Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 23)

HAi..all..actually today no more bak bak..
but let me clear ur douts..
many asked twinkle lost her memory..
so guys remember..
on the 1 &2 eisodes i said u..
twinkle was found injured while kunj and his pa saw her and then u know..
any way later on kunj was upset as he din know where his twinkle was but he found her he was happiest..
later twinkle din remember anything..
but as she was in kunjs room only..

she woke up at mid night..
firstly she was shockd to see her self sleeping with a man…
but when she saw her pics with her family..she taught herself as his wife..
then u know further !

yet if u want in detail..then do read the episodes of “TWINJ LOVE STRATEGY”


so hope ur douts are cleard!
now lets move to our episode..before that let me give u a small recap

in last episode we saw that twinkle is with sahil..
whos sahil is not yet revealed
but twinkle has changed her identity shes ruhi now!

and kunj atlast found twnkle and is dermid to get her back by hook or by crook…
and then mend her later with his love..
as he trusts their lov!



A new day…
twinkle is on call…
T-kya?but how can this happen?it belongs to ..!
sahil i..i dont care..i want my kids to be safe..
so plzzzz
S-shhuhhh! twinkle plzzz..dont take tension it may effect ur health..
so plz…and i m there na?i ll make all fine..
trust me..!
T-i trust u..but plzz..

Twinkles POV-
I have already lost my home my family my everything..
i cant do it again..
i have to find out the new owner of the house who has ordered us to vacant the place..
i shd meet him..
but hoow..

her trains of taughts cm to end when all the ids run and hug her..
kids 2gether-we ll not let him stay happily here..
s-here c we read the letter of notice..
P-dont worrry dii..we all are one..
and ll be one..and teach him a lesson whos trying to break our house…
twinkle hugs them…

kunj ‘s POV
atlast i ll be with my twinkle..and in thse comming month..i ll make her realise all the things..
and so..Mrs kunj sarna..get ready..for the new upcomming phase of ur life..
and that bastrd..ur new husband..
kys naam hai uska?
han Sahil Malhotra..he changed ur name ur identity to Ruhi malhotra na?
he ll be my first target
i ll kick his A*s and get him out of ur life..
and then u ll be back to me..

pov ends!

k-reena!..u know what to do na?
R-s..sir but are u sure..!
K-yes..i m sure..u just do the givn work..
R-oy sir..
(she levs his cabin..but soon cms back)
R-u want me to give any msg to mam?
K-say her love her..and miss her to..especially ariya…

(reena smiles and levs)

Kunjs pov..
Shit man how could i forget i have my trump card to get back my twinkle..
s its ariya…
whom twinkle loves…a lot..
if ariiya would ask her she will cm back with n fraction of seconds…
but i want her to cm back for our love..

Ding dong!
twinkle open the door…
and finds reena..their…
R-mam u and here?
T-yeah..anyway cm in…
R-thanku mam..
T-have a seat..
rammu kaka plz get some snacks and coffee for her..
Swars-u know her?
is she the one who is taking our home
T-shes my frnd..
R-beta..the home in which u are staying is my sir..the person with whom i work…
u know beta hes very good persn y dont u talk to him once he ll surly agree to u..
any way hes cmming tommo @10 in morning..
u guys convince him..
T-so kunj is …
i mean ..
R-s mam…he has changed a lot…
he is more sadu than befor..
btwn how is ariya?
Golu-whos she reena didi
T-shes also a kid like challo run..go and do ur homework…
so that tommo is weekend..we can go out…
but only if u finish ur h/w
Kids-oky diiii
T-she s fine..
R-mam..fine i ll lev…now..i cme to cnvy this msg only…
T-does he know i stay here?
R-ni dont know abut it..
but if he knew he wold be here not i…
coz he misses u so much…
reena levs and twinkle starts crying…
T-y god y….are u playing with me..
whats ur wish(obvio ki she meets kunj and then happy ending)
y u do it with me..i run away…and u make me stand again on same place from where i started..
shail plz cm back i miss u..i need u right
but i shd not lev..or bcm week..for my kids…i shd stay strong..
kunj sarna is no one for me..
no one..
hes just a stranger to me..just a stranger..

secne-3 (bachha party)
Swara-climbs on the bed..
takes a new paper rools it like a mike..
and starts her drama..
“hello everyone..u know na y are v gathered here…?”
S-so that we teach the person a lesson..coz of him our twinkle dii cried na?
now shall i make him fall..
Kush-s u r right..we ll make a plan…
infact i and swara have already made the plan..
now listen to her carefully…
Pari-but dii ll feel bad if v ..
Mishu-stop it..oky..hes the one who made her he ll shd the tears of blood…
Golu-wowww…diii kys dialogue hai..
(plan discusssed in mute)

next day…
twinkle is seen still sleeping..
uff her beaty sleep…
swara with tiny tiny small steps cm inside her room..
Sw-hmmm..good that she is sleeping..
Kush-kya huva..shes sleeping for such long time..?
S-i made her like that..if she is awake she wont let us execute our plan…na so..
Kush-hmm but how..?
Sw-u know jaiphal(in marathi they call this fruit so…if exceesed a lot the person sleeps for hours together,,
say it with experience..
a girl near my home slept for 18 hrs..)
i mixed it in milk..dont worry its not dangerous to health…
just that it makes person sleep more..
kush-hmm oky..
lets go now..others have made all arrangements…
and v shd chk them..
Sw-oky bosss!

secne shifts..
its shown that a car cm and stands infront of the villa…
a person get down and hes so so hot na i tell u guys..
its none other than our charming handsome kunj sarna..
with a wiked smile..
all kids are in balcony watching him…
M-yar hes so handsm..
but handsm hona ka kya faida if u heart is only not good..
S-s..nowget ready u fool u donkey..u monkey..

kunj enters the villa..
he rings the bell..but no one opens the door..
he sligtly..pushes it..
to his amusment it gets open…
but its too dark their…
he steps in..
and pachakkkkk
(now whats it right read further to c more)
Kunj-ewwww….what d hell..i m sure its siyapp queens plan..
but what did i step in..
and y d smell is like gobar…?

Kush-how fool he is na..
he kept his leg in gobarr and still it gobar(cowdung)
golu-abbhi toh picture back hai mere dost…
pari-hes not our dost hes our dushman..
say dushman..
Mishu-wow..di ki chamchi..can speak too..i m loving this..
Sw-stop and see further..

Kunj-now where are these lights..
he sees a rope like something their..
e goes to it..
and says may be..its fan…(table fan like something guys i saw in movies)
he pulls obvio Ac was not on…and he was feelinh hot..
(khud munda itna hot hai and hes feeling hot…hahaha!)

and then again pachak….

sw-what was that…?
it was not planned right..?
Pari-sorry swara diii..
i did it..!
Sw-u..but what..its smelling stinky…yar..
i too wanted to teach him a lesson..
so i prepared haif boiled noodles..yeasterday..night..
and kept it in open..
fungii(a type of fungus…)attacked it..and so it smells bad too..i studied in science abut it..
then i added differnt ketchep..and what not and made it..
Kush-awwwww…my pari is just awsom..
now he ll know many things…

kunj at last closes his eyes…and strews in teeths…
where the hll are these lights now..
and cm on yar its 10:30 in morning..
i dont get it..
y its so dark in this home!
he starts walking…
(guys kunj has needels hanging on his head like hair..
remember lasit malinga ,srilankan bowler..yup like that but kunj has a bit longer one hanging…
imagin him hehehe)

he starts walking further and suddenly falls down..
its kids who tied a rope their to make him fall..

he hears some kids noise gigling and laughing..
and walk to it…

he sees all 5 kids sitting under a dinning table…
and gigling…
he stands their…with his hands crossed on his chest..
Kunj-so u are the one..who did it..
dint ur parents taught u how to behave..

“u dont need to teach them how to behave a voice choks “,a lady in 40s cm their…
(i know u taught it twinkle…hehehheh!)

kids-margaye nene..
nene-whos plan was this…is it a way to trouble them…
and i just went on lev for 3 days..and u guys
sorry for the inconvience mr sarna…
but they are kids..
Kunj-kids my foot….these are devils..
kidsstart to laugh…
Kunj-did i do any joke that u all are laughing..
nene-stop it..i asked u soory na..then finished…
so plzz..dont scold them..if kids dont to mischiv then who ll..
sw-lev him..nene..
nene-whos plan was this..
swara point at kush..kush at mishu..mishu at golu and finally golu at pari..
and before pari could point to swra..a alarm rings…
nene-y is alarm rining at this nuck time…
and wr s ruhi..did u do something to her?
Kunj gets a smile on his face listening ruhi…
but gets scard..seeing kids beding their heads..he gets more scared..
swara narrates all just then bang…satak…a noice is heard..


precap-u ll know it soon..

so how was it?did u guys liked it..


first and formost i thank all my ff reader (silent + vilnt) heheh!
for supporting ..
i know u like this ff but din knew u love the beast ff also..
as i made kunjs character very worst their..i taught u may not like it..
any way i small shock to u guys..
m gonna END one of my ff..which and all guesses left to u..

now comming up further a big gratitude to my sister com bf..
s its just 4 days we are chatting..
though i was in airport waiting for my flight…when u said me “hii”
c i too remember..
i remeber this too..that i sent u pics of airport..
and din knew u ll mend up with me so easily ..
coz litrally i m called physco coz of my antics…by my frnds..
unknowingly…i ment with u..and did many physco funny carzy things..
and dont forget i m a vamp not chudail heheheh!
tq so much dear for making up my mood by writing thaat short story…

to contact me [email protected]

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  1. obviously u r going to end this one coz u have started the beast one jst nw so i think this one btw kids r really devils i agree wid kunj

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    1. Yup o m n NY n I m a Marathi
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