Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 21)


first of all thanks to each and everyone for cmmnting though it u all din like u all cmmnted so that i dont feel bad..
any way do u all know by the time u guys read this i ll be n NY..
so hii to all from Ny!
and here is the full truth revelation hoope u ll enjoy..
i din give recap as first of all i m tired coz of joureney..
n i know few fans of my ff ll be waiting so i uploaded it..
enjoy guys…!


A girl is shown..walking on the roads..
were many vechicles are moving..she is in sich a depressive mood that she is anaware of those vehicles..just then someone pulls her to him self..
the girl is our lead..obvio our twinkle…
she eyes..the man and has tears in her eyes..
and atlast huga him..
now guess whos the man??
so ur guess is wrong!..its not kunj..
now another chance…
opps again wrong..its not uvtoo..
ll play this guesing game later lets c the guy now…

twinkle hugs him and starts crying..
he too hugs her and spacifies her..
“kya huva..n wr vr u all these days?”,asks the guy

“plz dont ask about that plzzz…now i m happy that i m with u..thats the most important thing for me sahil…”,replies twinkle..

(so theguys name is sahil)

S-twinkle i can clearly see..whats wrong and wts good..
so better say
T-for god sake stop calling me that..!twinkle marchuki hai..i m Ruhi..
tumhari ruhi…
abb plzz take me far from here.
S-oky..but u know na after a week i have my bday…
and bfore that i want to know ur past..
think it as my bday gift..but plzz… lets go..

a guy is seen(kunj)searching…many different ashrams and enquiring about her..
k-(to him self)”where r u?…where r u twinkle…”
just then a driver comes and says”sir…shall v go?

kunj sits in car..

—– * FLASHBACK + Selftalk * —–

(recap of flashback-twinkle stuck in car bring her out frm that hell..kunj cuts his finger and fills her vermillon with his blood..and says that shes his wife..and he has given a reason to lev..
so she cant contnue her work here…,and yeah i m going a bit fast in flashback…and main parts will be elaborated later)
(hope u have remembered by it…any way lets move to our episode now)

I just cant forget twinkle…ur those twinkling eyes when i married u forcefully..i myself could not found out that i married u to save u from the hell or due to some other reson..
the way u were looking at me was making me nervous…but kya karta..
i myself was so desperate na..
i knew that now we shd face our parents..
and then we reached their…
just to get down of car and come till main door…
twinkle had took 15 min…
she was putting baby elphant steps…

and then

suddenly all were front of us…
i had informed DJ abt it…
now all had accepted our marriage..
but twinkle dint..
she was angry with me for so many days…all tried to make her understand but no..all went in vain…
and then their were only very few days remaining for our clg to get over we had hidden from all about marriage even frnds…
and those last days of clg were best…

as none knew abt our marriage i was still a bachleour their..
and seesing girls flirting with me..twinkle started feeeling was then that she started feeling something for me…
i knew she had become my love but i also wanted to make her realise about it..
so only this was the way left out…
anyway on the graduation day she accepted it..
infront of all…
and next day itself i proposed her…(this proposing section ll explain me u ll enjoy its senti + comedy )


twinkle and sahil are sitting in car (twinkle is also telling him flashback..s)
the above flashback continued here..
t-u know sahil i and kunj were really very happy..
i loved him till core and back..and he loved me more than i do…
we always cared about each other..
but u know good things dont last for long…
one day we all went for amritsar..(guys remember i said u na they lev in mumbai)to meet bebe…
she is really a very good women..infact i love her a lot…shes so carring kya bolo…
she had accepted me…
but one day kunj had kept a surprise for me…
he had arranged a date,the most unforgetable day…

S-ohh date and all han twinki i mean ruhi..
t-shut up oky…!and listen..
but something happened their…(ll say this part also later)
bebe was too much furious coz she respects or love .
she silently took us the next day to temple..
far away and made us again marry to each other..with all rituals…
u know soon we had given birth to a small little girl…
one day she was ocrying very badly..

all atempts made us to fail..
i was very tensed…
that day i said to god..that if he makes ariya fine..
i ll never let kunj come close to me…
and one fine day..
kunjs cousin bhai and bhabhi had come…
they din had they taught maa and papaji as their parents…
they too had a small daughter..
actually as it was polio day…they took ariya tohospital..and left their kid with us…

i was in room cleaning..random things..
and kunj who nvr let stne turned to romance started his work…

i resisted him but i could not stop my self too..
n i flowed in his touch that day we bacame one again..
and the same day i lost my daughter..
after few hours we got a call..that all had died in a accident…
later i said about it to kunj and taught my self to be the killer of my child..
coz if i had controlled my child would be with me…

after few months all bacame normal..
we adopted bhaiya and bhabhis daughter and named her ariya only…
i love her a lot…
then again god was jelous of me..of my happiness…he again turned the game…
kunj met with an accident…
that was our aniversary night…
i was shell shocked…i dint react for hours together..coz indeed i wasin such a shock…(she starts crying)
S-plzzz calm down….aur bata then what happened…
T-then…i broke my promise made to kunj..
kunj had took the promise after our daughters death that i wont believe in such superstition anytime..

i too had promised him..but ri8 from child hood when ever i did so my wish was fulfilled…
i could not stop my self…
i asked god to bring back my kunj ..
and promised him that i ll lev him and go far away from him…
i just wrote a small note..and went far..
i had said about it bhai and bhabhi..
they helped me..
later and then iwas here…

screen frezees on the crying faces of kunj and twinkle…

now the question comes who is this sahil?
or just a frnd?
or more than a frnd?
y twinkle changed her identity?
will kunj be able to find her?
if found..will he able to convince her?


lo guys now here it is..
the truth is revealed…
abt ariya!
abt twinj seperation..!

i know few secnes i left but u guys trust me na?
those are special secnes which shd be elaborated and said at correct times so dont worry..
and yeah get readyy for some super duper episodes…

need any changes then plz do say me!
and if u dont like track then also ur most welcomed to say me abt that..
and guys yup also say me how was my new ff..?should i continue it..?if u guys want only then i ll ..plz say me han so that i can start working on it..
as for 2 day i m i can write and keep as many episodes as possoble coz once my classes start i may not be able to write na so…



Credit to: crazy

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