Wowwwww…….crazy what a beginning
    Awesome….amazing……. fabulous …..loved it
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt one

  7. SidMin

    Wow loved it Twinkle and Kunj look alike loved it 🙂
    please post asap (but you may take your time coz writing so many ff’s is not easy

  8. Ria

    It was amazing?

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….crazy superb start…..loved it to the core…..awesome story…..

  10. Wooooow…… awsm…. fantastic…. welll very excited fr nxt updates…. evryting wz describd so nicely…. superb epi ???

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsoooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    oh my god oh my god
    i think it would realy go hit.
    what an awsome start.just lov it

  12. Ritzi

    Hey crazy its damn freaking awesome but I hv a shmall sa doubt….if sid is look alike of kunj then it this means kunj is dead or smthng like tht so won’t we get to see twinj in this ff nd this ff will show story of sid nd twinkle is it like tht?

    1. Crazy

      So many questions at a time…
      Just wait n watch baby

  13. Shreya098

    it was amazing…?
    waiting to know why he got scared

  14. Jiya_Ani

    Spectacularity ke effil tower pe jaa ke baith gyi….Awesome di…Its tooooooo good..waiting but sorry if I don’t comment again coz …you know the reasons…
    Love You???

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Hey crazy di..I m sooooo haappppyy..ur back with ur ff so soon..I was missing it badly. ? But now I know I m not gonna miss it bcoz u rnhere then why to fear..lovely seriously it damn osum..luved it.
    Di im missing urs and puhs buddhu sa wasn’t boring…plz update soon

  16. Baby

    omg yr crazy amazing osm yr srsly vry hpy 2 c u bck aftr long time evn i dont lyk pink bt my fav is blue royal blue w8ing fr nxt bt yah i m a bit cnfusd

    1. Crazy

      Same here I too like royal blue..
      Next part already uploaded n wts d confusion dear !!

  17. Baby

    oh my cnfusion is who is sid sid is kunj or where is kun n twinkle who is twinkle den n y is twinkle haarish kumar i m really cnfsd pls if u cn clear it soooo pls hlp me gt out of dis n cn we bcm frnds on gmail if u cn give ur mail id u r amazing kya likhte ho haan i mean wt 2 say i dont feel bad saying dis my favourite is ridhima di bt den u all r also 2 very amazing pls clear my cnfusn

    1. Crazy

      Okay okay…
      Remember n season one Twinj gave birth to a baby boy n named him archit
      The one portraying d role z Sidhant
      He is known as did n CLG MATLAB his nickname
      Twinj r dead already
      How n y I all tell u later n ff

      Twinkle Harish Kumar z a bubby spoilt girl but respects all
      Shes look alike f our twinkle
      N yeah to contact me
      Here’s my mail

  18. Baby

    thanks sooooooooo mch fr clearing my cnfusn thnks a lot n yah fr sure will cntct to u n so di is it dt ll b jasmin n archit ll be sidhant

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