Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 29)


So..i know many are sad..many are happy..
so its anglo combination..
but guys twst was needed..
and u ll surly enjoy this lilttle mad wali twinkle..
lets start now..

T-bahi bhai..
Servent-1:mam apko kuch chaiyeh?
T-bhai bhai.. gaye hai..if u need anything say me..
Twinkle starts throwing things themm…
bhai…want bhai..
bring bhai..
dost jana park dost..
Servent-1:oky..v ll ask..

servent-2:wht d hell is she tru=ying to say man..
S-1:she wants to go to park she has a frnd their..
every saturday..she goes meet
S-2:then lets take her..
atlest she ll shut her blo*dy mouth..

twinkle threw vase on that servent..

“dost jana…ppark…”,
Sevent-2:han bol de mere bapp…
ye ladki puri eddi hai..

Servent-1:lets go twinkle..
t-(starts jumping like a kid..)

servent calls Uv..
“sir,today is v r taking mam to park..”

Uv-oky..but take care of her..and she shd not meet any useless people..if any one try to hurt her then..
bang him to death…

twinkle comes their and stands their front of the servent with her teddy..
and with a cute expression says “twinkle ready..!”
s-1:oky..twinkle be a good lets go now..

trio reach the park..
S-1:twinkle v ll be hear only u play oky…till then v ll c if ur dost is here..

twinkle starts playing like a kid..
she mingles with all the kids..

just then kunj passes through the park..
he sees twinkle their..and removes his sun glasses..and a small curve appears on his lips..
a tear drop falls from his eyes looking at his twinkle like that…
but he immediately wipes it off..
“no..kunj u cant get week…if u only becm week then how can u..handle twinkle then..
but wt is she doing here..i just hope she is fine..
let me chk her…”

twinkle is playing suddenly a ball hits her..
kunj is shocked…and runs towards her…
she starts crying like a kid…
making funny facial expressions..
as kunj was about to approach her a guy comses to her..
and says “dost are u fine?”

Twinkle jumps happily forgetting that she fell..and hugs him..
“dost aya dost aya”,she screams this way..
the guys face is not shown…

kunj is in tears..

(to himself) ” i m sorry twinkle…one or the other way i m somewhere responsible for this state..i m sorry twinkle…i m really sorry..v lost our family..v lost everything..
but i know our love ll alwys b their..n to get back my love i m know where uv has hid u..and some what i shd enter in..this is perfect opportunity..i ll follow u today”


Twinj meetings..


again sorry for a short update but guys as i said before i m buzy..and writing two ff together is a bit hectic plus my DCET preprations…
so plz…coperate..with me..and adjust theis for few days..
i ll upload daily a update but a short one..
so was this..
hope u had good time reading it..



Credit to: crazy

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  1. CRAP don’t write cuz u don’t know how

    1. Hey u!!! I’m sorry I don’t know u but plz don’t say like this about her.. She is an awesome writer n all of us love her ff(except u I guess).. N so if u don’t like it plz don’t read it n also comment.. I’m a big fan of her writing n being someone’s fan I don’t think I can take words against her..

      I’m sorry crazy if u don’t like me saying all this.. But kya kru m ur big fan n I seriously can’t take a word against u..

    2. beta bettr be in ur limits okk jyada bol mt usse likhna aata h ya ni wo hm sb jaante h tu apna muh band rakh warna nxt tym bolne se pehle soch liyo mark my wrds n if she doesnt know hw to write y dont uh start a new ff n show that ki uh write bettr than her

      1. Yes b in u r limits
        Crazy di is a very superb writer.
        V all luv her.
        If u don’t like , , don’t read.

    3. shagun gulati

      Always why do you want to hurt someone’s feeling haan already I told you not to hurt anyone feeling if you didn’t understand my advice then now I have to only warn u you better stay in ur limits if you don’t like then don’t discourage people ok pls keep your mouth shut

    4. Hai all cool down guys I know how many people love mevn my ff I have stopped paying needs to such people its their point to view
      Don’t increase ur BP..
      Coz if BP increases u may feel sick
      If u fall sick who ll read my ff
      So chill

    5. hey u….. r u insane….. jst keep out ur f*cking…. crap b*t*hy thoughts out okay….. bcus ur b*t*hy words r spoiling crazy’s gr8 epi….. jst keep 1 thing in mind WE LOVE CRAZY ND GER FF ND WHO THE F*CK IN THE WORLD R U TO QUESTION SUCH A GR8 WRITER…… accha do 1 thing u b***c write a ff on twinj nd let us know…. then we will let u know wht ur worth of

      1. Calm down ritzii…
        Chod use just ignore
        All have their own POV
        If few like then few dislike too
        So If I have 1 hater then I know that I have many lovers f my ff
        So chill

  2. its superbe , how u describe all things is more than amazing …..I know its many difficult to Handel two ff but u r succefull to balance both….I loved it …..I really loved d new twist….early wtng for next…….

  3. It was just super cute, Eagerly waiting for the twist to be revealed

  4. Awesome.. twinkle kitni pyaari si lag rhi h imagination me as a kid

  5. Cute epi… I really liked it….. ??????? post next one asap….

  6. Superb n mysterious hmmm i lue mysteries im rele feeling bad for of them anyway u must hv planned sumn gr8 for us i trust u 🙂

    N a msg to “UR HATER” y r hating haa? Is it bcz u r jealous of her BCZ she rites amazingly? Or bcz she’s not boring any of us with her accordinf to u ‘crap’ look yaar don’t say such these it’s not nice at least appreciate her effort of entertaining us plzz
    Have a heart yaar ?
    Crazy di dont worry we all no hw awesome u r n we love u so don’t let any thing make u wanna stop this ff especially wen u r this far end it n I’ll kill u :v :v ( not literally im joking !!????)

  7. Confused di do you paka paka mean twinklle is not her normal self and will the guy help twinj unite or is he samrat or villian . is UV and kunj enemies now?

  8. Cute one.

  9. Superb epi ……… eagerly wtng fr nxt one……

  10. Awwwsm… cute…

  11. Crazy di u r very good writer
    LUv u di.
    Epi was very good
    Don’t pay any heed 2 useless words.

  12. Crazy u r just outstanding…. Loved the episode….. And pls don’t care about UR HATER uska toh kaam hee yahi hai….to bash other people….

  13. Crazy just don’t mind abt ppl speaking nonsense abt u nd ur ff
    Ur ff always drives me crazzzzy its just that I don’t comment very often but I read each and every ff
    And tdy ‘s epi was also awesome…….eagerly waiting fr twinj’s meet in d next epi

  14. Crazy di it ws amazing n cute too eagerly waiting for d nxt epi

  15. Hey Crazy the episode was Awesome as always
    N “Ur Hater”…. Like seriously u think this a crap….so I think u should not waste ur time on this page or ffs becoz we all write the same way…n I think u like to read writings of great writers so better don’t waste ur time here
    N if u like my advice…please do write n ff…I would love to read an ff written by a great write???

  16. forever fan of twinj

    Oye ur hater k bacche teri toh.
    Samjhta nahi hai kya.agar ye ff tujhe crap lagta hai toh ek kaam kr apna khud ka ff likh k dikha.challenge deti hun tujhe.
    Hai him at.bada aaya kisi aur k ff ko crap kehne wala.
    And shatakshi u r right let c whether he has d courage to accept it.
    Because as much as I know he just knows how to bash and demotivate others.lagta hai he is jealous..
    And if u read this comment,then write ur own ff in one week.okay.

    1. Direct dhamkii siso hehehehehr!

  17. Mayatwinjfan

    Ur hater how dare u call crazy’s ff crap why don’t u write ur own Ff and then comment on others. Crazy don’t worry about such stupid people all they know is how to hate. And by the way crazy I love ur Ff so plz continue it and post the next episode asap. Love u dear ???
    And urhater this is for u ????????
    Mind me for being soooo rude but that’s what people like u deserve

  18. amazinggggggg epi
    waiting for next one

  19. Crazy u know we all r there to support u in any circumstances…. neither any action nor any words against u will effect our love…. infact it will increase more nd more when we all together in unity fights against ur bashers…… we love u nd do look over to any comments nd continue with ur ff…nd yah hum humari Crazy ke liye baki sabko crazy bana denge…..

  20. nice post soon

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