Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 33)


i went through ur cmmnts yesterday..thanku so much for the heart touching cmmnts..but guys i din do anuything such mahan that u all r praising me..
i just did my duty of being a frnd..
frnd always promises na to be with each othr in all situations ?
so i did the same..

M-do u really think it ll work..
U-han baba..only coz of us the love birds are disturbed so v shd do it na..
M-fine then come lets give them this..

kunj is working on laptop and twinkle is taking his class..
T-u idiot creature..
K-abb kya huva.meri maa.
T-i m not ur maa..
bevi n maa mein u dont know difference kya..
K-are i mean
T-han han i know wt u mean..
did u c whst have u done to my cupbrd..
K-ohh hello
T-han han i know its ur also..

U AND M stands their and listening their talk they hide behind the d0oorr..rrrr

t-did u c..ur cloths..
god know from how many days u din put them to wash..
T-yeah its smelling.
n did u c..
ur files..
1 on table 1 on couch..
yaha tak ki dressing room mein bhi files…
vo bhi kam pad gaya kya..

kunj like a obdient small kid listens to all this..
and suddenly they hear the sounds of giggling..
both watch that mahi and uv are laughing at thm
kunj gives death glare..
and as a compensation Uv gives them a suite package..

so heres ur surprise..

twinj eyes pop out..
and K-iski kay zarurat thi?(wt was the need of this?)
(beta iske man mein tho laddu phot rahe hai and c shwing as if hes sida sada ..
lekin hai bahot chalu..)

T-our twinkle does her famous work..
u know na wt v girls do..
(i really still din get y girls blush..
mein iski jaga pe hoti tho jadu ki zappi dedeti..
khud ke pati ke sath zane mein b sharm hahahaha!)

dont get over excited…
and read front..

twinkle gets ready in a black saree..
and our handsm in black trosr..

both go to the place and
enetr karne ki phursat nahi ki kunj chalu..

he knots the door..
he admires twinkle…he says
“ur looking gorgeous my lady love..
u know wt makes me fall for u again n again ..ur eyes..
which tells many things even b4 u speak..”
and here our twinle starts blushing..

“ kaho kehete raho..accha lagta hai..jeevan ka har sapna abb aaccha lagta hai..”
plays in bg..
but its actually playing..
K-yeah kya tha..
wt was that?
T-i too dont know..!

and suddenly the song stops..

twinj forgets that and again starts their business..
staring wala..

and again a song is played..
“kya kubb lagti hoo…”
kunj suddenly moves back..
and song stops..
twinkle and kunj..both think that its just their..imagination..
K(to himslef)-mere kan kyun baj rahe hai yar..any way i just want twinkle..
kan baje ya band..
who cares..

he sensuly touches her face..
and pulls her closer…
she shies..and hides n his chest..
he agin makes her to face him..
and runs his fingers on her rosy lips…

just then another song plays..
“hott rasele tere hott rasele..”
kunj and twinkle both moves in a jerk..
and again another son
“tukur tukur.. song plays…”

(this song wali idea i took from some other ff..i just liked it so much na cant express..yet its their ki that writer expressed it it n anther way n me in other way)

T-kunj did u also here the same..
K-it means u too..?
kunj its better if v lev to home..plzz…i m getting scared..
kunj nods and then looks around..
he sees the decoration..
the whole bedroom is frarenced with rose…
it has beautiful bed sheet with heart shaped..
round king size bed..
with curtains all over..
candles all around..
lightinging the beauty..

both sneek out..slowly..
just imagine his face..hahaha its somewhat like the expression which sid gave when he went to honeymoon suite and it was flopped by that juice..

they reached home..
and entered their room..and was shocked to c the arrangeents..
kunjs face lit as if..
uski jaan vapas agayii ho..
he directly went and hugged twinkle and carried her in her arms..
and made her women hood complete..(i m not good at romance so spare me)
the moon and those beautiful stars..and that bright sky witnessed the soul becmng one..

Of 1yr 6months
kunj and uv were sitting on a mat..
surrounded by numerous toys..
and both therir palms on there face..making a cute little try..
and were admiring something..
lets c wt were they admiring so keenly..
it was a small boy..
K-i ll try it DJ..
U-no kunj i ll try..
K-i said na i ll try u just did few min ago..
did he na..
now c what d great kunj sarna does..
at last experience kab kam ayega..?
K-om..beta..c here..
oww my cuti pie..
beta say…mu..
ssay beta.
mera izzat ka saval hai yar..
say ma….mu…

s the little guys name is om..
uv and mahis an year old son..

K-maa nahi ma mu..
And suddenly the kid starts crying…
just then twinkle comes running..
and starts scolding them..
T-i said u to take care of him..n here other secne only is going on han?
T-vo vo kya..
u both became kid..c u made my champ cry..
U-its not fare yar choti..he calls everyone..but he doesnt say papa only
K-and mama r mamu to..
both pout..
and twinkle starts laughing hard..

hope u liked the episode..

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