Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 32)


hello..double dip today..i dont know y but i m very happy..
not happy exacty..
but tensed..
these DTE board..
are not letting out exact date of my results..
but all r saying that it ll be in this week only..
any way..if at all..the results go down..
then u all will get to know easily..
as their ll not be any more ff’s of mine..
so much as possible i m trying to post it out,…
on top of that..this season is my fav one..
uffs garam pkoda..
when u have these tho kya fikar..
on top on that dance in rain with frnds and then cold cold kulfi..
yummy yummy..
ths is wt i m doing in these days..
muh mein pani aya na..
tho gur kyun rahe ho..
go and u to fetch one..
dont stare r imagine me..
mera peet kharab hoga..

any way i know u guys r least intrested in my talks and only intrested in ff..
so lets begin…

v saw that..raj is taken by cops and on other hand..
kunj gets a phone call which turns out pale ..
twikle notices this..
T-kya huva pati dev..
t-vo kya..
K-time kitna huva hai..
raat ke 8..
K-fine i m going bye..
T-but where..?
K-mood swings are calling me back
K-are duffer mahi
U-mahi..kya huva mahi ko..and wts this mood swings..
K-vo dj..actaully di z pregenent..
T-han bhai..u din knew this?
K-any way lets give her surprise..
t-yeah good idea..
uv stands their numb..
K-abb esse kya huva twinkle..
T-muze kya bata ke yeh sab kuch arte hai..
abb meri mundi kya dekrahe ho..
all trio lev..
mahi is shouting on servents..
jest then she sees uv and twinkle,,,
twinkle agin acts like a small kid..
M-twinkle no need to bro shares everything with me..
she shows fake anger then both stare at each other and starts laughing,,,
here uv is feeling guilty..
mahi watches this..
and just moves to her room..
k-dj…u go..she needs u..

(guys dont ask me how uv convined mahi and all..bla bla bla..u only imagine..
coz this ff of mine..states only the story of twinj….my sidmin..
han han sado math..
our twinj our sidmin)

after about an hour..
Twikle is biting her nails..
and kunj is shaking his legs adruptly..

T-stop shaking ur legs..
its irritating..
K-then do u think u biting ur nails is not irritating..
T-are when i m tensed i bite my nails..
K-same here
T-what ever
K-what so ever
T-shut up
K-u shut up..
T-no u..
K-no u..
T-sadu kahe ke.. and sadu..
tho what r u..
siyappa queen na..
T-tho u r chuva
K-then ur chuvi..
T-u monkey..
K-u donkey..

stop it i said..
M-y r u both fighting..
T-u ask him
K-y me…sharm arihai bolne ko
T-y shd i shy..
U-are baba plz stop..
except u even 2 more members r here in home..
an are elder to u..
thodi tho sharm karo..
U-mahi lets go..
T-where bhai
U-vo she wants to have ice cream so

mahi and uv levs..
twinkle and kunj look at each other and laugh..
K-what was this..
T-i too dont know..
vese y v vr fighting..
Kunj gives blank expression and starts laughing..
both share a good time..




Hope u liked it its a small one..
actually i wanted to continue..
but agin taught..
that topic ll be split..
and u wont enjoy..too
so next episode ll b a special one..
dedicated to each and every fan of twinj..
but promise me that u all must read it,…
cmmnt karo ya na karo but reading is must oky..


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Credit to: crazy

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  1. Awesome diiii as usual no words to express and very happy for double damaka!!!

  2. Crazy double trouble… awesome …..just like….I’m loving it… Keep it up….u inspire me….????

  3. Yea waiting 4 it vry badly jaldi post kar dena

  4. The episode was amazing..all is back to normal.. by the way, all the best for your results.

  5. Awesome one…….. eagerly wtng fr d nxt one …….

  6. Crazy …right now my comment will not be such to appreciate ur writing skills but to it’s to praise u for the good human being u r…
    Right know I just feel to hug nd give the peck on cheeks on the person who is so pure from heart…. for her happiness of her is embedded in others happiness…. for her only knows to give love without expecting anything in return….coz she is a gift which humanity received… she is our CRAZY..
    Though I never met u ; I had never seen u but how much I read about u in comments through that one thing I can assure u ; U R THE BEST…. I hope once I can meet u as for me now u r my inspiration…
    Sorry if any of my words u find inappropriate… but love u yrr …HATS OFF FOR THE PERSON U R.

    1. Tq so much dear even I would b happy to meet u
      But tu muze pechanegi kase

      1. Don’t worry main tumhe bata ke aungi Milne…..lollzz.
        But one thing is for sure ; I will surely meet u as now I got my inspiration from u ; u r my role model who taught me to give endless happiness to humanity…I’m sure God will also be so proud seeing u as his creation….

      2. Haayyy daiyyyaaa mei toh sharmaggayiii
        Don’t praize me so much dude

  7. what to say about u
    u are a wonderful creation of god
    u are a real human
    u have win over my heart
    if my fate is good and if i have done good deeds in previous birth i will surely meet
    you’re a great example for others!
    you’re unique!
    you’re inspiring!
    you’re extraordinary and remarkable!
    i have never hug anyone but want to hug u yaar
    u are awesomeeeeeee!!!!

    epi was wow!!!

  8. fiona( crazy fan)

    you have earned my respect
    you are a good friend and make all smile
    very courageous
    and for sure u will top the result as you are very talented and you also have wishes of many souls
    u are great crazy and please don’t take stress
    it’s all part of life these exams , tests,results etc.

    1. Omg u changed name to crazy fan
      Yar tq so much love u
      Many hugs to u

      1. fiona( crazy fan)

        it’s my pleasure yaar
        love u loads

  9. guess what i am back !!! sm1 called me ri8…

    1. Ohh a big hii to my new Frnd
      Bata kasa laga episode

  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..

  11. Amazing crazy…..all d best fr ur results

  12. diii . epi to as alaways awasome tha . but sadly ek problem hain . i dont like srk . even one of my 2 fav sisters . ek to srk kark kark pagal hain . aur hum dono to use sunate sunate . dono mere courin and elder than me . 🙁 . even i fight with my litle bro as he is srk hollic

  13. Crazy di muahh…love u di
    I never met u but if ever possible I surely wsnna meet u.
    Di u r such a good human being. U share u r happiness in these small things and bring a smile on our Face too.ur ff was the first I read when I visited tu first time. Frm then I was u r crazy fan…lol. …first a silent reader and now a crazy reader.
    Di don’t take tension 4 ur dte results.
    Surely u r gonna get what u want.bcoz u r the best.
    Results will come perfectly fine. Ur the best writer cum human cum di.
    Really u r my idol didi
    I don’t have a di but if I ever have she should be like u.
    Luv u di
    Plz will u b my sista di?
    Anyway thanks 4 being such a good writer and human
    Episode was as always fab
    Continue asap.
    Luv u di

    1. Surly..siso
      Nice meeting u u
      Oops talking to u

  14. Hi crazy di I am a big silent fan of your ffs and one shots I love your twinj love statergy vamp diary stardom but today for the very first time I commented I am also a srkholic and sidhantanian mine and SIDS bday is on 23 April BTW your episode was superb

    1. Tq so so so much bulbul
      N lucky u to celebrate d luckiest day with him

  15. hi,crazy im sanjana new commenter of ur episode old & silent fan of ur ff actually im a crazy fan of ur ff everyday in mrng after i wake up i take my mob 2 study ur ff i read each & every episode of ur ff but i didnot get time 2 post comment but 2day i left time 2 comment in ur ff ur just awesome writer i want 2 hug i wish u all d vry best u shuld get good marks in ur exam u shuld achieve ur goal u will reach height were u want i pray to god dat u shuld shine in d fields u wish & in ur future too i love u too d height of d sky…….. even im an ff writer if u read my ff pls share ur views abt my ff dear

    1. Tq souch for the support Sanjana..
      N tq for cmmnting
      Surly dear I ll read ur ff
      Plz do say Me which z ur ff
      Nam bata I ll read it today itself

  16. Amazing epi di loved it do cont asap

  17. amazing epi it was

  18. TWINJ TASHAN-E-ISHQ PERFECT LOVE STORY dear dis is my ff name

    1. Okay Sanjana I ll surly read it ..

  19. Heyy crazy yaar wonderful episode !!! I enjoyed it rele n the last one 2 those slaps tho ??
    Hope to c the other epi soon

  20. Hey Crazy
    Yaar phir se super dup episode
    It was really amazing
    Loved it????

  21. Sorry for late comment .loved the episode do 2 EPs wow what a treat you gave me di . I went to tei webpage after my camp and see your ff and others to. Are you nervous for your results di? All the best.??☺☺?????di are blushing after all the comments on you .seriously I was touched. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of reading you writings the next one quick if I Read the ep 3 2 times as it was the best among the best muaxxx.

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