Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 34 and 35)


thanku for the suport..
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n tq for supporting me during my tension times of results..
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lets mve to episode now..

There was weird sounds..comming up from kitchen..
lets peep into it..
but its so dark..
lets again peep deep..
there it is a shadow..but some chimpy sound comming..
lets peep more..
shit man that was our lead..
yup not kunj..its twinkle..
hope u remember her..
s..she was eating ice cudes..
and suddenly..
she heard the sound of footsteps..
she immediatly rushd..and threw the plate full of icecubes..
and pretented as if she doesnt know anything..
k-twinklee tu yaha..i m searching u everywhere..
wt r u doing here..

T-y ll i cm here..
to drink water pati dev..
K-i know i m ur pati stop calling me that and by the way the water jar is their n room..
T-han tho?
K-han thoo?matlab..if water was their then y u came here..
T-i want cold water..chilled one..
K-in such a climate chilled water..
u r oky na?
T-cm..i m sleepy…
K-han..but twinklee u r alright na?
T-yeah yeah..completely fine..
cm na..

they walk in room..
twinj were sleeping peaacefully..
suddenly we heared a sound..
s it was our twinkle making it..
cursing her fate..
as kunj wwas hugging her and sleeping..and her moments may wake him up..

next morning..
Twinkle ws still awake.and kunj sleeping hugging her..
suddenly he gets up due to sun rays..
and twinkle starts her taunts..
K-when did u wake up..
T-jagne ke liye sona padta hai..n mei tho soyi hi nahi(i din sleep only to wake up..)
K-what?but y..
hmm..thinking abt me?
T-no..kunj i ll not sleep with u from now..
K-then wr ll u sleep..
and tu theek hai na?
T- u dumbb..u ll sleep on couch from today..
K-what but y
T-coz u hug me very tightly..
n i dont have space to breath also..
K-vo..i m sorry,,
now atlest lev me kunj..
K-ohh han..
twinkle goes to frehn up..
K-iss kya huva…
first she used to say..that she doesnt get sleep if i dont hug her..and now..
and more over she din even bother that i m hurt..
when i said sorry..
bolti hai better..

shit man..
she is full to crazy..(here comes my name)
he goes to other room to get ready..

kunj is sitting on bed…and holding a box..and admiring it..
K-who d hell bought it?
kiddo also dont use such things..
coz mahi dont allow him to do so..
n even if mahi allows twinkle doesnt..
then?i think by mistake..
saying it he throws it n dustbin..
just then twinkle neters..
she sees that kunj threw her chalk box..
T-wt d hell kunj..
T-y did u threw my box..

K-ur box..?
T-han i had bought it..
K-but y..
T-Vo..none of ur business..
K-twikle tu jalli ho gayi hai..
i saw u u were eating ice cubes yestaerday..then that hug wala secne..n now this..
wt d hell yar..
now r u splitting out the truth?
M-kya huva bhai..y r u shoting at twinkle..
K-u ask her only..
T-nothing dii..its between me and kunj..
saying so she runs out..

M-kya huva ?
K-kunj says her everything..
Mahi smiles..
dont worry kunj…i ll talk to her..oky?
K-no di..u wont..dint u c..what she just said..
i just dont want to talk to her..or any one..
M-its just mod swings plz..
K-what ever..(he levs)
M-bhagvanji..just hope wt m i thinking turns true..

T-g bhabhi…
M-ur mood is good i guess..
T-muje kya huva..(wt happnd to me?)
M-hmm..take this..
T-(shocks..)dont woory guys its preg kit..
M-i thik ur..u only remember..u r mood swings..
eating ice cubes..chalks..
and now u c..
omg..uu r eating chillies…?
Just put it down..
twinkle..its not good..
T-vo actually i wanted o have..
wait wait..u mean..
M-s go now..
T-ur brother is n room?
M-my brother has a name too..

T-yeah sadu sarna..
T-say na..
M-yeah he is their only..
u go to my room..uv is n hall so go their..
M-n yeah while going plz call my brother down for dinner
T-y doont u call him..

twinkle does the test..and is upset as its negative..
she signs this to mahi..
M-but ur symtoms seems positive..
its oky twinkle..i ll take appointment..
some times these test fail to identify..
oky..(i too dont know if it fails r no..but this is my everything is possible here)
wese did u call kunj..
T-no..i ll just call n cm..

twinkle enters room..
and sees that kunj is working on laptop..
T-bhabhi is calling u..
K-then she would have cm here y did u cm..
K-abb kya huva..from morning..she is fighting with me..
i taught she ll fight now alsobut sh e tho..
urrhh girls r highly immposibble to understand…

precap-tension tension and tension..

i know it was abit boring one..
but hope u enjoyed..

i taught to end it here..but koi ni..
for my all reders heres double dip..

another episode back to back..

oky guys i know vamp diary fans waiting for my episode too..
but plz keep pataience..
i m a bit buzy..
so ll try to upload that also very soon..

T&M goes to hospital and gives necessary test..
M-twinkle dont worry all ll be fine oky..
M-now cm lets go..v shall get the reports soon..
T-cant v wait here only..
M-twinkle..dont stress ur self..wt if ur pregnent..?
n this stress ll lead to baby also..
M-cm lets go..

In home..
Twinkl is moving to and fro..
just then kunj also comes..but he ignores her and freshns up..and starts doing his work..but our twinkle tho twinkle hai..
shes continusly moving to n fro..
which irks kunj..
K-wts ur problm twinkle..ese kyun kar ri hai..
T-wt did i do?
K-cant u sit in one place..
K-stop prsing here n their..
T-kunj whose room is this
K-mine..i mean ours..
T-whos leg are these
T-so i walk r must not bothr u..
K-yar just stop their..
wts ur problm..han..
from yesterday ur behaving wiered..
T-vo reports..
K-reports?which reports..
u r fine na..
bol na yar
T-ya i m fine..
(selftalk-i cant tell this to him till its confirmnd..else he may feel bad..)
vo..actually my frnd..lev na kunj..
i m alredy worried for her and top on that again ur questions..
K-oky oky…plzz…chill oky..
K-love u

K-kya?sirf hmm..
T-no matlab..did u say anything..
K-twinkle now i m really worried yar..
T-kunj shall v go out..i want to eat panipuri..
K-what panipuri n now?
K-oky..u get ready..
T-i m ready
K-wt?i hope u dont have any fever..(touching her forhead)
T-kyun kya huva..
K-vo actually..u said u ll not get ready..then i not need to wait..n all..
T-awww.u mean i take time to get ready..
chall lets go..panipuri sunte hi…u know rats which are n my stomach..
in their stocmach rats are running..
cm lets go..
M-twinkle were?
K-vo dii..v are going to eat panipuri..

K-wts big deal in it..
M-no u guys r not going
T-but y?
M-i made the dinner if u guys eat that..then wt abut the dinner i prepared..
T-bhabhi plzz,,,
K-han yar..wtsbig deal in it..
M-no..those r unhealthy…
M-no ifs and buts..
i ll make them n home only n give u..oky..
twinkle gets sad and just runs to room.
k-dii wts that..v eat panipuri out only..and wts this drama…

sayin this he goes out..and feels bad for twinkle..
He den jumps to balcony and goes n his room..and sees twinkle crying silently..
she hugs him.. cry baby..just for a panipuri u r doing so much drama..
T-but i want to have it..…

K-dont worry..v shall go from balcony..
T-no i cant jump and take risk..
twinkle r u hiding something?
T-(realises wt she said)vo wt if i fall..r get hurt..
n i read n net..that girls shd not do jerky moments else their beauty gets effectd..
and i cant take risk with my fitness..
K-what eve..
now cm..
i m their na…cm..
K-wt hmm are chalo na baba..

both go down..
T-now what?
K-now panipuri..
aww.i love u so so so much kunj..
K-but only 1 plate..
T-hmm..koi ni..she peeks n his cheeks and runs to car..
K-wow..just for panipuri if i get such rewards..i m alwys ready to make her eat it..daily..
both go and eat panipuri..
and reurns home..
by then mahi was fuming in anger and uv was consoling her..
just then they enter..
M-where vr u both..
K-vo..actually..twinkle tu bol na
T-u took me right?so say..
K-v went to have..

dont say me u went to have panipuri
K-uff..first listen tho dii
v went to have fresh sir..
a walk..
T-han bhabhi..
M-its good..that u went for walk..
vase twinkle..
its good for u and baby too..
T-kya kaha apne..
M-khud dekle..
here r reports..
T_she reads the reports.. ye dekho..
K-tu pad le na…
T-s..these r really positive..
it means i m gonna b mom and kunj dad…

Kunj faints..

kunj gains his sences..
T-wt d hell kunj..
i heard pregnent ladies..feel dizzy..
but i saw for the first time that hubby f preg lady getting dizzy..
Uv and mahi burst out into laughter..
K-ooyeee…now i get it y u were acting weired..and today while going to have pani puri when i said u to jump from balcny..
y u gave such big lecture..
M-what ?u both lied to me?
T-vo sorry bhabhi..
taste buds..u know..
(abhi se sorry..a very big big wali sorry..)

twinj are sleeping peacefully..
just then twinkle gets up.
T-i want mangoes..kacha amm..
T-wt hmmm go n bring
K-tommo morning sleep…
saying so he pulls hers..
T-no i want now..means now..
but our kunj is kunj..
he immediately..
takes the blankent puts n himself..and sleeps again..
but kunj sher tho twinkle bh sava sher..
so she kicks him hard..
results him to fall down..
and our kunj..
like a old lady..

gets up..
and says hayy daiyaaaa..meri kamar…
T-go and get it now..
but kunj is also not less..
as he falls down..
he sleeps then and their,,
which makes twinkle shock..
she takes a buket of water and u know wt she might have done..

T-now go else..
K-han han..but let me change yar..
saying so she throws a shirt at him…and says gooo..
K-yeah yeah..

hamara kunj bevi ke atyachar ka mara..

few moths passes..and its time for twinkles dilevry..
kunj uv and mahi are in hospital..
kunj is just moving to and fro..
just then they cry..
doc comes and congratulates them…saying its a boy..
kunj asks if he can go and meet his wife..
doc says oky..and lets him meet..
twinj are teary eyes..
both have an eyes lock…
kunj kisses slightly on the forhead of his champ..
and says papa was missing u a lot..
now v both will torcher ur mumma..
dekna twinkle chun chun ke badla lunga..
i still remember ur kick..
i must say..
u could have been selected n indian girls football team if u had given a try to it..
and twinj spend the time..

twinj reach home..mahi does their arti..

its been 1 week now..
n the champ’s naming ceremony..
after playing a lot champs father makes him sleep n curdel..
and cms to twinkle..who was crying seeing her phone..

K-hai twinkle..kya huva..
y r u crying?
T-wo wo..c na kunj now mean is this girl..
K-this girl which girl..
T-u know in these nine months..all 3 of u..
never gave me to work..
so wt would i do is only rest rest and rest
some times tv and some times..
bas aviya..
then once while browsng…i came through
K-han so?
T-i started reding the story of a writer names “CRAZY”
T-c na..this last itseems..
it was loved by me yar..
n c shes saying shes lack of ideas..and her buzy shedule dont let her think much..
so she thinks shes not able to entertain us..
so shes ending..
K-awww…my twinkle….crzy made u cry na?
but dont woory may be shes a student..who must build her shes atpresent buzy n that..
so v shd support her..
and dont let her becm sad..
n y worry..
u said na..
she worote many stories..
so she may cm soon with a new story too..
T-s..u r right..i must support her..and i ll support..her..
K-thats like my girl..
now challo..lets go..
T-are han mere rajkumar ki tho naming ceremony bhi hai..

twinj move to the function..
and name their rajkumar as Arhit Sarna..
Arhit Kunj Sarna..
and hence forth twinj lived happily
tho they faced many hurdels..
they were 1 at last..
every love story has few strategy..
but the main motive must be to over come that strategy of obsatcle…
and stand together in every aspect..

HOPE u all got to know y i asked sorry from u all..
hope u all ll support me..
n i need ur help..
i have story wanfering in my head,,,

its the storyof twinj’s frndship
right from their teen age..
so can u guys suggest me a title..
i ll be soon back with story..of crazyness..
this new story is full of pranks crazyness naugtyness..and frndship
so plz suggest me a title to it..

last but not the least tq so much fr supporting me till date..
to all voilent and silent readers…

Thanku so much..

hope u liked it..

Credit to: crazy

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