Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 20)


SO..ready for the next episode..?
lets proceed now guys..

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and one more thing guys now this episode is a sad one…
so asking forgivness now only..
and guys one more thing ..
thankuuu so muchhhh for the comments…

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Thanks a lot to my comments & silent readers

keerthana soory for delay..hope ur braoin din burst..hehehr!
shatakshi..yup sorry to say but ur dout turned true but always remember “twinj 4eva”

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romaishh surely there are surprises soon cmming but sabra dear sabra..

sayeedacutiee pie speal thankss for such big hear touching cmmnts …

zarmeen ur cmmt shocked me…i m not such good writer dear that u praised me so much …that u taught me that i m good writer than that of tei original writer and taught me that if my story would be shown then trp would increase..
omg…i was just on cloud infinity by ur cmmnt…

ritziii…actually i shd take ur autograph…
not u…
btwn instead of autograph i would love to meet u ….and have a lonnnnggggg talk and fun….

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a party that turned funny due to talitwinkle..
and then twinj romance..
and twinkle falling unconsious and kunj mistaking it that she is tired and slpt due to hangover..

twinkle has a huge pain in her head she gets up and finds her sef in her room(its not farm house,its their house)
she gets up and finds a letter beside her with a drink kept their..
she reads it..

“hello are u feeling now..
hummm..let me think head is spinning right…?
dont worry just take the lemonade kept their..
u ll feel better..
now stop smiling..
drink it…and dont worry i had meetings so i left early..
and dont think much how u came here..
obvio ur hubby bought here..
love u..
ur hubby
🙂 ”

twinkle drinks the lemonade and her was still spinning…
she went and had her bath and came back..
but her head was spinning…
just then their was aknock…

T-yeah come in..
M-hii twinkle..
T-hii bhabhi…
M-how are u feeling..
T-my head..
M-its hangover
T-i drank the lemonade bhabhi..
but its paining a lot…
and twinkle starts screaming..
M-dont worry twinkle plzz calm down..
i ll call kunj..
T-no..plzz…he has important meetings…
fine i ll call doctor..
but before shee could complete she saw twinkle lying unconsious on bed…
M-twinkle…plzz..get up..
i cant take risk..
mahi immediately calls uv and kunj and all other memebers…

doctor examines her…
K-doc vo..
D-i cant say anything kunj beta…
i think she may regain her memeory…
but i m not sure…

here twinkle is sleeping…
and suddenly gets flashbacks..due to which she gets up in a jerk..and her hand touches a vase kept near by and it falls down making a noise which makes all alert and immediately all run in…
twinkle had tears in her eyes..
kunj hugs her…tight…
but twinkle doesnt respond…
kunj cups her face…
“tu teek tho hai na?”(u are fine na?)
twinkle doesn speak a word..and calls for uv..
U-i m here only…twinkle hugs him and cries…
T-y m i here…?
U-first u calm down…
T-i dont want to stay here bhai…plzzzz…
Kunj had tears in his eyes..
k-yeah tu kya kerahi hai twinkle…
u cant do me…to all of us…to ariya..
atlest think of her..

K-han u cant do this to ur daughter..
T-my daughter?
but she tho..
K-no..shes alive..
maa get her..

twinkle was still hugging..uv…(side hug..)
kunj and all were in shock coz they dont wanted to loose twinkle again…
T-bhai bhabhi..u know na i cant stay here..u know the reason also..
then y?
i cant..(she sees everyone..their eager to knoe the reason…but stops)
M-calm down twinkle…
u say me..
u called me and uv daily..
but were u happy their..
T-but..i had moved on…i have a family now…u know na..?
K-moved on?family??
(he was on peak of anger)
u cant do this twinkle….i very well know….
u havent moved on in life…?
its all a prank right?
T-(thinks-kunj is thinking me wrong way..but its the right time..if he ll hate me..then he ll let me go from his life)
i have my own family now…
k-and what about me..?and all of us here..
are v not ur family..
T-u were..
Uv-twinkle…tu zoot kyun bol rahi hai..
i know very well…

Mumma a voice comes echoing their….,twinkle turns and looks on shock..
Its nice Mr sarna..
that u too moved on…
well were is ur wife..?milvaoge nahi muze..usse?(i m soory kunj but i shd make u hate me..)

all were just sobbing silently..
just then ariya comes their…and hugs twinkle…
twinkle too hugs her..and says plz take her back..

as soon as twinkle sees that…
she asks uv for phone…
uv-u cant do this…
K-whats going on..?
T-bhabhi plzz…say bhai..
M-i cant twinkle…
K-and u r not going anywhere..?
got that..

T-i can mr Sarna..
K-y for the god sake are u speaking like that..?
and hurting ur self..
and me too?
if u never wanted to cm back then y did u ?
T-u bought me here..and my memory loss…
anyway i had right to know the truth then y for the godsake u din say me…
u r so selfish mr sarna..
the kunj i knew was never so!
k-(pleads to her)plzz dont do tis twinkle…
it hurts…chubti hai teri bathe..idhar sidge idhar(showing it to heart)

@Next day…
Kunj wakes up…
and does not find twinkle…he had slept near the enterance of door..
leaning to it…
he knocks the washroom but does not find..her their..
he searches house but still dont find her..
K-no kunj u cant let ur twinkle lev u…
like this…
i think i din chk home fully..
i ll rechk it…
he again..chk it..
but this time he calls her ame..too..
and while coming down th steps he falls down…
all family members rush to him..
he dont even care about his wonds…and starts searching her..
twinkle plz stop playing hide and seek and come back plzzzz…..
he atleast kneels down and starts crying…
he hugs usha and leela..
both try to control him..
“maa i m not a goog husband..
i failed in this step of phase of my life…
what ll i say to my daughter..
i lost maaa i lost”

then he recalls twinkle talking to uv and mahi…
“DJ diii..plzz say me where is twinle…
where did she stayed these years..
and her family…
both saty numb…
kunj screams at them and says speak up..
its about my wife and i have everyright..
to know about her..
so better say me…”says kunj
“we cant bhai we cant..”replies mahi…

“look y cant u understand ..i want my twinkle….back…Dj atlest u say me”,pleads kunj
he falls on their leg and asks themm…

uv who coud not see kunj in this state says..
fine i ll say u about her but u shd find her address…
she stays in home anath asharm..
there are 1073 anath ashram in mumbai and near by mumbai…
search if u can..
i had promised her i wont say about her addres..
so indirectly..
i saidd u..
now start searching her and yeah do bring her..back..
only u look good with her..
and yeah her family ..i mean the new one are very dangerous u should saty alert..24 * 7
else u can loose many things..
may be even twinkle foreva…

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

precap – flash back
(guys now twinkle is with her new family…and kunj is traveling to find his twinkle…
did u watch 3 idiots? movie..
how in journey farahn thinks about his frnd rancho..and say u story..same way the story will continue now..with flash back…)

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hope u liked the episode and enjoyed it too..

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Credit to: crazy

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