Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 24)

Hope u enjoy it..!
In last episode we saw the mastii of devils..


while swara was explaining all things to nene..and our handsm hunk boiling in anger..
they heard a satak sound..
all turned to look at the direction of sound..
and everyone were shockd.. was twinkle who rushed in the devils..
as she got to know that these were up to something..
n in the process of comming down..
our chubby girl slipped and fell..
matlab..not more ..she slipped and she sat on ground in tadak…
and some water of splashd on to her face..
l=seeing this..kunj waa not able to ctrl in laughter..
where as our kids and nene were worried..for her..
kunj started laughing..
k-siyappa queen hamesha siyapaa queen hi rahegi(siyyapa queen will always stay siyappa quee only)
tu kab sudregi yar?kids u are really great..
i m sure all these tricks this siyappa queen only had taught u…
n c tit for tat..
and again starts laughing…
T-whos he..
K-(listening this pin drp silence)
T-i dont know u mr sarna..we now just have 1 relation ship..that is ur owner of this house which i have took at rent..

just then another satak…
this time a whole bucket of water was splashed on kunj ..
and the one laughing on them was swara and kush..
S-u laughed on her na..
Kush-so ab shisab barabar..
come didi lets go ..
S-and u mister..u might be owner of this house but its only it..
if u try to snatch it na then
Misha-yeah toh bass trailer tha..
Golu-picture tho abhi
Priya-baki hai..
all lev kunj in a devastd and shocked state..
Priya-(all had left only priya was their..)bbefore u life gets hell here plz lev from here sir..and u ll pay more for laughing on our dii..

kunj settled in ..his room..
K-uff these are the biggest devils i have ever met..
but thing is clear twinkle and these 5 devils share a very good bond..
abb twinkle ko patanekeliya inko patana hoga..
nene-Mr Sarna..lunch ll be ready in sometime..
would u wish to join us or will u like to have it in ur room..
K-with all..if they dont mind..
Kush-we mind so plz dont mind..
K-and y do u mind..?
challo lets compro..
Kush-never…ever dream of it..
the one who makes our dii cry z our enemy…
and coz of u she wasted her tears..

all our gathered..
in hall..
kids our having their lunch..
twinkle is also having her lunch and simultaneously feeding priya..
T-priya beta dont plzy and first have ur lunch..
P-han han didi..dont worry..
Kush(leening close to swara)-kam hogaya ?
swara-han done..

just then kunj comes and sits with all..
K-so wts for lunch..
T-y did u cm here Mr sarna..
i mean we would have sent it to ur room..
K-we all will have to gether..
T-i ll bring ur lunch..
K-(holds her hands)we can have in same plate…after all we are meeting after so many days twinkle..
and yeah tu bar bar mr sarna mr sarnna kyun kehrahi hai..
i m kunj..
nene-u both know each other?
K-very well..
how much i know abt her na may be she herself dont know abt herr and vicevera..
after all we shared bond of..
T-i ll get lunch..
Swara-no dii..u sit..u din had anything…and if again u ll fall sick na then big devil ll eat us..
i ll get it.
T-big devil seriously..?he loves u all so much and ur saying so for him..
Mishu-but he loves u aso na..and that too so much even small cut on ur hand makes him scared…
and still he dont know abut this incident…so
T-achha achha oky..go and get it..

In kitchen..
S-(immitates kunj)”how much i know abt her na may be she herself dont know abt herr and vicevera..”..
bada aya sahil bhaiya ki jaga if hes her lover boy…
wait and watch…mr akdu how we all are going to welcm u..

shhe mixes somethng and says..
abb yeah ghode(horse) se bhi tezz doodega..

@dining all..
all are having lunch..
when suddenly..
kunj feels something..
and excuses him self and runs to washroom(hope u all understood..hehehe
imagine salman Khans halat in Andaz apna apna..when amir khan did so with him)
twinkle gets worried…
for him..
as he come sto dinning table and then again run..
she looks at kids..
T-what did u do with him..
Sw-nothing dii..i just gave the food..which was inside..
thats it..
T-(tries to get up)..and puts heavy steps ..
S-dii wru going?plz satay here u r anckel has sprain na?
t-just shut..
twinkle goes to kunjs room..
(now kunjs tummy is in stable state)
K-is completely..exasted..he sits on bed and sleeps their..
twinkle removes his shos and socks slowly and makes him lie on bed properly…
covers him with blanket..
kisses his forehead and stares him lovinly…


Precap-truth abt sahils mystry out..

sorry for short episode and late update..
i had said u na ..that what happened with my home ..
so guys just a small episode as u all were insisting..

and guys plz suggest me some pairs for my another ff..
i m ending this ff soon and ll wrk on that ff..
by tuesday i ll b back to india..
fir mastii and ff dhamal will b double…

challa cu…tatta
hope u liked it..
tho i know u dint..


Hai guys another imp thing few of the twiraj fans asked me to write a ff on twiraj..
Actually they had mailed me
I dont mind writing but support must be their
Plz chk in ur cmmnts ifvu all want
Its only coz u guys insisted oky..

contact details- [email protected]


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