Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 18)

hai all..sorry yar by mistake in hurry i uploaded same episode twice..
so compensation tho banta hai na…
hehe! so posting another episode..
hope u guys ll enjoy..
and a very big thanku for all of them..i din knew u all love me and ff so muchh

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Recap –
mystry man mystry solved..
twinkle riffed with kunj..

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Kunj goes to room..Uv smiles and says dont worry kunj..till i m alive i wont let that bas****d enter our life again..
i cant aford my sister winching in pain..
coz when twinkle is sad u become sad..and automatically seeing u both sad whole familes charm goes..
UV takes out his cell..and calls…
(on call)
hello..Yuraj Luthra here..
i m sending u a name of a person with his pic..
i want each and every detail of him..his every move his every step..all got it..
u just have 1 week with u..
and u better get that if not u..there are others..
so better make my work quick..and dont worry about the payment,,

uv ends the call..and turns back and sees mahi standing there..
Uv-when did u cm
Mahi-when u were asking someone to spy..
UV-look its nothing like that..
Mahi-again a lie..
UV-its about business and it must be done..
Mahi-from when did u start doing such crep things..?
as much as i know u never do..
UV-look mahi..its talk to u..
MAhi-then lev..dont talk with me..nor will i..
(she levs angrily)
i should have spoke to her..
but anyway my first priority is my sister..
mahi ko madme mana lunga..(ll convince mahi later)

Kunj enetrs his room..
twinkle was sleeping..
he goes towards her and cares her hair..and sees that pillow is wet..
k-(selftalk)matlab..twinkle is veryhurt..i m sorry twinkle..only coz of me u cried so much..but how can i c anyother guy calling my legally wedded wife declaring himself as ur gf..then covering it saying “i m sorry i taught u to as my gf..”(enacts)
he kisses on her forehead..
and says i ll make all fine..tommo..

he takes a pillow and goes towards couch..
he feels soft hands holding his hands..he recognizes..those hands…he turns back and sees twinkle…holding his hands..
she just shows by action
“to sleep with her”
K-so u want me to sleep with u..?

Twinkle nods..and turns her face..

K-fine..but who are u..?

Twinkle looks shockingly towards him..

K-hhan i mean wife is a bit different.i feel a look alike is sleeping here..

Twinkle wides her eyes..

K-han i mean she is too talkitive…too naughty..tooo..and u tho not even opening ur mouth..

Twinkle understands his plan …she gets up takes the pillow from his hand..and keeps it on counch and signals him..
“u want to sleep here na..go sleep”(only signals guys no talking)

K-accha so now u want me tto sleep on couch..
but y?
just now u asked me to sleep here on bed with u..and now..?

twinkle without even listening to him…offs the lights..and goes to bed..

Kunj ons the light…and says..this is my wife..
so i ll decide where to sleep..
he takes his pillow and sleeps beside twinkle..facing her..
twinkle smiles from inside but shows anger..and turns her face..

after some time
K-twinkle i m sorry!
T-(no reply)
K-i now ur awake..and i also know that u cant sleep..with out holding my hand..
u only get sleep holding my dont try to act smart..
yarr i m saying na..i m sorry..
i know i shd hav asked ariya to ask sorry..
but i was angry..he called u as his girlfrnd..
he called kunj sarnas legally wedded wife as his..
i wanted to punch him..but i couldnot..and after all what i wanted my daughter diid…i know she din punch but words were enough na…!
atlest reply me..
K-only a “hmm” for a talk of about 2 min..ur replying “hmmmm”
i m saying na..i m sorry..fine i m ready for any punishment u give me..
i ll accept that and will complete tooo..
atlest now..plzzzzzz
T-oky..sleep now..
K-no u din forgive me..
T-i have..
K-no u dint..i know u..twinkle..
tumhare har ruhh se mein vakif hun(sorry yar i dont know this in english)
…so dont try to even lie to me..
Twinkle holds kunjs hand and says i m tired..let me sleep..
and be ready for punishment….

kunj kisses her on her forehead..and says appke liye toh jaan bhi hazir hai..aur punishment tho is a small thig(for u my i can stake my life too..and this punishment is a small this)

Twinj sleep in each others emberance..

@next day..
its around 5..twinkle wakes up and goes towards cubord and does something…and comes to kunj and says “my dear hubby get ready for punishments..i ll show u now how big sin itt is for making Mrs Twinkle sarna cry”

she freshes up..and comes in room..
and sees kunj sleeping..
she slowly goes and shuts all windows and covers them with that it will be dark in room…

shes goes down..
and prepares breakfast for everyone..and keeps them on dining table..
bebe leela usha comes their..
Bebe-aree wahh puttar..after so many days we ll have breakfast by ur hands..
Leela-its nice that my daughter is recovering..
and i know its only kunjs love that u r recovering so fast..
usha-ufff not my our bolo..
shes our daughter..and stop giving creadit to kunj..its because my daughetr is storng..
before breakfast come lets do arti…
all together..
T-ji..let all getup then we shall..
mahi-wow yar twiniki…paratha ummmaaa…its my fav…
and my mouth is watering..
where are all..
bhai is in garden and u all are here..
i ll go and wake up ariya..
bebe-and u husband..?
T-vo..hes sleeping..
U-sleeping..wait i ll wake him up…
T(selftalk)-shit!if she wakes him up then plan ll flop…
i should do something…

T-no mumiji..let hm sleep..actually he was working late
B-kitna khayal rakti hai yeah uska..(how much care she takes na )
t-i ll wake up ariya..
M-let me also cm..
T&M -ariya..
t-beta get up..
M-shall i ask u something..
T-han bahbhi..
M-what are u planing..
M-i know he was not working..
M-tell fast i want to here..
and i promise i wont tell anything..
twinkle tells her everything
m-wow..what a plan…
both make ariya..ready..
T-han ariya..
A-ur angry with me and paa still?
T-no ariya imnot..
A-then y are u calling me ariya…u call me as bachha or princess na..
T-uff my princesss c…i m not at all angry with u..
but promise me that u ll respect elders..always..
A-pakka promise
m-abb challe

all gather down..and start arti..twinkle smiles seeing watch..
mahi winks at twinkle…

(twinjs bedroom)
kunj is sleeping peacefully..
alaram starts ringing and disturbs his sleep..
K-twinkle off the alarm..and let me sleep..
yesterday i worked like kooli..i m tired…
he calls her and dont hear any responce so he himself getup and offs the alarm and sleeps again..
again as he closses his eyes…
and another starts ringing…
he offs that and dooses off..
after some 10 min..this time many alarms together starts ringing..
he gets starts searcing each and every alaram..and offs it..
later he offs all atlst
K-i m dam sure that this is all twinkles works..
i ll not lev her..
he freshes up ..and comes ut of waskroom with the most hostest body..he opens his wadrob..and

many news papers and lots morethings fall on him…
he says twinkle ki bachhi i ll surely not lev u…

he again goes to washroom takes bath and comes out..
he was about to open the wadrob..
but think
“no,kunj what r u doing…be carefully..twinkle ka koi barosa nahi…”
he slowly goes and opens twinkles wadrob now..
as his wadrob was full of newspaper..

he opens her wadrob and finds only her dresses…
“where the hell are my cloths now..”says kunj

he screams twinkles name..
but as arti was going on no one..could he himself heads down..
as he opens the door..
a bucket full of color water falls on him…
he is fully frustrated now..
he again goes in to take a shower…
he notices a paper..on table..
he takes that..
its letter by twinkle..

“So my sadu sarna..
how wwas the punishment..
i know ur angry..
so for time being..its enough..
go take a shower..and yeah ur clothes…
do u want them kunj?
if not its oky…
accha my wadrob and in the draw…theres a packet chk that there formals kept in it..
Hope ur enjoying the punishment..!”

he gets ready and goes down…
he sees that tiwinkle is giving prasad for every one..
kunj takes blessings from bebe..
he take but bebe stops him..
“oue khottte!..ur married now..u shd take the blessings as couple..”
twinj take blessings from all…

m-well was ur morning..
hope u had good sleep…
and wait thats that..near ur ear..color..
he did that come their…

kunj feels embarased..and gives angry looks to her..
and understands that mahi knows about it..
twinkle just gigles..
K-(slowly beding towards twinkle)its all coz of u..
T-u accepted yesterday that ur ready for punishment..
so bhuktooo!
Uv-whats going on twinkle and kunj..
anything serious?
T-no bahi nothing…
i ll serve breakfast for all..
twinkle serves pharats to all except kunj..
UV-twinkle whats this..?kunjs plate is empty..
B-han beta..i think u forgot..
T-no bebe i din forget..
he said me yesterday..that he wants to eat spicy phraths so i prepared seperatly for him…
kunj shock Twinkle rocked..!
just then mahi get idea..
M-wow yar twinkle…ur grt..uv also said me same yesterday..u plz serve him too..
mahi winks at twinkle..
T-ji bhabhi..
Uv gives apleading look to mahi.mahi turns her face..
twinkle serves kunj and gives gives victory smile..
kunj stares her..
T-(wishpers)so Mr punishment is ready..
all the best and yeah..
i kept medicines in room too..
T-u may need it na..after having these..
K-yar twinkle u r giving me punishment..or
T-(cut him in between)shut and eat mr Sarna..
M-wow twinkle its just too awsome..
kunj makes faces and eats and is shocked and looks at twinkle..
K-twinkle yeah tohh..thoda bhi thika nahi hai..its normal
T-han i know know now..
i m not that bad torcher husband..
Kunj smiles …

twinj in room..
kunj back hugs twinkle…
and says so the punishment is over na?
T-did i say so
yeah tho bas shuruvat hai(its just starting)whole day is remaining mr sarna..

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

precap-surprise surprise!

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

so how was it..
did u liked the punishments given by twinkle to kunj..?
hope i made u laugh…at those antice…
and yeah coming up to surprise..i m just trying my best that u ll like it or love it..either one of them…
and yeah the surprise part is challange to me..
as i m totaly zero zero zero that too a big one…
in it..
so i ll try to make the next episode as good as possible..
and soory in advance as i know next episode may disappoint u…

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

To my commenters,

romaisah tq for loving the flashback secnes!
samriddhi ll soon give u the summary..
zikra thanking u n ur way tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
ritzi to be straight..i was just all way blushing reading ur cmmnt..and felt good that u love ff soooo much
keerthana tq for praising my skills
rashi,sirja,shantakshi tq so much for supporting guys..
salma dear dont worry i wont change the story if u dont want and nice to c that u re enjying
jasmin..riafatarajo..krystal my darling..sam…anushka…panchi…sayeeda(tq s so much for such lovely i too wish same re)..fiona tq so much dear…..
and cutie pie are u frnd on fb with rosh,ridhima or any one of TU members than u just ask them…
or if u r in the TEI group of fb just post msg i ll find u..else just give me ur id i ll send u rqust..
or mera mail id tho hai he…
just send n the mail for me..
i ll send in my ids there to u…
(my bro now keeps special eye on that i dont do any naughtyness of cmming back to TU..
so being a bit carefull guys thats it…)

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

feel free to contact me – [email protected]


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