Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 26)

guys i taught of ending as i m feeling that u all are not satisfied by my writing..
but yet many said not to end..and many left decision on me..
actually i got few mails stating that i m not satisfying u guys and not up to exceptations..
but all i can say is just trust me..
i was saying it since day 1..of this ff…but i myself thinking off to it..
decision left to u..
its all on ur support if u guys say then i ll not end and if u guys wish i shd end i ll surly end it on a happy note..
yet accordingly if u guys want me to end ,then this eisode ll be the last one..
and if u guys wish i shd continue let me know…
as if their are no readers then no use of ff..
but guys plzz i m totaly disappointed plzz dont send insane mails which hurt..fine if u dont like the track be frank and say i ll respect u..but using insane words really made me feel bad..

any way lets move to our episode now..


recap-kunj onfronting twinkle..


Kunj and twinkle are left alone..
their is complete silence…

kunj too wanna speak and twinkle too.but their voice is just choked till their trot..

atlast our hero decided to end this silence..

K-Twinkle y..y did u do thism i so bad or m i not worthing ur trust that u dint wish to say me

T-nahi kunj..plz dont say like that..
i dont wanted to hurt u..

K-but u have hurt me..

T-i m sorry kunj..plz i m sorry..
Kunj and twinkle have an eye lock and are fully lost in each other..

K-twinkle i m going tommo..but still i m waiting for u..i dont know now if u ll come with me..but i m waiting till morning..
if their is any change in ur decision let me know..

Twinkle sat their and cried out her heart ..

sahi who watches this comes to her and hugs her..

s-twinkle shall i say u one thing..
but u shd promise me to do that..


S-(dails kunjs number,here kunj pics it )twinkle keep ur hand on ur heart..and close ur eyes..and say me abut kunj..
only which ur heart says..
kunj is listening to their convo..and twinkle does as iinstrtcted…

T-Ab kunj ke bare mein main kahan se shuru karu,wo kabi masuum hai to kabi shaitan, kabi bachho se b jyada ziddi h to kabi ek pyara sa sathi,jab wo muje dekhta h to aisa lagta h k main sabse khubsurat hun,jab pyar karta hai to ankh bhar aati hai,wo mujhe ehsaas dilata hai ki main sirf uske liye bani hun aur wo sirf mere liye,main usse bahut pyar krti hun,ek din ke liye nahi,ek pal k liye nahi zindagi bhar k liye.

and suddenly opens her eyes..
and finds kunj their..who has tears in her eyes…
she huridly hugs him and says sorry
they both hug each other..
they too dont know for how much time did they do it..

T-i m sorry..plz dont lev e..
K-never..and by the way sanorita…bade bade desho mein esi choti choti bathe toh hoti rehti hai ri8?

and u know na..
ki Itni shidaat se main tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai, hi har zaare ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai. Kehte hain ki..Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

T-copy cat..kabhi khod ki bhi toh dialogues bola karo(copy cat some times use ur own dialogues too)

Duniya mein kitni hai nafratein … phir bhi dilon mein hai chahatein … mar bhi jaaye pyar waale … mitt bhi jaaye yaar waale … zinda rehti unki mohabbatein
(There is so much hatred in the world … but still there is love in the hearts … even if the people you love die, and your friends disappear … their love always remains alive)

and hug each other..


so this was it..
a happy ending..
but if u want me to continue do say..
i ll think and let u guys know..
thanku for always supporting me..


contact me at [email protected]

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  1. Please don’t stop writing!!! I love your ff. I might not be a regular commenter of your ff but I read all your episodes without fail. I look forward to them a lot! Please don’t stop. With Sidhant leaving TEI, it is all these ffs that keep kunj living in our memories! Please don’t take that away. I truly support your writing. Kindly continue to write 🙂 Cheers and lots of love xoxo

  2. crazy surely if i had that doeremons anywhere door i would have come to ur house n gave uh tight one srsly plssssssss dont end this ff re plssssssss post asap n if uh want to end this ff then end in 30 epis n start a new one bt plssss write twinj ff plsssss

  3. Pls don’t stop writing love it as usual

  4. plsssssssssss dont end the ff plssssss crazy i love ur ff so much otherwise atleast start anew ff of twinj…

  5. I support u plz dnt stop the ff…i love ur ff so much

  6. no way of ending it
    pleaseeeeee continue
    at least make 1000000000000 epi yaar
    u are our crazy sis so u have to continue this
    we love your bak bak and ff too
    if u want to give me a heart attack then u can end it and if u thought us to be ypur friend then u have to continue it
    crazy tuze meri kassam (jayada filmy ho gaya na) es ff ko mat khatam kar
    kripa kar crazy
    at last pleaseeeeeeeee crazy don’t end it

    1. no way of ending it
      pleaseeeeee continue
      at least make 1000000000000 epi yaar
      u are our crazy sis so u have to continue this
      we love your bak bak and ff too
      if u want to give me a heart attack then u can end it and if u thought us to be your friend then u have to continue it
      crazy tuze meri kassam (jayada filmy ho gaya na) es ff ko mat khatam kar
      kripa kar crazy
      at last pleaseeeeeeeee crazy don’t end it

  7. plzzz continue!!!!!! pretty plzz……just luv it

  8. the song duniya me kitni hai nafrte……. is my fav.. i was a silent reader but the moment i read the song i just coundnt resist so i commented coz it makes me remember of some1……………………. now enef of my emotinal drama back to ur story ……………………….i have never read a story like this ……… it was so awes and amezing ……………….ucant even imegine i am going 2 miss this like hellllllllllll…… and belive me ending so so so good it was like proper happy ending at last CRAZY going to miss u and ur loads love u drrrr

  9. Crazy di ….its a request don’t stop this ff ….I luv it 2 the cube of infinity…..u r a fabulous writer….bcoz of sum people don’t doubt it….there r many more who luv this ff….and always u can improve it if anyone wants…di plz its a request from u r fan.i would infact request u to give suggestions 4 my ff.
    Luv u loads di

  10. Hey crazy plzzz do update next part
    N the episode was osum as always
    But plzzz don’t mind some comments…instead look forward for the supporting ones

  11. crazy dare uf u end it…… have patience dude….. let me tell u my experience…. wen i started my ff….. i still renmeber i only got 10 cmnts in the beginning……it was my epi 31 i got 20 cmnts for the first tym….. i was soooo happy….. u knw there r many manyyyy silent reader of yr ff….. smtyms we feel bore to cmnt na…. but tht doesnt means tht we dont like yr ff…… so plsssssss dont loose hope na…. plsssss plssssss contunue yaar……. ur ff is srsly a unique 1 nd its always an honour for me to read it….. so its my order to continue wid it…… but still if u feel to end it then u should definately cm up wid a new ff….. orelse i wont forgive u….. i love u yaar….. bd yr ff toh i can die for it………. thoda zyada ho gaya na….. sorry….. so let me hst summarise


  12. Sidmin(twinj)

    Crazy plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end ur ff…atleast complete half century plzzzzzzzzzzzz…ur ff s one of my fav ffs…every single sec min I wait fr ur ff…plzzzzzzz don’t end I beg u…u hv to cont til 50 epi…plz don’t disappoint us…

  13. Hey….I’m a silent reader…ur ff is just osum….n….plzzz….plzzz….plzzz…don’t end dis ff….dis soon…..

  14. crazy iam craziest fan of your ff please continue I really loved your writing skills and ya to b frank tei writers should take tuitions from you please don’t stop

  15. Hey, crazy pls dnt end ur ff …… it is jst superb yaar ……. i rly love ur ff from d core …… pls continue it ……

  16. Plz plz plzzzzz cont asap plzzzzzzzzz n btw epi ws amazing

  17. Pls dont stop writing crazy….from introduction to this episode I read everything and belive me I am a silent reader who commented first time to yours and one more ff pls pls don’t stop writing if you read someone’s mail and decided to stop then we are also requesting don’t stop writing…..

  18. Plz donot stop writing yr….u r brilliant….really loved your ff…plz continue yr

  19. I wanted you to continue.. please don’t end it.. and, the episode was fabulous.

  20. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz donttttttttt stoppppppppppp i lv urrrrrrr ff yaa yaa i knowwwwwwwwwwww i dont cmnt on ur ff infact in any ff but must say u all r d besttttttttttt
    lv u plzzzz dont stoppp

  21. Hav u gone crazy actually u r as u kept ur name as crazy u can write a lot more aftr dis bt no u want to end na y u doing dis i lov ur ff itne jaldi khatam karne sochna b mat lekin already soch liya hai tumne plzzzzzzzzxz continue dont end

  22. Hey crazy love ur ff a lot will miss it a lot u r just awesome u rock and please continue if possible

  23. Pls don’t complete it pls I can’t tip this much pls understand in this short request pls

  24. Pls. Don’t end it yaar.u r an awesome writer

  25. hey di , thats not fair . every body cant like a ff . even sometimes we dont like the stories of many great writers , that does not mean that they will remain great no longer , and they will stop writing . so dont give attention to them , they dont know how to praise . we all love it . so bcs of some ppl u should not end this ff . and u r our crazy di , why r u being so emotional . dont be like dis . be the crazy one who alaways do bak bak

  26. plz plz plz plz.. plz I’ve already cried a lot for sidhant sir’s exit from the show.. don’t make me cry again by ending this ff here.. I just love ur writing skills.. The twist and turns.. They r just awesome.. Plz I literally beg u to plz not stop writing this ff plz continue.. I hope u will think of ur fans.. N continue this ff plz.. Plz do continue

  27. Noooooooooooo a big noooooooo ……don’t end it yrr plzzz ..ur ff is so good yrrr ….I know comments encourage writers to write more but plzzz just because of less comments ur ending ur ff is not justified…
    And yes let me tell u crazy…abhi tak to tum crazy ho agar ye ff end kra na toh main tumse zayada crazy ho jaong….I will surely held a protest to stop u from ending it …so dare not to think about it…..plzzz… dekho main dhumki bhi kitne pyar se deti hoon… love u

  28. Crazy …..pls don’t stop writing…. Get encouragment from positive ones….pls continue to write…

  29. I hate u just get lost OK…..
    Hate. Uuuuuuu

  30. Aishwarya (twinj fan)

    Pls dont stop the ff

  31. You dare not end this ff!!!!!! Crazy r u crazy??? U no nah tht this ff is one of my fav plzz donttt leave yaarr!!!! ???? i dare u not to plzz plZ plzz plzz its continue di!!!! Plzz don’t leave us .. Then my heart will shatter for real like hw zeetv made sidhant come out of tei 🙁 plzz continue its a demand tht i must see twinj love strategy muss b uploaded on TU by the time im back !!

  32. Don’t ever think of ending this ff…. There will be critics for every piece of work.. But u should think only about ur readers who enjoy reading ur ff… Ur ff brings smile to many people when u post it… Plzzzzzzzzz don not end is my humble request.. Continue this ff… If u stop writing this ff I will be really disappointed to the core…. Do continue…

  33. Oky oky oky I m not ending it..
    Now plzz stop making me emotional…
    I ll try till half century oky!

  34. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    plz continue ur ff…plz….plz….

  35. Yaar pehle kunj gaya ab tumhara ff bhi noooooo……..
    Pls!!!!!!!!! Don’t end it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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