Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 28)

lets directly proceed t episode but i ll not be introducing u guys to the usual here v have only twinj and mavi..
all others died in a stagic accident..
how y and all ll be revealed soon..
but the most important part is all 4 stay seperately..

let me tell u before handed u ll be bored for some time..but shocks are also dont try to skips and gup chup pado…SAMZEEE?
so shall ve poceed?
obviooo s..

guys from this episode season-2 starts…but episodes ll be like continuation..


Two legs are moving towards a door…are baba its not any devil story…i mean a guy is moving towards the door..but only his legs are visible..
hes wearing denim..
now camera moves backwards..
his back is visible..
hes wearing a blck jacket..he comes in front of the door..and slightly moves the door..
now his face is visible..
he is none other than our Kunj..nothing is changed hes still as same as before…
dashing handsome hot sizzling..
(burri nazrrr wala sharam karo sharam hes ur jiju / bhai
he has breed now…
he comes inside the room…
and keeps the plate which is in his hand down near the table..
and goes to a lady..
who has a big fat tummy..
he side hugs her..
and says “r u fine?and is my champ fine?”
the lady turns and shes not twinkle ..
but mahi (hahaha!)
m-mama ko bolo ki mumma and his champ both are fine..
K-ooo…tho champ is mumma is fine..even if they din had their breakfast and was ready to skip lunch..
K-yaya..bhuk nahi haogi?right?
K-Mahi i said u so many times yar..
dont stress ur self..have proper food on time..
do u want this champ who has not yet seen the world still to suffer..?
M-no kunj..i dont ..but i was thiking of his dad..when he ll cm what shd v say..if he asks about his dad han?
K-when time comes we ll c..
u are pregent by 5..months… so plz tc of ur self…
vase ek bath puchho?bura tho nahi manooge..
no no actually champ wants to ask..
K-hmm proceed…
M-champ is asking..when ll he get back his mami..?
kunj stays silent for some time..
and avoids eye contact…and says..very soon his mami will be with his mamu…
and ll be playing with him..
and i m sure where ever his mami is there na..
she ll now also be playing ..
M-han playing?
K-yeah..playing some tricks leading to siyappas u c?
both bro sis have a laugh…

M(self talk) meri zindagi tho barbad hochuki hai..i wish now my only family member who is alive..gets his part of happiness…
always some or other circumstances have made my kunj and twinkle apart..
babaji plzz…make them one again..and this time enki doori itni kas ke bandna ki kabi totehi na!

a girl is running all arond in house..
shouting “pakdo pakdo pakdo”
shes having teddy bear(a soft toy) in her hand
and running…all over the hall..
few sevents are also running behind her calling her “choti malkin”

Servent-1:iss pagal ko pakad varna sir aagaye na tho he ll kill us..
Servent-2: say sowly..
no one says her pagal..
shes called as choti malkin

the girl hears their talk..and stops running…
she turns her face..
she pouts….
her hair is tied into 2..plats
shes wearing an elegant long knee length kurta..and legins..
she turns and starts throwing things at them…
“mein pagal nahi”
“tum pagal”
she starts throwing things here and their..
and says..”nahi..mein..nahi..mein pagal nahi….”
just then hearing her screms a guy in formals cms their..
and starts pacifing her..
but she keeps on trmbling..
..”nahi..mein..nahi..mein pagal nahi….”
..”nahi..mein..nahi..mein pagal nahi….”
..”nahi..mein..nahi..mein pagal nahi….”

the guy is none other than Uv..
atlast Uv looses his temper and screems at her..
“twinkle..just shut up..”
twinkle stands still their on listening this…
s the girl is twinkle…who got a shock of her life which resulted her in this condition…
she ran to her room…
UV(self talk)-shit can u do so with ur sister..
shes ur princess…she shd not hurt herself..
uv runs to her room..
he cals her
“Princess where r u..c bhai is sorry…”
twinkle is sitting down her bed..
which was already noticed by Uv..
but he continued…
“twinkle..ur my princess na beta..c i m sorry..i m holding my ears..also plzzzz bhai is sorry for shouting loudly on twinkle”

twinkle slowly kneels down..
and peeps..and c Uv that he is holding his ears..
she shouts..
“bhai ganda ”
“bhai sit ups”

Uv says “oky then c bhai is doing sits plz cm c what bhai is got for his princess..choclates..but ll only give her if she accepts his sorry”

listening the name choclate..
twinkle just jumps on uv…and sits on him…

(their positin- Uv is fallen on ground…by sudden stunt of twinkle..
and twinkle is sitting on Uv ..
heheh! me and all my cousins do same…
so i added this secne..)

she starts wrapping the choclate..
and eats it like a kid…
just imagine eating silk ..which is completely melted..
bas this way only..


Precap-depends on my beja..


hope u liked it..and sorry for short update but u guys must bear it..
i ll uplod daily small small parts..
hope u guys ll co-operate,,


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  1. good twist plz plz make twinkle normal before kunj see her plz

  2. Such a super episode
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  3. Thanks 4 this season 2 di….we’ll so sorry 4 not commenting but u know what …I am loving Vamp Diaries…. U r just awesome….and yes I know u must b thinking who this Shreya is so let me tell u that I am ‘cutie ‘… I hope u got that…di u will make me go crazy some day…u know what apki beech beech Bali bak bak…I love dm tooo

  4. awesomeeeeeee please proceed
    and pleas give updates fast

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  11. It was amazing.. by the way your mail id is wrong.

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  13. Wow ur ff is awesome okay will send u mail soon

    1. Hai my mail I’d is [email protected]

  14. crazy di aapki dimaagi kichadi bahut achi paki hai….lol
    Sorry…u story is judt 2 fab.
    Ctd soon
    Luv u di and ur ff

  15. Fabulous superb story n twist crazy diiii loved it so much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  16. That was really Awesome
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  17. I dint u derstand 1 thing is twinkle havung a memory loss ………nyc part

  18. Wowww yrr Crazy second season is also full of suspense …..loving it..
    Kunj humare jiju ; Bhai r tumhare…..
    badi na insafi hai humlogon ke paap kiya hai ….sahi hai …..par koi nai main bhi kisi aur ko bolke apna satisfaction krlenge..lolllzz.

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