Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 31)


hai all..atlast completed 30 episdes..
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and to all my my supports..
thanku so much for ur support…the way u fought..first i din like it..but yeah i m glad that later u all asked sorry too..and more over all is well now..
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twinj are sitting in a small room..its about 10 by 20 room..
s..its the dressing room of our twinki..
kunj and twinkle and sitting their..
twinkle resting her head on his sholder and their hands..entitled..wwith each other..
there is a complete silence..

T-when ll all this end..
K-very soon..
T-pakka na..
but y is my sherni suddenly scared..
T-this sherni is only scared if her sher is not with her..
and i know that my sher ll nevr lev his sherni alone..
but kab tak kunj..
i m fed up..still v dint get any proof..
i think v shd go to next plan very soon..
K-hmm..yeah ur right..
vase twinkle r u sure that plan ll work..
coz it may harm u..and uv may also get dout..
T-u r with me na..then i can figt with any one..
K-(he just smiles)
T-kunj…dont worry i ll keep peper spary around me.
K-and wt is u din get hold of it..
T-hmmm then i ll kick his a*s
K-han?i have better idea,,
take this..
T-wts in this gift for me?
T-a phone..
K-yeah when u r exectuting call me…i cant afford if smthing happens to u..
T-oky,….mere patidev..
but now i think u shd lev..its abt to rise..
its better u lev b4 anyone catches u..
K-oky..he hugs her..and says take care..and plz keep this mobile safely..ok..
T-i love u..
K-i love u too..mere pagal twikle..
T-han mei pagal hun..tumhare pyar mein..

kunj levs..
and tiwnkle too cms in n her room..
its morning..

Uv-twinkle get up ..
c ur bhai z here..yesterday also u slept early..
T-hmm…bhai nini
UV-oky..i had bought choclate..if ur sleepy then..
Twinkle immediately gets up..and grabs the choclate n within no time finishes it too..

U-kya huva
T-bhai..hmm ummdost…muje dost..ghar pe dost…
U-uff i dont know him but..
T-no..dost…want dost…dost dost dost..
U-okyoky..i ll get him…
Sham(a servent)-g sir..
Uv-u know whos twinkles dost..
if u know get to home..
UV-oky..he ll b here twinkle dont worry..

Sham-sir..ur work is here at 3..uv sir has meeting so he ll lev..n u do ur work..

2days later..

(oky now guys i ll keep the villan name as Raj..
actually i dont wanted this name as a name of villan..
coz its my fab name as in many of the movies SRK ka naam RAj tha..
heheehh dam SRkholic..
bet u guys any SRK haters here..
pplz contact me through my mail id..
ll make u srk holic with in a week or less than that..
saying it with an experience
m i right Puh?..puh is my frnd..
whos promised me that she ll b visiting TU daily..
so welcm her to our TU family guys..)

twinkle is sitting in hall..just then a guy comes hes raj..
T-dost tum…hii..dost..
she takes him to few servents and says him..
“meradost aya..”
R-(to servents)now u guys lev..i ll b with her..
he smirks and signals to one of the servent..
all lev..
and now only twinkle and raj are left out..

R-dost..wt r u doing
T-sketch..dost mein sketch..…after its done u show me oky..
after some time twinkle finishes the sketch..and shows it to raj..
R-wow..such good sketch ..hmm so choclate tho banta hai..
T-wow..yeah…cochlate chocltae…
she quikly takes the choclate and runs here and their..and finishes it..
by the time she finishes it she falls on floor thudd…! atlast…u are here..he picks her in bridal style..
and acts like pyscho..
u know twinki baby..wt all i have done to get u..
no no no u dont knw..
how ll u know…
u know i met u in a party u had cm with ur bhbhai…
then and their i fell in love with u..
u too flirtd with me..
i taught tu signal de ri hai..
but no..
u were acting..
u and ur stupid husband..with u r bhai and bhabhi..
had given u a challage to flirt with a boy..
and i was bali ka bakra that time..
tho u did it as ajoke..but i wasnt ..
my love was not a joke..
and if raj malhotra wants something..
he dont ask he just snatches..
then i ploted a plan..
all was perfect i made u my frnd..
v called each other as partners..
u played all pranks on thst damboo kunj..ur so caled pati dev and i helped u..
but once u bloddy daughetr that b*t*h heard all the plans..
she ran and said it to ur family..
ur mom dad ..
but it was not know by YUVi and twinj..
then thinking that my plan may flop..
i surendered my self to ur family..
saying that i fell in love with u..
but its one sided..and i m lving by next week..
taking an oppurtunity…
i started my plan..
i had put bomb..
in ur so called MIL n FIL’s car
again my badluck..
ur mom dada also went in it..
but i din lev this oppurtunity..
i took out sympathy..
then i pushed ariya down the stares..
and put all blame on kunj..
and seeing ariyas condition..
u went in depression..
i bougth up such a situation that uv ur so called brother starts hating his wife coz of her bro..
n all went in plan..
but i was waiting for oppurtunity..
when u ll b mine..
c now u are all mine..
and now..
u ll be mine for ever…
saying so leans towards her..
wow..twinklee baby..u r still smelling like a blosming…rose..
but u dont worry…once u ll be mine na..then i know u ll becm automatically fine…
he tries going physical with her..
but satak..

guys.. uv.. twinkle..
and patak by kunj..

u-how dare u…u were taking advantage of my sisters illness these days..
and how dare u kill my family..
K-wt was the miistake of our family…?she asked u sorry too..not only twinkle v all asked u sorry…for that prank..
but u..for that prank u took lifes of so many do u even know..
and how dare u call my daughtr
T-uss.masum ne kya bigada tha..?
wt did my ariya do to u
that u killedd her mersilsly..
K-he wont understand such words he tho..
and satak patak matak chatak…
slap pe slap slap pe slap..
aur kya kaha tune..
tu meri twinkle ko chuvega..
han chuke tho dika..
hath kat dalunga..
jan lelun ga teri..
u bastard…
T-kunj..chodo…jann leloge kya..
K-han han han..lunga…
U-no kunj..lev him..cops ll handle him now..
if u kill him then there ll be no difference btwn u and him..

cops cm and arrest them..
just then kunj gets the call..and his glowing face turns to pale ..

Precap – surprise..!


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Credit to: crazy

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