Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 17)


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twinj ki nok jok..
and then twinkles and ariyas tricky plans..
twinkle kunj and ariya lev for shopping..

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–


—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

kunj pics ariya and trio move to few shops..
the unknow guy keeps an eye on her..
K-okyyy so here v kids section..
T-fine..u too go and select few cloths for u..i ll select cloths for my daughter..
K-oky..i ll go..but dont forget shes my daughter too..
T-han han i know…anyway i asked u to go and shop for ur self too..till then mom and daughter ll do sm shopping..
K-no i ll accompany u..
A-maa let him to join us
T-oky beta..
K-lets go then..

just then kunjs cell rings..
twinkle gives him “disgusting look!”
k-shit..its urgent..u guys carry on..i ll be back soon..
T-lets go beta..
A-no maa v shall wait here only..he ll cm na..
T-uffoooo my princess u dont know ur paa..
his 5 min on call = more than an hour…
A-hehehe!oky lets go then..

Twinkle and ariya do shopping and cm out..
and are waiting for kunj..
T-c i said u na..
v completed my shopping..tho b4..
then ur shopping too and purchased gifts for all..infact took few formals for ur paa too but still…hes not here..
A-mumma c there…paaa
t-ufff hes still on call..
Kunj cms to them holding his ears..
T-tho princesss…isss kadi ko konsi saza di jayee…
(so princess what punishment must be given to him?)
A-ummmm…jo appp kahe maharai
(mmmmm..what ever u say my queeen)
A-so the punishment is double…
T-exactly princess…
K-so whats the punishment..
A-gadbad icecram mumma…
vo bhi 2..
K-what no ways..nor u are eating it..nor are v..
T-y whts wrong in it..
so first punishmnet is fixed..
K-no ways…
T&A(together)-yes ways…!
and they giggle…
both drag kunj to cafe…


Man on call-yes,i was falling her..
but just then i went to attend my natures call(hope u understand)then when i was back..she disappeared

what the hell…?han dont dare anything like that..
plzzzz…i m trying na…
plzz understand yar..
i know she was the best player..i ll try to bring her..

(call ends)
uff where did this girl go now…where to search her..


twinj and ariya are sitting in cafe..
twinkle orders 3 gadbad..
K-no champ just get 2..
A-y…i m not sharing mine with u..
T-nor m i!(shows tounge)
K-nor i want ur boths it..
i just dont like it..
so just get me a cold cofee..
T-no bhaiyaa get 3 ice-creams..and 1 cold coffee for him..
K-are u kidding..
3 icecreams and that too gadbad…?
A-yes papa…and u cant deny us..too
T-someone is angry..hai na princess..
A-(just gigle)
K-i ll just cm…
T-abb kaha(now where?)
K-said na..i ll just cm…

the man comes to same cafe..
and notices..twinkle…
he gets happy and moves towards twinkle…
Man-excuse me
A-mumma c our icecream is here..but paa is missing…
T-dont worry beta..he ll just cm..c here he cmes…

(kunj was walking towards twinkle and ariya..
the man was facing his back…) can i help u..
K-so ice creams are here han..
A-han papa
K-whos he?
Twinkle gives a dont know look..
man-actually..i taught u to be my i was maistaken..i m sorry..
A-u duffer..idiot…shes not ur gf..shes my mumma…
T-ariya..say sorry to him..its not way to talk to elders..beta
A-but he said u..
man-its k..(and he levs being tensed)
T-tum toh kuch kaho..(atlest u say something)
K-han..i mean its oky..yar..shes a kid..and shes Ariya Kunj Sarna..
she dont need to ask sorry to anyone..
specially when its not her mistake..
K-twinkle plzzz..lev all and have ur icecream..
T-not intrested..
A-mumma sorry..
T-no need beta..ur ariya kunj sarna…daughter of kunj sarna..the great..u need not say sorryy..
ri8 kunj..
T-i think v shd lev..
Kunj pays the bill..
and trio lev..

In car..
theres a pin drop silence..
kunj looks at twinkle…

—– * KUNJS POV * —–

I know ur hert..that to too much..i can understand…s i shd have said ariya to ask sorry…
but how could i forget that the guy was ..infact he was same guy..
y d hell he came back..
but do still he remember twinkle?
no i cant let him talk..i cant let twinkle….no
kunj ur overthinking..nothing will happen to ur twinkle..
i ll not let anything happen to her..

—— * POV ENDS * —–

kunj sees through mirror that ariya had slept..
and sees that twinkle is looking outside the avoid the eye contact..

i m sorryy..
T-u need not be..
K-i know i shd have asked (he stops the car)

guess y?
obvio home is here..

K-twinkle atlest listen yar..
twinkle was taking bags by opeing door
kunj cm and holds the door and says i ll get the bags..
twinkle open other door to take ariya..(as kunj had bloked the other one)
K-i ll get her..
T-i can too
K-no u cant so i m saying what ever u want..
K-i din mean that..
mere bat toh sunn yar..
twinkle just goes to her room..
Uv watches this..
uv-iss kys huva..and where are kunj and ariya
he sees servents getting bags..
and kunj cmming from back lifting ariya..who was sleeping peacefully..

Uv-all well na kunj..
K-nothing is well..
kunj goes to ariyas room uv follows him..
kunj places ariya carefully with out disturbing ariyas sleep..

kunj and uv move towards hall..
and kunj silently goes to his study room..
and sits there..with diary in his hand..
Uv-whats in this..
K-twinkle ki hai
UV-i know..
K-u know she used to write it before…
and i wold read it..
twinkle always knew that i read her diary..
but she always acted as if she doesnt knoe…
Uv-my sister is great na…
Uv-now say me what happened brwn u both..
K-i saw the same guy trying to talk to twinkle..
when he saw me he changed the topic..
(he explains all about the cafe)
Uv-yeah fine…kunj i got it..but whos this guy..ur just refering him as guy guy guy…
namm nahi hai kya(he doesnt have name kys?)
K-vivek is back!
Uv-what that bas****d is here..
i hope he din spell any thing to
K-no he dint and i ll not allow him too…
kunj closes his eyes in pain..
and remembers the things..

—– * —– * FLASHBACk(as kunjs POV) * —– * —–

(guys plz go to the moment where v had stopped the flash back secnes..let me give u a recap of it…only the manin part needed now that u shd remember is given as recap..
if u want t read whole flash back refer episode 6 to 11..

Recap of last flashback-twinkle takinging pills..atlast she gets
back home and tej truth was out..
and as days were passing twinkle used to cm home injured)

how can i forget twinkle…those days..
u used to cm home injured..u used to say me that u joined some tution classes..i merly trusted uu…i wish i couldent..but how can i forget the same mistakes bought both of

u din know how i used to fell seeing u injured..
then one day i made up my mind to follow u..
the whole day i bunked my clg..
and was waiting for u like mad there..
infact i changed my getup too…so that u dont identify me..
then what i saw when i folloed u..
was as if paroo taele zammen kisak gay(dont know english version of this,ri8 now not able to remember it too)
yes,i saw her going into a building..
where they bet on people..(dont think any thing bakwas girls and boys)
for a moment..
i was like…
i saw her meeting a man..
he hugged her and said so my lucky charm is here..
the man was vivek..the same one who wanted to meet twinkle..

it was the place where u bet on drivers…
its a car crashing area…
many people bet there…and participants get huge amount of money..
but only those are allowed to participate who dont feel to liv any more..

i had only heard about this palce..
never saw..
twinkle and vivek stood front of me..
and then there took place a round..
where 2 cars trashed..and it blasted..tho the drivers were given extrem protection and were injured but what i saw took my breath from me..
i asked a man about twinkle only pointing towards her with out lwting her name out..
he said me her name is teju..
i then understood that its all coz of tej mystry and the guit that she still had..
i went to confrnt her but she had let somewhere..
i was so scared to know that twinkle is next contestent..
my eyes searched her..
and then my eyes found her..
she was on rail track ..ready for her name to be called out..

they then announced 1….2….3…..GO..
my heart sinked i stood there like a lifeless body…
then a sudden jerk of sound made me cm back i saw that the car was fine and twinkle too infact both drivers were fine..
i shihed in relief..
i straight way bribed the guards and went to twinkles room where she was allowed to rest..

i was beside door..she enetered..she could not see me..
she was winhing in pain..
then a small weak voice came from my mouth
she turned to face me..
what are u doing here..?”,she asked me..
i confronted her..and proved her to tell truth..

“i dont want to liv anymore..i kept a daughter away from a mother…i m responsible for such a crep thing..maa is soo good..that she still cares for me..and is searching groom for me…i dont want to become burden on anyone..anymor…”she said me as she hugged me…
i saw a wound on her neck..
she wincked in pain when i was hugging hr back…
i said ur wound…
i asked her if i can bandage it…?
she nooded..and i did so…
she was only crying…
she also added “i dont have a reason to i came here as u din let me die..and changed the pills tooo”
“so what do u want ..wanna die for such a silly thing…”
she was still sobbing…
“you want a reason to lev this lefe ri8,if i give u a reason then u shd promise me…infact swear on me that u ll never enter this hell …”
“hell”she asked me with a big question mark type face..
i wanted to say her..that what i saw is eyqaul to hell..hurting ur self is hell for me..
but no i just raged my voice and asked yes or no?
she said “yes”
i took the sissor from first aid box..cut my hand and filled her vermillon with my blood..
and contined
“now u have a reason to liv..u are not just twinkle…u are kunj sarnas u r twinkle kunj sarna…
so u have lost all rights from urself…
on every breath of u…
on u..
now only and only i have the right…
i hope the reason is enough for u…twinkle uffs..
MRS twinkle sarna i added..with tears and rage in my eyes…
she was still in shock…
she touched her vermillon just to confirm..
she was hell angry on me..
she was about to rasie a hand on me..obvio to slap..
but i hel it..
and added”u u r mrs sarna…and u have reason to ..”
i was still in my old getup..(not as kunj)
vivek came there and started yealling twinkle…i slapped him 2-3 and said get lost..
i threw note bundles on his face..
he shouted-“i ll not lev u ..” i ignored it n
i took her from there..
she was still in shock..
while driving the car i also noticed that she was sobbing..
i said dont worry twinkle ur only mrs sarna..
but still for me ur my old best frnd..
and i m too the same for u..
v ll stay like hubby wife infront of all..and in room frnds…

—– * —– * —- END —- * —– * —–

Uv-we will save her..and not let her go their..
Uv-but for now..go and ask soory to my sis…and dont forget i m still same uv..who dont like tears in my sisters eyes..
K-yeah..i know..

—– * —– * —- * —- * —– * —–

Precap-twinkle ko manooo..

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