Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 9)


So,i m back..
with the next episode..
and remember guys we are still in flashback..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

and some one asked me a question..from where twinkle came back..
so guys as i mentioned before twinkle was studying in abroad so she came here and is wishing to study in india now on instance of her brother Uv..

and someother asked twinj got seperated?,who is tej?,why is twinkle angry with leela? for that plz stay tuned to FF..ll release it also soon

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Recap-twinkle gets admission in the clg..and the clg turns out to be the same one in which kunjs studying..and leela and usha blackmail Uv to convince twinkle for marriage

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

want to clear one confusion of u all-
Plz note that usha ,kunj and mahi are staying with leela only
Usha is from amritsar so is leela..
but usha and family stay in mumbai
and leela and family stay in amritsar..
but due to marriage preprations all are in amritsar..
kunj is studying in some clg in amrtsar..
so due to this all are staying in one house only..i.e with leela and amritsar

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

Twinkle get up from sleep..
she doesnt open her eyes but simply takes apic and says goodmorning baby..(u might have guessed whos it?)
look today is first day of my clg..i know i m not a fresher their but in final year but still im new to it and want all to be oky..
so as my parampara i m must c ur face..right..
here kunj comes and stands infront of her just listening what is she saying..
and smiles at her..
she open her eyes sees the pic..kisses it and says love u..
then sees kunj their..

T-what are u doing here..?
dont u have any work..
K-i have but maa..said me to take u with me to clg as u are came to c..
but u are still on i m leving..
T-what u think os ur self?i can come by my own..
K-oky..but the clg is new to u
T-i can manage..
K-lets c..but if u cant call me..dont dare to become jasi ki rani..there got it..
T-oky my ctiee pie..
K-i litrally dont get u..
some times i seem u sadu and some times cutie pie..
come fast..and
T-i know i know dont dare to become jasi ki rani,or do any siyappa or use ur brain..

both laugh..
K-shall i ask u something..
T-u r my Enemnd so u have full right..
K-then plz if u really feel i m so,then move on and forgive leela aunty..
T-i have moved on..but cant forgive hher..and u say me are u here to justify her..?
if so lev today is my first day in clg..
i dont want to get late..

twinkle sees the pic and says i ll never forgive ur murderer..
tej never..

she gets ready and comes down..
L-puttar have ur break fast..
T-makes face
U-han puttar come have c..ur fav salad is here..
T-thanku so much aunty but i m late..i ll have something out..
i ll lev
first have its ur first day..
mahi makes her feed it..
twinkle hugs her and usha and says them bye..
and UV comes their..come i ll drop u..
T-han bhai..

Twinkle reaches clg with Uv..
just then kunj also comes..
Uv hugs twinkle and gives her a long lecture to stay attentive in need to mingle with boys more..
and bla bla bla..

u guys can understand this type of lecture i guess..
3 yrsback when i joined BVB(i mean clg,if it would b any other then i would have not got such big lecture but i was going to my dream clg BVB(jska naam hi kafi hai)so my maa and paa gave me 2 hrs lecture on it..uff! i get goosebumbs even if i imagine about that day..

Kunj and twinkle look at each other ..
twinkle pleeds kunj.. if all this is over then shall we lev..
actually now singh sir s class is their and he hates late commers..
twinj are about to lev
when uv calls kunj
Uv-kunj,tc of her plzz..and dont fight also atlest for me plzzz

k-abb chall twinkle
T-oky my rasgulla
K-twikle seroiusly
t-han i mean ur so chikna , rasgulla thhen i can call u that right?
k-u are too much nautanki bazz
first sadu.then cutie,now rasgulla..
aur kuch baki hai..
T-han but not now..btwn whos this singh sir,
K-now we dont have any all lecturers have went for meeting..
T-owww u lied to bhai..
K-u pleased me to save u so i lied to DJ..
t-dont u dare call him that
i said u many times but u never listen to me..
K-do u listen to me..i m saying u since one month to forgive leela aunty
T-do u want me to agin repeat same..
fine u never understand me..i said u so many times not to again and again hurt me by repeating it but u..
u never listen
she has tears in her eyes..
Kunj feels sad..
he sside hugs her and says i m sorry..
yar plzz..i was just..
i mean..(he was less of words so he changed the topic)


Twinkle smiles a bit and says i m not puspaa..
K-oky come i ll make u meet my frnds..
and yeah twinkle listen..
i need ur help..
t-my help?
K-actually..he sees a girl comming towards him he identifies her.
and gets shocked..
twinkle tu meri dost hai na..
so u shd lie for me..
and whts that..?
K-be my Gf..!
T-what?are u crazy?
K-plzz yar..
T-hmm..oky..badle mein kya milega..
K-jo tu mangee
K-han han han..
chipkuu is get ready for acting..

Kunj drags twinkle to all his frnds..
(guys i have added 5 frnds here-Chinki, Rahul, Nikhil, Maya, shanaya[urff chipku])

K-hai guys meet her..shes twinkle..
and twinkle these are my frnd..
chinkii,rahul ,nikhil,and maya
Shanaya-and me..?she comes and hugs him..
twinkle is shocked..
kunj frees himself and pleeds twinkle..
T-ohh hi guys..
and helo i think ur shanaya..
S-hello twinkle…
she was holding kunjs hand tenglied in hers..
twinkle comes and seperates it..and tangles her hand and says nice to meet u..
i hope kunj said u that i m his girlfriend..
all 5 frnds together -what?
girlfriend and that to of kunj..?
Nikhil-he never said me about it..
kab se chal raha hai yehh?
Kunj and twinkle look at each other
K-2 sal
T-3 sal
2 or 3
T-let me explain
kunj proposed me 3 yrs ago..
and i accepted it after a year..
Kunj gives what the look..twinkle smirks..
Kunj having no option stays silent..
Twinkle gets a call..and excuses her self..
shanaya also had left the place in anger and seeing her gone he starts laughing..
hugging nikhil
RAhul-hai bro u are fine na..?
K-han yar absolutely
did u see that shanaya..i mean when i introduced twinkle to her
Chinki-she is madly in love with u but lev about that shanaya u say us..when did this twinkle some from and 3 yrs man seriously..u din even bother to tell us..
K-twinkle is my best frnd thats it..not any GF..
i asked her to help me get rid of her..
K-but seriously..shes dam good actor..
RAhul-tabhi toh main tuz jase duffer ko itni hot and happening ladki kase mili..
(that y i was wondering how did u get a hot and happening girl like her)
Nikhil-kunj chipku is comming this way..
Chikki-worst part she is happy kunj..and smiling too
maya-more worst then this twinkle is not with u to save u
Rahul-and more worst is(kunj cuts him off)
K-han han abb plzz stop and lets just move to class..but where is this siyappa queen..
Nikhil-what did u say.?
rahul-which queen?
Kunj-are lev all this
kunj is about to run away when when shanaya calls him
K-yes,any prob shanaya
S-i knew it..
K-what u knew it
S-about twinkle
K(get tensed)-what u knew..?
S-that she is not fit for u..!and is a cheap girl
K(in angry tone,as obvio being a hero he wont listen anything againt her)-mind u r tounge shanaya..and before speaking about her..make sure about whom are u speaking and to whome are u speaking..
S-fine..i knew u wont listen to i came here to show u something..
come with me..
she drags him..and all other people also follow her..
S-c look their..
(pointing at a guy standing near a car with twinkle)
Kunj-siyappa queen plz not another one..
S-i said u na..
come lets go their..
all come towards twinkle and she hugs a gug….and just then a oldy guy comes and says hello to them
Nikhil-aree hes our principal..
chink-but what is twinkle doing with the guy and the princi
Rahul-only she can answer..
Maya-but directly going and confronting is wrong..
and princi and the guy had left and twinkle was comming back..
(note the guy was facing his back all the time)
T-what are u guys doing here..?
she huged kunj saying all right na kunj?u look tensed
S-common kunj question
T-about ?
K-nothing twinkle come lets go it time for our class
T-han but wht is she confronting about..atlest let me here her..
K-nothing u met DJ she taught something else
T-dont call him that ..
K-what ever u say he is my Dj and ll be called same by me..oky..
T-you..i wont lev u today..
she runs behind him..
but slips and falls down
he laughs..
C-this is very could u make her fall han..she come to maya..
pats on her back and by pusing her and making her fall fall purpusly..says u shd not push her this way..
all laugh on twinkle and maya..
now all make each other fall..
and have a cute time..

C-wese twinkle whos this DJ
T-my bro
M-bro?is his name DJ..
T-are no his name is yuraj taneja
M-what did u say taneja?
T-han..i m twinkle taneja..
N-omg yar so ur the sister of that business man Yuraj..
R-and also nanand of mahi dii right..
M-and also sister of tej taneja the great piano artist..
Twinkle was in tears and just ran out..

Kunj comes their after atending a call..and c all tensed..
hai guys ,what happnd ?and where is this twinki?and maya r u crying?
M-no,but vo twinkle
K-kya huva twinkle ko..?
all fine na?
all stay silent
K-guys plz speak up..twinkle is very sensitive..plzzz
nikhil and rajat narrate all things..
Kunj gets tensed,but maya how u know about tej..
and y d hell u guys opened this topic and that t infront of her..
u girls din had anyother topic kya to speak..
i just hope twinkle is fine..
she can go to any extent in anger and depression..
just then twinkle comes..
Kunj hugs her and says all fine na..
u are fine na..
look twinkle they din know anything about him so plz relax..and control the anger plzz..
kuch toh bol yar
T-i want to go home..
K-fine come i ll drop u
T- no i ll go alone
K-no u r not
i ll acompany u
and thats final
Maya-twinkle i m sorry..
T-its k..but how u know him
M-hes my past
T-so u are maya kapoor
twinkle hugs her and says i ll lev now..bye..

precap-Another episode also on way so chillax..

hope u liked it
do share ur views


Credit to: crazy

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