Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 30)


hope i m not boring u guys with this track and tq for understanding me and my buzy schedule..
tho i dint go through ur cmmnts as i dont have that much time..but i m sure u would have enjoyed it..
now as said in last episode v shall have a surprise too..
so get ready..i stop my bak bak here..
Tq for giving me the name “bak-bak queen/dii”
but now lets stop all these and move to episode..


twinkle was sleeping in her rrom peacefully..
just then her door room slighty opens..
a person comes in..
kisses twinkles forhead and says good night princess..
dont worry its not kunj..its Uv..

once UV goes..all lights are off..
slowly a person comes from balcony and tip toe moves towards twinkle..
he admires..her beauty..
kisses her eyes..
with this twinkle gets up and wide opens her eyes..and was about tto scream but the guy held her mouth by closing it with her hand..

s the guy is kunj..
he slwowly takes her in washroom..and removes his hand..
T-“tum gande tum gande..”
K-accha so mei ganda
T-han..mein bahi…bolti..u hate
K-(moves closer to twinkle…and wishpers so u ll complaint to ur bhai and i m ganda na..
so let me becm more ganda”
T-(wide opens her eyes)idiot kunj..jaooo..
koi deklega..
u know na..
K-han i know there are full too cameras in ur room except dressing room and washroom..
so i bought u here..
wase i must say my twinkle is a good actor..
but she cant fool me..
T(blushes)and just hugs him…
K-i missed u so much
T-then y u din cm?
K-vo..actually mahi’s checkup..
T-are han..hows our champ..
K-he misses his mami a ot..
but here tho..
(he moves towards twinkle)
and twinkle backwrds..
she stops when she sticks to wall and shwr nob starts..
but twinkle immeditely ofs it too..
but u know na guys twinkle was just tempting our kunj..

Twinkle and kunj were not fully drenchd..bas thoda sa..
the droplets on twinkles face made a wild cmbck of kunj..
he slowly runs his fingr over her face..
he sucks the waterdroplets of her cheeks forhead..neck..etc..
and she shuts her eyes in shyness…
he eyes falls on her rossy pink lips..
he bents to her..she could feel his breath..she turns in shyness…
kunj back hugs her and cares her..he passionately kisses her neck..and turns her..
she just hugs shyness..
K-vase twinkle its so hot na yar..i was thinking of taking a shwr and i know u too wont resist it..
T-y ll i..if u want u take..
i ll be in dressing room..u directly sneek their only..
else u ll get caught n cameras….and like last time..
and then again if bhai does something..dont sit and curse him..
he gets so many hicups u know..?
K-shani mat ban twinkle..i want to take bath that too with my wife…sso u plz call her..
T-even i dont want too..that u with u..coz i love my husband a lot..
K-so..did i say he doesnt..y r u justifying..
T-aww…staps his foot..
K-vase i have an offer..
T-hmm wt?
K-lets run away…u lev ur husband and i ll lev my wife..
v both will stay happily..
i dont like this place where i have to stay in dressing room r washroom just to be with my wife..
he makes a puppy face..!
twinj look at each other and start laughing..
T-u r too much kunj..
but dont woory v ll again b togther soon..
coz v are inseperatble..


precap-depending on my beja..


how are u all guys?hope these episodes are not boring u all..
and by the way how was the SURPRISE..
hehehe twinkle was just acting…
but now question cms..
y was she acting?
y are twinj seperate…
and many more questions are arising in ur head na..
so just take a chill pill..
y giving tension to ur heads..which is already loaded with the tension of mummas bakbak,papa datt..teachers,…schools..studies…
ufff itne se dimak mein so many tensions..
so dont put another in ur head and lev it to me..
u ll very soon get to know abt these too…

and yeah a big big big thanku to all my supports..

and dear UR r u camp..!
u said u ll cmmnt n all my ff but c na..u din cmmnt from so many days..
wase any way u r back na..
so no worries..
n yeah no need to fell bad..they just flew in emotion..
and yeah guys i request u too to not to use harsh words to each other..that too coz of me..
i dont like fightings coz of me..

hope u enjoyed ur stay..
to contact me [email protected]


Credit to: crazy

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  1. Amazing twist…. I never expected this… fabulous crazy….. Marvellous epi….. ?????? u rock to the core….. ?????

  2. Wow….crazy what a surprise…. Twinkle is just acting…..awesome episode….

  3. Awesome epi…..nice surprise…. Eagerly waiting for d next one

  4. ohhhhh i loved the epi vry much i think u shld write novel allso di….

    1. I have written already yar
      But dad doesnt allow to post it
      Yayyyy mwri kismat
      But he assured me that after my studies he ll allowcme to do so
      I already wrote 2 hehege!

  5. Awesome twist post soon

  6. amazing di
    ….Nice twist…salute to ur brain…

  7. Crazy that was really Amazing
    Really didn’t expected this
    Plzzz do post next update soon?

  8. mindblowinggg epi continue soon n yeah see crazyy today m warning uh plssss if that ur hater again commented sumthing i would surely use foul language today srsly for the frst tym i will use foul language pakkka

    1. I don’t think he/she ll dare do it after such good welcome by u all..
      U guys showed so much love to her/him that he won’t dare I guess
      Han na guys!

      1. Bt he/she is shameless hehehhe

  9. Hayye wat a surprise di it ws amazing do cont asap

  10. crazy you have just nailed it 🙂

  11. What crap you don’t know how to write. You are just making fun of yourself. And did u really think I wouldn’t comment, I’m not scared of you. ??

    1. I know I m not proffesinal but aylest I m.sure that I know better than u..
      So first of all this ff section z mine
      So wt t write n wt to not all depends on me
      N I m sure u r not such good to take ur consideration
      I NVR wants to b rude to any one but u r forcing me to do so
      N yeah now like others even I m eager now to read ur ff
      Hope u remember twinj fan gave u. Challenge n 1 week ur ff must b n tu
      N plz if u have lil something called shame don’t again waste ur time n reading n cmmnting n my ff
      Its bette evn if I don’t get any cmmnt I ll b happy

      1. Ya di dats true

      2. Beta tu to nikal me yaha se
        Pichle ff me samjhaya tha na ki zyada Natal nahi Marne ka
        Phir bhi aa gaya
        U r such a nameless n shameless person
        N please the great writer…we all r eagerly waiting for ur professional writing skills
        U Bl**dy creep…don’t u have any work
        N utilize ur precious time in some productive work…n as u know that we all r useless…so please don’t waste ur time on such page…u r not meant for this
        N yeah go n get some ideas for ur new ff…eagerly waiting for it
        Aagar phir nazar aaya na to beta tu bhi dekh lene…

        (Sorry crazy for such words but trust me this was really needed…n yes I again request u don’t be polite with such kind of ppl)

    2. m so srry crazy bt today i haveto do this ab uh our hater what do uh think uh shameless person in the last epi i sumhow controlled my anger beta u r today dead coz m going to abuse uh srsly i neva used goul language bt uh r compelling me to do this i srsly wanna tell uh ki u r vry precious to us uh a**bag wat do uh think beta pure punjabi hoon bhut galiyaan khane wali h tu tujhe samajh ni aaya kl hi bola tha n wapus comment mt krna bl**dy bi**h uh r such a idiot ki tujhe kitni baar challenge krte h bt tu dar jaati h n ff ni likhtii n this isnt a crap ur cmment sucks uh better be in ur limits smjhii n yeah….. beta ur such an a**munch i dont know what to say uh i srsly think uh need a blow job …….. n crazyy m so srry i used these wrds on ur ff plsss frgive me

      1. Its k yar
        Abb tho I too wanna use it who d hell z he to judge my character
        Now mind it if I ever cmmnt again
        Coz u know wt
        I m pakka marathi porgi
        U ll not even get what bad words I use n if I use Kannada words na tab to u r gone
        N I feel English words r really far away from us standrd

    3. Urhater let me clear out one thing nobody is interested in ur opinion about the plz stay away..if u dont like it dont read n put ur filthy comments here..there is no room for haters in this ff..

  12. Awesome twist crazy…btw where is ur other ff stardom plz update the next epi of that one also..

    1. Sorry yar I m lacking f ideas so I stopped d ff

  13. Wooooow crazy……Amazing surprise…..u just nailed it….keep updating

  14. Crazy di seriously u nailed it. No doubt u r superb., fabulous as a writer….di just don’t pay heed to anybody’s words. ..bcoz many more r there who luv u and u r writing than those who criticise it.
    luv u di
    keep up the good work
    ctd asap

  15. wow what a twist

  16. The surprise was amazing.. the episode was amazing..

  17. Ur such a crep character na I say u crazy

    1. First n for most Mr I m polite that doesn’t mean I can’t speak
      Enough z enough
      Zigna mera anger Ctrl kar Kar kd bath karrahihun utna u r flying high
      N mr mind u r tounge
      I won’t tolerate a single finger on my characteru blo*dy jelly funking guy
      U r na
      Who d hell rvu to talk abt my character
      I alwd u to say anything n my ff na that’s my biggest mistake
      1st cmmnt pe hi do chats lagti na then u ll know
      U better get a character certificate f u next time b4 judng other got that u idiot stupid monkey donkey
      Just Lev n let Lev man
      B a sherrr n atlst say ur real name
      I swear if u were here in front f me an u would get continues slaps n kicks from me
      I would ncvr mind n doing that

    2. be saali kamini tujhe samjh ni aati ek baat tu chahtii kya h haaa uh knw what u r a shameless person nothing more than that if crazyy is cntrling her anger that doesnt mean ki uh will say whatever uh want n i know tu itna q aasman me ud rhi h jst coz uh cmment we dont know uh thats y beta himmat h toh ff likh n wid ur name that is ur hater smjhii plsssss qki agar tu koi aur name dalegi toh no doubt ki tujhe cmments milenge n yeah….. plssss my dear nxt william shakesphere plsss write a ff wid the name ur hater plssss so tat we can check ur writing skills

    3. Woah man! You have a lot to spit out! I have an idea go and spit that shit out in your bathroom! Sorry if it was rude but I guess you had enough of your stupid random Lame talks over here.
      Why are you even reading the ff? It’s shows that you are seriously jealous!
      Aren’t you trying to be a jealous freak?
      So ninny! Just move back please.
      Because crazy has really crazy supporters over here

      1. And hey crazy! How are you?
        I just love your ff…I read all the epiosde in about 2 hours and each passing word was like gold worthy.???
        You are amazing.
        And a strong person.
        I admire you alot. You have a really creative thinking and plus your story like is amazing!
        I love each and every word you write.
        You are a god gifted person
        Love you loads

    4. U know what u r a blo*dy as*hole
      U r no one to judge her character
      U filthy mouth
      N first learn to speak
      blo*dy jerk

  18. i will say it again nd again that u r characterless……….dont have a character nd will never have……….u r shameless……….i dont know what other things u must have done by now to steep ur character so low……….u r a crap writer and also a characterless person………not even worthy to be called a person………..u F**king idiot …….u said me monkey donkey ………u urself seem to be no better that a mentally imbalanced chimpanzee ……….salli bhenc**d

    1. Ooo hello don’t u c what I replied u..? Han
      Show me ur character certificate before pointing to mine
      U cheap cello chii
      U know what u dontveven have a standard
      I have still now not revealed my true identity
      That’s d reason for my silence
      Tho many here have my fb details n all
      But they too don’t know who actually I m
      They dontbknow who’s daughter I m n what power I have n what I can do
      Plz if at all u r reading d cmmnt plz put n ur real name
      Sitting in some place n pointing to me han ?
      Who d hell r u
      N who do u think ur self as?
      U know what I have already traced u
      Now c what ll happen with u
      Enough I ctrld n enough I tolerated abb basss

  19. if u have traced me then pls inform me too that who i am ………what is my email id…pls tell everyone ………..even i m eager to know ………..nd ya pls tell me whos daughter u r………..bcuz u dont know who r my parents………u show me ur power ……..i will show my power……….nd ya u r asking for my real name …pls post tell me urs….then i promise i will let u know mine in my next comnt ….nd u parents girl #crybaby ………talk to me………..bcuz involving parents wont be good for u only ………my next comnt will be my last answer on this stupid ff………..after that i have vowed never to visit this page ever again……..not to talk to people like u ……….my next comnt will be my full and final answer to u …………nd i want to end all this crap enimity of urs with that comnt only as i dont want anymore stupid acts in my life………..after that comnt u will be ur way nd i will be mine nd will never talk about each other again ………enough of this ………..dukhi kar diya tum logon ne……..mujhe jo bolna hai ek hi comnt me aab bol lena………bcuz i will never visit this page again….ek beemaar insaan ko aur kitna dukhi karoge ???????

    1. First n fore most cool down u all..
      N craxy chill le
      N Mr hater actually u r mistaken her
      U don’t know who z she
      N trust me she ll NVR say her name to u..
      N yet if still u r eager to know abt her google Abt GEETA ASHRAM FOR ORPANS N OLDAGE
      U ll get all her details..
      Do u know just n age of 20 what all she has achieved ..
      No actually u don’t know !
      N more over she did all this on her own..
      I know her better than u champ..
      N u r giving a character certificate to her
      Yar 3sal se uske peeche pada hun
      Har bar naya type se purpose karta hun
      Trust me till now wt she spoke to u na
      I hvnt ever imagined that a girl like her can speak itn yeah even still after gooling it u won’t get her info then do a thing
      Contact any news channels
      N remove some info abt
      U ll get abt her
      Sorry damboo NVR wanted to involve aru
      But was forced
      Any way even if she finds yr name she ll not disclose n if shrscwarning u u must mind it
      She dam good haker
      As she’s an CSE

      Now plz after reading my cmmnt do answer me
      N yeah this must b ur last
      Bhot frndly bat Kar raha hun
      Hope u ll take n same way

      N one more u called her creap n cry baby n so…
      Ri8 from day 1 u r provoking her but she nvr cmmnted harshlybut when u cmmntd n her character she bursyd on u..
      Hope this z enough to show u how z her character
      Coz a girl can tolerate anything but if its cms to character then sorry boss..
      N I must say it that u must ask her sorry as its not correct to point to anybody’s chatacter

    2. Really i think sab ne tumhe zyada hi dukhi kr dia… a mentally ill personality….guys leave him/her..i think this person is out of senses. ..nd also giving character certificate to others nd calling smeone like tat..shows hw much good u r right idiot??? Nd moreover u took a good decision at last for mt visiting this page….atleast u will stay happy nd will get tym to treat urself…. blo*dy b*t*h…

    3. Excuse don’t accuse her parents just keep ur dirty self to yourself who r u to say bad words to her,have u come from the mental assylum..pls leave the page we all give u the permission to get out of this page ok..u want to end the enmity bcoz u r scared u r the person who started and ended it u r a hater and we r ur hater we HATE YOU..U don’t want to do any more stupid acts in ur life well ur too late u have already done it bcoz u r stupid u r shameless don’t call her that whoever u r we don’t want to see ur ugly ducking comment anymore..and that middle finger goes back to ur god damn face keep it to urself…..
      Lots of Hate from Fan club of Crazy
      To the most dumbest stupidest person I ever seen

  20. hey guys! listen crazy ,misha,shatakshi,..guys do not commnt on this hater’s comments..ookay ignore..srsly its of no use..he/she must b havng fun typing tht plz do not gv him / her importnc he /she will really stop commnting..okay..n trust me here typing so long msgs n accusing each other is of no use,..act like matures not commnt bck..just ignore..okay? b cool ..infct v shud lv our haters dey pushes us more to rise me on this being an elder to u i sit on ur places n laugh at his/her comments n comment bck with a smile..wse b this shud not mttr to u 🙂 after ol he/she is no 1 to ignr with a smile..u doing a prfct job !!

    1. Yup dii agree with u..
      I m simply wasting my time anyway tq so much for cmmnting
      I think its ur first time cmmnting n my ff
      Ayyyyyy mein tho dhanyaaa hogayiii

      1. Yes I totally agree with pali. Just ignore that maniac!

      2. haha..welcome..well crazy i also usd to write a tei to ur ff bt not to this pg..ur ff was srsly amazing…u cn evn go thru my ffs if feel like..

      3. I always read ur ff dii its amazing
        Lods f love to u

      4. .thnkeww crazy.. more love :+

  21. Fabulous crazy ……… awesome twist …… u r jst superb yaar …..

  22. Dii lagta hain Pali di k comment se ap bohot khush hain , Leave this so called bl**dy Ur Hater , Uski dono haat torke use de dena chahiya taki aisa rubbish comment na kar sake , Anywayz leave that good for nothing it , And Pali di plz post ur ff if u r reading my comment . Plzzzz

    1. chandra i did read ur commnt..well thnku for liking my ff n morovr still rmmbring me ..thnkew.. u will soon see my updt..stay tuned..

  23. Awesome diiii just loved it never expected this twist love you!!!

  24. Nyc twist… awsm episode crazy…

  25. Yaar this surprise was just …!!!! Fabulous tbh i got a feeling of relief !!!
    Plzz upload asap 🙂

  26. Nyc suprise i dint evn imagine dat dis wud cme bt lovely seriously having lots of tension so dis tension leaving it to u …….. nyc part

  27. mind blowinggggggg epi

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