Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 25)


hai all..thinking t end ff..any way all decision lies on uguys…
want me to end it or no is left to u..
i m feeling as if u guys are not likeing it..
so i think next epside may be last one..
and if u want me to continue i ll for sure try too..


recap-mastii and fun and torchr for kunj..

A new day a new start..
K-“it is said that when a new day begin a new life begins..v get a new reason to liv..i dont know y twinkle but i feel i ll have u back soon..i wish u loved me..i wish u could say me that u too ove me..”
he sees a pic of his twinkles and ariyas..
the one that they had took during their shopping and smiles seeing it and kisses it..

other side twinkle wakes up..
her eyes are red swollen..
she goes to her drawer she takes the locket from her has a hidden key..she open the drawer by it..
she has many pics of hers and kunjs and many of their families..
she takes a pic of kunj..
and says
Sari duniya pyar mein padi hui hai … sirf ek mujhe hi haq nahi hai? … ki main kisi se pyar kar sakun, koi mujhse pyar kar sake … kyun?
(The whole world is in love … and only I don’t have the right? … that I can love someone, someone can love me … why?)
she wipes her tears..
and continues..
nahi twinkle u cant becm week like this..dont forget u did all this only for ur love ur unj..
to save him from bad eves..
suddenly her eyes fall on a pic..
thee pic description-
kunj was on knees and handlg offa bouquet of bunch of flowers to twinkle..
she had wore a blood colour gown..and mr sarna wore a white blazer..
sourounded by them was a big heart made up of rose pettals….
(some what imagine swasan propse..not sure if it wasi m 90% sure ki it was like this…any way imagine that guys)
(now most happning thing)

—– * —– * — * FLASHBACK * — * —– * —–

twinkle had decidede to free kunj from this unwanted realation..
as they were bound as frnds only..but she had started feeling for him..
so she decided to let kunj stay happy ..
on the other side kunj was preparing to propose twinkle..but to his utter astonishment when he reachd home..and as he ran to his room he got a letter of twinkle..
he saw his watch it was 6 ..
he enquired in airport railwaystation and few busstops too..
at last being full to helpless went to seek the help of god..
and he saw their was his twinkle crying their…
he had tears of anger love passion ..
he huridly went and hugged her..
and tigtend his grip..
twinkle was so shock that to recollect what had happend she dint even get the time..
so she just stood numb…
k-tuzse duur hona mere liye mazak nahi hai..tu kisi problm mein ho vo mazak nahi hi..
tere sath shadi karke laga ek dost ka sath nibha raha hun..u know when u did that karvachauth and all..i too starved for u..
t-what?but y?
K-pata nahi kyun..but laga ki tere liye b fast karun..
i was mad..
i still dint get it..
bath palle hi nahi padi yar..
do u know 1 long day =24 hours=60*24 min…
i was fasting i dint had pani puri also and still bath palle hi nhi padi yar..
i was duffer..hai na?
K-chupp i din complete still..
k-puri duniya samaz gayi but mein nahi samja..meri need udd gaye thi yar..
socha sleeping pills le kun..phir i got to remember ur state when u took sleeping pills..
i cant die atlest having not conveying my love to u..
kyun asa kiya tune..
u know i was so happy when i was a bachler..
i was free bired….n now…even before driving my bike or car i get scared what would happen to u if i…
T-nahi plz dont say such words kunj..
K-ajj mat rok muze…
i wont say any hazzy filmy dialogues..
but yeah i ll say that i want u to be mine..
will u lend me this happiness…?
Pyar dosti hai … agar tu meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta … kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin … simple, pyar dosti hai
and i know v are best frnds so will u lend me to be ur hubby now..

(love is friendship … if she can’t be my best friend, then I cannot fall in love with her … because love cannot happen without friendship … simple, love is friendship)

T-s kunj i love u..
i dont need any certificate and all..
i loved u since long..and taught ki u dont love me and consider me as ur bst
and whats my mistake..
han u only alwys kept blundering all that i m ur best frnd best frnd..
choodoo sabb now i m happy that v are one..
not as just frnds but as a loving [parters..
hai na..

duo hugged and parted away…

Flashback ends…


t-i still love u kunj but i acnt convey u.
K-y twinkle(s guys kunj heard all her saysing)
K-this ..exactly twinkle..this silence kills me..
u never speak and listen to wts good for u..but u do listen to blunders that u dont have to..
are u happy?
say me..
no..u wont say let me say u..
u are not happy..
nor m i..
our kid twinkle..
hamari masumm si bacchiii..
is not happy..
she wants her mumma and pappa
to b one..but wt that lil girl know han..
that(is interrupted)

nene-wts going on mr sarna..
all kids too gather their..
T-plz u all lev
K-no none ll lev from here..
and dare u move from the place…
T-kunj plzz…its btwn us..
K-exactly..if it was btwn us..then y dint u approach me when u took this nasty decision..?
han bol twinkle..
(just then sahil also jins them..and is utter shockd to c kunj their..and more shckd llistening kunj calling her twinkle)(hope u remember that twinkle changed her identity to ruhi)
K-and now i want answer…
for a stupid superstition u left ur family..
did u ever think wt maa would have felt..
leela maa ..uv mahi dii wht i had felt..
wait is it that u never loved me only…i was nothing to u na twinkle..
T-nahi kunj..its..
K-its like that only u left me..
i had said u that these superstiton is hasty thing..
T-its not hasty thing kunj its not..
i once listnd to u..and v lost our kid kunj..
that kid which i carried for 9 months..our symbol of love kunj..its no more..
how can i forget it..
it was just of 3 months 12 days kunj..
just small one..
u know it smiled when we both were with it…
and it took off..
i listnd to u and did it..
but later u again met with accident..
and then u know…
K-i just know is u love me..
he cups her face and continues
“Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hoti hai … har mod aasaan nahi hota, har mod par khushi nahi hoti … par jab hum zindagi ka saath nahi chhodte … phir mohabbat ka saath kyun chhodein”
(Love is like life … every corner is not easy, every corner doesn’t bring happiness … but when we don’t leave life alone … then why should we leave love alone)
twinkle had tears in her eyes…

———- * Kunj to him self * ———- plan to confront her is working..
i m on right track..i have to make her confess by her self…and get her out of this pit os superstition.. coz i know

“Tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho bahut pyar, lekin kahogi nahi … tadapogi mere bagair lekin jataogi nahi … mere paas aana chahti ho, seene se lagke rona chahti ho, dil mein rehna chahti ho lekin rahogi nahi … lekin main tumhari tarah nahi hoon … main toh reh hi nahi sakta yeh kahe bina ki mujhe tumse pyar hai hai”
(You also love me very much, but you won’t say that … you’ll wriggle without me but you won’t show that … you want to come to me, you want to hug me and cry, you want to stay in my heart but you won’t stay … but I’m not like you … I can’t live without saying that I love you)
and now m more determind ziddi wala ur sadu sarna..
and twinkles kunj know how to get his siyappa queen back..
and now just watch how i ll get u..


K-u know what? now i fed up of i m fed up of telling u asking u to not do these nasty things..
first car thrashing..
and then this..
now its just enugh…
i m leving u now..
do what ever u fell to..
i m going back to my family..
which was also once urs..
and now u ur self left it..
now i m leving..if u feel like cmming be ready ..

Sahi(interrupts them)-enough..
stop it i said stop it..
y are u troubling her..
if she doesnt want to plz dont foce her..
and twinkii plz dont stress ur self..its not good for ur health…
u have promised me na..u reembr plz no stress no tensin..
and u mr sarna…pz stop..

K-who are u to say this.i m talking to my wife…
to the lady whos child is waiting for day and night to meet me…

S-i m her brothr..sahil malhotra..
and have more right then u..
got it..
and what u think she is just doing it cz of that supersttion..han?
T-sahil plz..
S-no i wont stop today…
she just wants u guys to lestn ur pain…
she has brain tumer..
doc just gave the chance of 10% of her survival..
T-kunj..i m sorry…
K-twinkle how could u hide it..from me..?
t-i m sorry kunj..i cant let u i went that u acn stay happy and ll get less pain if i..
K-no plz dont say it..
we ll lev for home tommo..
S-actually mr sarna..
her operation is after 2 days..
i have consened best doc..
so plz..

precap-twinkle and kunj secnes

how amny cried reading it?
i did it when i wasso asked..
silliy me…..
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Credit to: crazy

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