Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 19)

SO..ready for the next episode..?
lets proceed now guys..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

K-what still it is there..fine i m ready tell me whats it..
T-hmm..coz of u i dint eat gadbad..
K-fine..but u cant bear it yar twinkle..before also when ever u eat u fell sick..
T-dont forget i m twinkle..
nothing ll happen..
come lets go out..
K-oky(he remembers about vivek)
no y out we ll get here only..
T-oky..u get it..
K-y shd i..i ll ask any servent..
T-no..plz….i want u to bring it..
and yeah from same cafe..
K-but its too far..yar..
it might take 2 hour to cm back..
T-(she sits with thud on bed)i dont care..
K-oky..i ll get it..
just then their is a knock on th door..
UV-actually we kept a party at farm house..kunj..
Mahi-aree..chill be ready at 7 we are going..
and twinkle cm lets go..
M-u cm..i ll say..
T-fine u go..i ll cm..
i need to talk to kunj something so..!
M-talk or do?
M-han romance vagere vegere..
Uv-mahi lets go..
twinj feels ackwrd..
T-no bhabhi there nothig like that..ur brother is unromantic…
and number 1 sadu..
Kunj is shocked at twinkles boldness..
Uv-twinkle..thodi toh sharam kar..ur big bro is standing ri8 front of u..(have some shame twinkle ur big bro is standing right front of u)
T-han..kunj dont worry..u only said me na..that i m ur legally wedded wife..
so r u..
u too are my legally wedded husband..
and i hav right to speak..
UV and mahi are shocked equally at twinkles boldness..
they just lev them alone..
as soon as they left kunj yealls at twinkle
K-are u mad..?
T-no y?
K-then what was that..u said i m unromantic..
T-han so..its reality..
K-so i m unromantic..
he goes close to her and twinkle like a typical serial or movie secne moves back..till shes blocked by bed..
she falls on bed…
and so does kunj..
kunj on twinkle..
twinkles heart beat increases..
K-so say now whos unromantic..?
K-hmm so i m unromantic…
he bends down and kisses her forhead..
so i m unromantic..
twinkle just stares him..
he then bends down and kisses her neck..
and wishpers
i m unromantic right?
he adjust himself properly..
his eyes goes towrds..
her pink soft lips..
he sees her sweating..
K-u said i m unromantic..and when i m romancing..u are nervous..
twinj have a long eyelock..
he bends towards her lips..
(han han guys i know u r expecting a kiss now..but similar to original serial..
only a cheeks kiss..forheaad kiss ..or neck..not more for now..not even liplock..)
and then his phone rings..
twinkle gigles…
and says”mr sarna..ur really when u cm closer to me..make sure u switch off ur cell)
both are on bed still..
she pushes him..
and he lys besde her..
she gets up to go..
but he holds her hand..
cus the call..and pulls her..
shes over him now..her face is coverd with her hair..
he slides them behind her ears..
and pulls her more close ..and then…and then….

again a phone hall 🙂 🙂 heheheh!
twinkle pushes him and runs out..

K-twinkle is right..i shd switch off the myphone..

its 5..
so twinkle and mahi comes to twinjs room..
kunj is doing some work on his laptop..
he doesnt notice mahi with twinkle..
K-twinkle..i m sorry..
(twinkle was about to say something(obvio that mahi is with her)but mahi signs her twinkle stays quite)
this Dj made sudden v had cancel our plan..but promise i v ll implement it later..
i ll take u there..tommo…
and yeah u were right..i shd swithch off my cell phone..

(Twinkle (toherself)-ufff this idiot can spill out anything..i should stop him…
what th hell will he say i should switch off my cell..before comming close to me..
or will he say i ll off it before kissing that no disturbence..ohh babaji..what did i do that u gave such dumbbb husband to me….think something twinkle think….)

T(suddenly says)-yeah u shd after all u shd give time to family..
not ur cell..
K-what family..i taught(and he looks up and sees mahi..and understands that twinkle said so)
M-ahem ahem…then who..
she starts laughing…
and says poor bhai…cant u see me too here..
vese twinkle y did u interrupt him..i said u not too na..?
anyway cm lets select my dress
M-so..saving husband han?
T-y ll i save him..?
cm na bhabhi..
kunj feels embaraced and just agai starts working in laptop..
just then uv enters and says kunj ready?
K-han DJ..
UV-cm lets go and see the preparation their..
v ll go early..
u both ladies cm later as i think still u r selecting dress..
cm kunj lets go..
twinkle gets ready in black one piece…
with matching accesseries..
(i wish i could upload the pic of the onepiece i have..
yet i ll give u a brief about it…
knee length one piece..with bucket cut..
deep back neck…
and yarn front…
Accessories- black one perl ear ring..
with a heart beat pendent…and a sting bracelet bangle..with a siler black stone watch..
this is description of dress and accessories ..i just kept same as i have..imagine it)
mahi makes her get ready..

—– * —– * —- * —- * —–

Twinkle and mahi reach the farm house…it was all dark..
but the only blimpse of light was those dim dim lights in lobiee
and a bright strong light from the farmhouse..
T-stop stop stop!
but y?
T-ufff bhabhi…
v ll shock these boys..

—– * Twinkles POV * —–

We got down a bit early..and according to my plan..we walked to farmhouse..
it hardly took 10 min..
the cool breze was as awsome as the night…
the moon was so cool and handsom looking that i could c my loves face in it..
though it had spots but it never lost its charm..

—– * — END — * —–

M-here v are…
T-suss!lets spy..bhabhi..
T-han..c cant u here the noise rom inside..
M-s..i can..
T-no ifs and buts..
i m pretty sure they are talking about us..

twinkle and mahi peeped in…
and to their gesture..their hubbys were doing exactly what they were thinking about…

U-kunj ne more glass please..
K-no not more..u already had 2..
and i m sure till mahi and twinkle cms u might doze off..
U-goli mar mahi ko..and twinkle ko..
K-what?i think appko chad gaye..(i think u dozzed off)
dont dare talk about my sister like that and about my wife too..

twinkle smiles hearing this..
c bhabhi my hubby is so intelligent…unlike c this bhai…
M-ittna matt udd(dont fly more)..i know my lil brother is intelligent..
T-and handsom too..
both giggle…

K-enough…now..let me call these girls..
U-dont yar..let have party..
u too had drink..
and u know na we have drinks to reduce tensions..
in office office ki tension and in home bevi ki tension..
K-yeah u are right..
i dont feel office so hectic as much as twinkles torchurs…
the way what she did with me todaay…
i fear even making a preety small mistakes..
and its all coz of u..
u said me na
“jaao kunj abb mana mere behenko..”
and u know what ur so called lil pricess did?
kunj narrates him everything…
kunj gets up..and makes a peg..
Uv stands up and goes front of kunj facing his back to twinkle and mahi and says
u-well their is one thing that girls cant do and v can do it pretty easier…
they just stop it in 1 or 2
and we can have botles to gether..
K-completely agree…
and both start laughing..
when kunj suddenly stops his laugh….
U-kya huva be
u r making face as if u saw any devil..
is any devil standing back of me…?
and he turns and choks off..

M-u were saying anything…
twinkle moves towards kunj…
where as mahi towards uv…
kunj and uv back off…
and girls keep moving…

k-wt are u doing?
u have ur bhai and bhabhi here shame shame!
T-i ll show u today what twikle is…
saying this she goes towards the table..
pics the bottle..
and drinks in one shot..
she finshes the whole bottle…
Kunj still locating with his mouth wide open..
and seeing twinkles state..
mahi and uv too stops arguying…

all the attension was droven towards twinkle…
when she stopped..
she was all normal which made the other trio fell spell shock..
K-tu ttek toh hai na…
T-hn…my hubby..
mahi and uv giggle..
kunj notices this and hearing twinkle he got dam sure that (isse chad gaye hai!)shes drunk and effect is on!
K-i think we shd go home…

twinkle puts hands on kunjs neck her legs are unstable obvio due to heels..
so she was slipping..
as usual kunj held her tight..
T-awww my cutiee pie..
is so caring….
K-s..i m now come lets go…back ur drunk…
T-no i m not drunk…i just drank…
K-what that makes no difference…come now…
T-it makes…kuuu..
drunk drink drank has difference..
tenses u dint learn english grammer…

mahi and uv were controlling their laugh

K_oky meri maaa…abb chal..
T-i m not ur maa…
i m ur wife..ur love..ur twinkle….
K-s..i agree..
T-what u agree?
k-that ur my love my first and last love…
T-love my foot….
she notices uv and mahi now…
she stumbles and goes towards themmm….
bhai u know..u made me married to wrong person..
and starts crying like a child….

U-but y are u only said na ki ur his love..hes ur cutiee pie.
and giggles…
kunj gives i ll kill u look to him…
t-yes,but i m not his first love…
u know..
hes so unromantic…
(uv aand mahi are shocked by this word…)
from when i cam to secnes he cares for me sooo much…
he loves me too..
but he bought my sautan…
and then alll(again starts crying)
K-what the hell?when did i bring sautan..
mahi was only gigling ..
t-u know he din kiss me once also..
K-twinkle..u cm with me…
T-han bhabhi..when ever we both would be kissing..his sautan comes..
M-and whos this saautan..
T-his phone…
i wish to murder his phone…
and stab her millions of times..for always cming inbetwn me and my rasgulla..
M-uff..she calls kunj so..
U-accha…vese kunj how many nick naams u have..
T-many bhai i ll say u wait..
c first is my MR Sarna
then cutiee pie..
then rasgulla…
then chikna…
then hoty..
K-bas twinkle bas..comes lets go now…ur drunk…
Twinkle walks towars kunj and again puts her hand around his neck..
and automatically..his hands on her waist..
i m not drunk..i just drank..
kunj is just too much embaraced and at same time irritated and at same time is happy wher his heart is giving him a million dollar smile…

T-bhai bhabhi u feel i m lying to u both na..
then c…
now i ll kiss him..and my sautan will come..
U-dont worry ur sautan wont cm..he left her in spend quality time with u..
T-really bhai..awww my cutie pie is sooooo smart..
now i can kiss u and no one will disturb me..

Kunj is dam shock…
he just keeps giving…”I LL KILL U LOOK”for mahi and uv for making the situation comlicated….

and other side,,twinkle moves her hand sensually around his face…
which shocks kunj more…
and twinkle now neals..towards him..
and suddenlykunj pics twinkle…
T-aaaaa…where r u taking me,……
K-just shut up!
T-bhai save me….he ll rape me..
i said only kiss…and he…
K-twinkle chuppppp!

he takes twinkle to a room upstairs….
(guys now dont ask about its farmhouse it obvio that they can have room)

here in hall…
uv and mahi who were controling their laugh….
atlast brusts out ….

@in room
K-twinkle i m eally angry on u..
u dont even know how much u embarsed me infront of all..
Twinkle was about to speak..but kunj cut her off
K-just shut ur mouth..
T-but i want to kiss u…
Kunj blushes…
twinkle sees this and says u tooo want na?
so ur blushing na?
kunj takes her to washroom and ons the shower..
twinkle starts dancing jumping saying water is cold…i dont want…to shower i want to kiss..u…
but our kunj is firm na…?
he makes her stand…properly…
and she pulls him in…
both are completely drenched…

kunj gets attracted by her …as she was looking dam hot…and beautiful…
in wet..
so was twinkles condition..

she was not ablee to control her self…
she started unbutting his shirt..
and soon he too lost in her..
he bent to her..
he digged his face in her neck..and kissed it..
she too gave up…
he slowly picked her in his arms..
and took her in room..
both dint break the eye lock..!
he slowly placed her on bed and drolled over her…
she too was lost in him..
he agin made himself comfortable and digged his face on her neck…
twinkle who was not able to take up his weight,,’droved over him…
then both looked towrds each other…
and bet for their kiss….
kunj kissed her heard bitting her upper lips..she winched in pain but she was enjoying it…
she suddenly had head ace..
but she ignored it..and responded to him…
both had a passinate and long kiss…
but atlast what they wanted never happened…
(aree dont think other way..its not dream..)
they wanted this oment to never end..but they had to end it na..
after all they wanted air..
they both started breathing heavily…
twinkle whos head was taking more control on her..
fell unconsious..
while she was hugging him…
kunj taught that it was effect of the drinks and he too dozed off…
both in each others emerece..
(guys bass kiss eki huva hai not more)

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

precap-twinle to know her past

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

so guys what u think..
after twinkle remembering all will..she stay with kunj..or lev him like before…
now the point comes..y she left him..?
so guys get ready..
v are going in flashback soon..
to know the truth..
in flashback v shall c that..
how twinj fell in lov…
and how they got seperated…

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

hope u liked the episode and enjoyed it too..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

fell free to contact me [email protected]


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