Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 2)


So u guys guessed me right han?
well Sanam hope that i m back with bang and u all loved the story line..
and this new way of mine to comeup..
(all thanks to my dada for guiding me )
N hope that u guys will love this FF too the same way as u loved the other..
U will na?

—– * —– * —– * —–


Kunj was taking a U turn ..when he heard the scream of a girl..
He felt the scream known to him..
hearing the scream Reena too stoped for a while and went towards the direction..
Kunj felt happy to hear that voice but at same time felt scared as the scream was furious..

Kunj stopped his car and came down..
he saw Reena their..
he ignored her and went towards the voice which took his flew..
Reena too followed him slowly..

They saw a girl lying down their..
her hair were distraught..
Her shades of eyes could attract anything litrally..
her face had scrathes..
her body had wounds..
thogh her face was not clear

Kunj saw the girl and fell down..and sat numb..
Guess what he felt as if hemet his soul after 3 years and still..he had an emotion which could not be explained..
His voice choked off..
he was not just able to utter a single word..

[ you guys might have guessed who the girl might have been,but just dont completely beleive on ur guesses as much as my point of view..u know me na i change the story in a glipse,so chillx and read further ]

He heard the sound of Footsteps nearing him he cleared his face
baught some courage and life to his legs..

Took the girl in arm and rushed towards his car..

Reena – Sir,where are u taking her..
Kunj – None of ur bussiness i gueess (without looking at her,and obvio facing his back)
Reena – Sir,my home is near..and shall we take her their..
Kunj – saw the state of the girl in his arms and nooded..
but then not possible..
U do a thing come with my home..
I ll call doctor and get her operated their only..and i may need you please come
Reena – sir,what?ur home?
Kunj – any problem Miss Riya..?
Reena – nooded in No,
Kunj kept the girl in her backseat..
Reena took her in her lap..
and kunj drove off as fast as her could..

After about 15 min,they reached their home..
Reena did u called up to ur home and informed them?
Reena -yes,sir..
Kunj picked her in her arms..
He walked too his homme he asked Reenato ring the bell..
but our dear reena i.e our PA was s lost in Kunj that she barely heard what he said..
now his voice turned voilent..
and voice harsh..
which made reena sob up her eyes..
she quickly took up his order and said as he said..

his big banglow..
was not less than an palace..
he just kept the unconsious girl on sofa..
and asked riya to get water from the dinning table..
she just obeyed his order..
Kunj was about to touch her ( his self talk)

—– * Kunjs POV * —–

Do u really think shes ur girl..?
No,how can u think she dont stay here in Mumbai..
and if shes not ur girl then u have to break the proise that u made to ur girl?
No kunj no u cant betray..u have promised to wait for her whole of ur life and never touch a girl..
so u just cant..

—– * —–

Kunj -reena plz take care of her i ll just call the doctor and be back
Reena -but sir,doctor at such late night..
Kunj -u need not worry about it..
reena to her seelf-y is sir so harsh,he is but hes cute and kind too he helped a girl whom he dont even know,..

Just then she hers something..
it was an intercom message..

It was near to where she was sitting so she just held it On.
Intercom message

Kunj puttar,tu kaha hai?
tu janta hai na..tere darling tere se bath kiye bina sothi nahi hai..
vese bhi hum roz he use zoot bolte hai..par tu hi hai jo use sambhal sakta hai..
aur ajj itni deer kyun ho gayi tuze..
Vese han hum dono maaon ko tujpe bohot garv hai puttar..hum ne dekha live telcast
challo abb mein rakti hun..
aur han subha utte hi tere darling se bath kar lena varna uska ghussa toh tu janta hai na..
appna khayal rakna..

kunj my son why are u so late today,
and you know na ur darling, that she never sleeps without talking to you..
and yeah we both mom are very happy u got the award..we saw live telecast..
and yeah immediately in moring call her else u know here anger
now bye tc

Riya was in ters..
darling so sir is having a..

Kunj-did she regained consiousness?
Reena- no sir,not yet..
Kunj-doctor is on way..
Kunj is happy as now he could see the face of the girl..
and he is so happy that his life is with him..

he thinks of taking her to room..

he asks reena to stay in his home for a day..
she just nods,
Reena-sir..can i ask u something..but plz dont be angry at i know u dont like personal qusetions..
Kunj-u can ask me anything i m very happy..
Reena-sir,whos ur darling..
are u out of ur mind..what type of question is this..
and he just recals..and says..
what did u just say..
Reena-s sir
kunj-ohh shit..i forgot to call maa
just a min reena..
he immediately calls ..
On call..
Kunj- So hows my champ..and how was her day ?
Maa- uska din changa tha..(her day was good enough)
Maa-han toh kya iss vakta tak usse jagayee raktii(so should i keep her awake at this late night)
Kunj-vo,sorry..actually i forgot ..and then..
MAa-Its oky my its too late u too sleep..

Reena hearing all this was having a relief..

just then doctor comes..
kunj rushes to him and asks him to check her..
By the time doctor examines..
Kunj was just biteing his nails..

Reena saw this..
she said,sir,r u nervous..and that too for this stranger..
sir u know what?U r the person who never got nervous on any may be big big contracts,arards,business deals or any thing in life then y this for a stranger..

By this time kunj was just fumming..

Doctor-I want to examine her fully..can we take her to room(Note they were still in hall)
Kunj just picked the girl and took her to room..
doctor said him to wait outside for sometime..

Reena,sir,did u take to room..what did doctor say..
and still u din say me y r u so nervor for this stranger..

Kunj ne apna appa khodiya tha(Kunj had totally lost his mind by now)

he just glared reena angrily..and then reena realized that for such long she was blundering..
she hits her head

—– * Reenas POV * —–

Reena what the hell were u doing..u spoke so much to sir,what might he be thinking..
the way he looked at me..
what if he removes me office..
i cant stay without seeing him..
but u shd feel lucky yar..
all know that this is the House of the great Kunj Sarna..but till now not even a single person entered here
not even media..and u were allowed that is the big thing..yipee..
(a bright big smile spread her face)

—– * —–
Doctor interruts and says kunj beta..
Kunj huriddly rushes to room..
followed by reena..
she first hesitates but then goes but doesnt enter in..
just stands in..

Doc-kunj,shes fine dont worry..
Kunj-any chances
Doc-it all depends beta..
Kunj-(gives one eyebro up look)
Doc-i mean till she reagins consiousness just cant say..but good care is needed..

Kunj comes out and hesitately goes to reena..
Kunj- i need ur help..
Reena-I m ur PA sir,i m here to help u only..plz say how can i help u?
Kunj-ur my PA in office for official work..not in my home for personal work..
he hands her a night suite,chudi,a saree,and few diferent types of clothes..and asks her which ever u feel easy ..plz take that change the clothes of the it has blood stains..
Reena-she nods..but sir,how come these clothes with u?
Kunj-non of ur businness..

reena enters the room and her jaws are hell open..
she sees many pics hanged on wall..
of kunj..
very few were of his single and many were of a girl with him..
she taught..OMG..
It was a family tree..
the whole room was decorated with the pics of his family..
she went towards the girl..
and another shock..
she saw a potrait of Kunj and the same girl lying their down on bed..with a cute baby..

Reena was in tears..
but just kept silent..
she changed the clothes of the girl..
and kept those dirty clothes on couch..making it dirty..
she just then received a message..
that message made her smile bright..
just then Kunj entered..
with a servent..
kunj-reena tq for the help..
he shall show u ur room..
i have sent few cloths..u can change it if u need..
Reena-yes sir,sir theirs a message for u..
Kunj-can we discuss it tommo..i m tired now..
Reena-sur sir,
Kunj comes and sits beside the girl
reena turns and says goodnight sir,

Revelation of the girl..
revlation of few past
mastii time

Do comment and let me know how is it..
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Credit to: crazy

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