Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 22)


well how cool thing na..
i completed 20 tho banti hai..



any way i m disappointed guys its a bad thing i observed many people accusing bashing critisizng n wt not on sid..i mean cm on..he such a versatile actor u cant judge him when ur not actually an one..n more over do u know how much he works hards or rather any actor works ver hard and only gems know the meaning of another gems..
so sid if at all ur reading the ff..(knowing u r not)
ur as precious as a gem to me to ur fans or even more than that..
so plz so called sid haters and get back ur fi*h sorry for using such word but truly u are f**kingly irrtating us..
stop bashing him and go get a life..
like kunj r no is left to u but when it comes on sid..
come front of me and tell this then c…i ll crash ur bones..
i mind my saying..
i m karate black belt…
ur most welcmd here..

and yeah also took boxing coaching for a month…
cm here babs i ll show u wht i can do if u agin bash sid..
v too din like the charter UV ..but v loved zain..
v never bashed him..
so u better not..
get a a*h man…
stop the nonsence

and guys i think tei news of killing the character of kunj is better than replacement..
coz we cant imagine anyone else on verge of kunjs charcter coz sid is all perfect..
any way me and one of another fan girl..
(actually its her idea not mine) just my ff is medium to let the msg out…(as i feel many read this ff)
..i know i m bosting my self by saying so..but truly i feel so..heheeheh)
we think that the best support to the star is the fan..
so y not send them letters..
just a suggestion..
but yeah guys if at all this idea dont work…then plzzz..
dont get sad..

trust ur sid..
he might have took this dicision of quiting tei with a valid reason coz u know na how much he loves his fans..
infact many times he proved it too..
plzzz trust him and dont critize the actor..

sorry if i have hurted any throw ur cmmnts on the view
bad or good…


Now enough of my bak bak lets go straight to my ff..

twinj secret or better say khulasa is revealed

guys from now on mastii episode to begin hope u all will enjoy it..
and yeah those few secnes whicch i left will also be covered..

now lets move a bit fast forward..
kunj is still searching twinkle in different ashrams as uv had not given him the correct address…
twinkle and sahil had reached their home…
now the point comes is..
who is sahil..

and all guys i m in verge of seperating twinj for some time..
n if sahil is villan or not a villan is left to u!
any way u ll get to know abut him soon…

(now lets cm with the new avtars of our charaters..
kunj is bread man now..
bechara devdas bangaya..
twinkle is changed fully..
she puts a pony tail a high one..
long hanging ear rings..a perl one…
long straight cut top…and legins..

and now say me whome u want sahil to be..?
i mean who shd potray his charcter in my ff?
do say me han..)

and yeah guys i know i m irritating u already..coz u r waiting for episode and me doing bak bak but kya karun adat se majborrr…

ufff i forgot wht i awanted to say lev if i remember i ll tell u in between lets move to story..

han i rembered…now ff will start a fresh matlab u shd keep the previous story in ur head not like forgetting it..
i m saying something like..
twinkle knows kunj and kunjs knows twinkle..
but to world both dont know each other..
ufff m i confusing u guys?
lev na yar u read u ll get to know what i mean)


a girl is shown in a big kitchen instructing everyone to do their work…
i mean to cheif(kitken mein aur kon hoga)

then she calls out loud
“devils get up…”

she doest not get the reply..
so she turns back(s its twinkle….mrs sarna uffss she not twinkle shes ruhi)

(hai guys for now i ll refer her twinkle + ruhi..
i ll refer her as T(R)..oky..
so plz if by mistake i refer her only ruhi or twinkle then understand they are one and the same)

T(R)-uff these kids l make me crazy..
devils..badmasshhhh…get up..else i ll cm their…..

twinkle enters a huge room..
with a very big bed ..
few members are sleeping their(kids han)..
she pushes the door…
and walks forward..
and then tadak….
twinkle on bed and kids laughing very badly…rooling on ground…

T-u devils…
just then another damaka…
all kids on twinkle..
tikling her…

pari beta save me plzzz….ur my sweetheart na then save me na beta….

“dont u dare dii ki chamchiii..”a voice chok from back…
all 4 kids on twinkle…
and a small girl just standing their..
pleeding all 4 to let her free…
later all lev twinkle and hug them…
diiiv missed u..
so we gave u punishment,,,,,
all kids scremt together….

now let me introduce u to these bachha party…

pari the smallest kid here…(guys plz i wont say any age and all..and more over asking age of anyone is bad manners)

golu..the kumbkaran in eating and sleepingg…

swara..the naughty kid…

mishu..a big flirt at such a small age..

kush..another guy..whos the handsomest one…

Twinkle gives them a tight hug..
and says missed u all toooo..
just then their is a beep…on twinkles cell..
“bhai calling”
she says bachhaparty challo..
now get up and yeah get ready fast…
today is special breakfast..
and yeah some ne special guest is comming in the evening..
so get ready…
and yeah bhai is also comming..
mishu-wow…diii..i just love uv..
Pari-respect him…i know hes ur crush but respect atlest say him we do..
golu-s..n u r saying it infront of his sister..
very bad..
mishu-uff….comeone guys..
when uv only knows that i love him..then whats ur problem..
jelous han?
and he himself asked me to call me by his name..
kush-uff these girls…dont get it y are they back of boys so much..
i know we are handsome hot and goodlooking..

but u shd control it..
twinkle remembers kunj saying this get tears..
she composes her self..
and says that now stop ..and did u notice swara already went for bath..and u guys are strugling here..
swara ki bachiii open the door….

kidoss start their nok-jok..and twinkle levs to receive the call..
T-han bahi..all are good na?
U-s..actually u said na ki u want to talk to..
T-fist say me did u save my number by…?
U-s dont worry..i have saved as MRS Ruhi..

U-u mightchange ur name twinkle but dont forget ur identity is only with kunj..
T-how are all..
U-mom and maa misses u..
bebe cries still like b4..
ariya is still sick..but know after she meets u today..she ll be all fine…
and yeah i wanted to say u..
i got promoted i mean soon to be promoted..
tto be dad…
T-what u mean bhbhi is?
i m so happy bAi..
T-and how are others…?
U-all servents are also good..
ur things are also good..
ur clothes are kept in proper place..

U-nd what twinkle..
T-are u not missing some one?
U-me…ohh jennie aunty.. na?
shes too missing u..
U-y dont u directly ask hows kunj?
T-no i dont ask about him..!
U-he again became life less..rude and the kunj sarna..
y dont u lev ur zidd..
T-vo ariya…
U-yeah shes sleeping peacefully..
dont woory…

a man is shown atlast twinkle at last i found u..
and i very well know u wont cm to me back so easily..
but dont woory mai bhi twinkle sarna ka pati hun..
if ur adment then i m super adment..
he turns..
and its revealed to be kunj..

(kunj pov)
i knew that one or other day twinkle would surly contact uv..
s i have tracked all the caller ids..
and (remeber just he called her)
and how can u change ur identity twinkle..
any way i m comming their..
now i got to know about ur so called family..too..
but i m happy that u are handling an ngo for kids..
for orpans…
infact named it as Ariya ki Duniyaa..
(actually ariya means adhi adhori chezz ko complete karne wali)
and now i m comming there twinkle..
ready hoja meri jaan…ek naye kunj ko dekhne ko..!
screen freezes on the face on an evil kunj

all are having breakfast..
just then twinkle phone starts ringing..
twinkle picks it

kase ho..?
A-missing u
T-bf kiya?
A-appne kiya..
T-till my princess eat can i have..
first u eat..
but i cant cm today their..
papa said he is going on tour for few weeks so he said he ll spend time with me..
u too cm here na mumma…i m missing u..plz finish this fight and cm back…
i ll scold papa and then he ll say u soory…
and then again we will stay like before…
(she starts sobbing)
T-are no u wont say anything to ur princess is a good girl na…challo..ask uv make u talk to me ..
uv-vo actually kunj flopped the plan but dont woory i ll make u meet her soon..
tc bye…
T-humm bye..

precap-u ll know soon i.e tommo….

I know my bakbak z more than episode
Hope u like it


Credit to: crazy

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