Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 16)


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Kunj comes towards car..and open the front door..
but twinkle turns her face (in a funny way) goes to back door and sits their..
Kunj looks towards ariya..
but she too enacts like twinkle and goes behind her..
K-abb isse kya hogaya..
yee maa beti dono ek number ke dramebazz hai..
pata nahi mere palle hi kyun pade..(now what has happened to her..these mom-daughter deo are number 1 dramebazz..)

Kunj is driving..
and looks in mirror ..but twinkle sees this and turns her face and kunj again starts driving..and again after few min sees in mirror he doesnt find twinkle..
he just turns a min and chks but he dont find twinkle and ariya both..
he stops the car and peeps back..
he sees that both mom and daugther are siting down hide themselves..
T-abb dekna mein iss sadu ko kese punishment dete hun..
T-suus..! slowly..varnaa phir duss..
vese bhi iss sadu ke kan sharp hai..(shhu..slowly orelse ..dusss..coz by the way this sadus ears are sharp)
T-aur nahi toh kya..(then what?)(just realising that she heard kunj)
K-hmm mein..(yes me)
abb kya tum dono yeah bata ne ka kasta utogi ki(now will u plz take the charge of telling me) what d hell is going on here..and y are u provoking my daughter..against me..
T-i dont feel necessary to answer u..
K-fine..then we are going back..
A-y papa..
K-tell me what were u doing
Ariya shows him something which our kunj starts giving bright smile..
seriously? twinkle u were eating this..fine but whats this han..
y here..
A-to our victory..
A-(biting her tounge)sorry!
K-what victory..and tell me whats this..
T-nothing..u drive fast..i want to have something..coz i dint had anything in home..and my head is also paining..
K-ur fine na
K-no pizza..
K-coz i m saying..
T-even i m saying i want pizza only..
A-yaayyy!mumma won mumma won
K-but its cheating..
A-uffoooo..papa u dont know everything is fare in love and war..
K-stop watching movies..u talk a lot…
T-y r u screaming at my daughter..
K-For ur kind information she is my daughter too..
T-thanks fr informing..i din know only…
K-let me clarify ur dout then..
beta whats ur name
A-Ariya papa
K-full name..
A-Ariya kunj Sarna..!
K-hope its cleared now..
and with this..lets end this matter..coz v have reached the mall..
come now..lets shop..
T-no not this mall..
K-what? but y?
T-coz i m ur wife and smarter then u..
so v are going to abc mall..
K-all malls are same..they dont make a difference..
come now..
T-no no no!(she makes a pout face)
K-but y..?
T-ariya..u know ur papa thinks him self more smarter..
but he din know that his wife is more smarter then him..
K-say directly…and stop making jelabis out of it..
T-oky..let me b straight ..
I asked take me mall..but u wanted full security and all..
i said no..and u agreed to it..right?
T-then y d hell did u book whole mall for today..
and not only bokked..
when i said no bodyguards..
u placed ur bodyguards as people in mall..
K-han…i mean no …matlab…
T-shock laga na?(u got shocked right)
so now lets go to abc mall..
K-(to himself)worse was she got to know that..
and more worst was now i have to bear those crowds..i mean i would love to with my twinkle and my daughter..
coz i miss those..
but i get irrited by media..who just surround me..
and i hate the more worst when people stupid question..
K-here v reach u both stand right there in the enterance and wait for me there..dont move anywhere..
plzz for god sake siyappa queen no siyappas plz….
i ll be back after parking the car..
T-(pulling his cheeks)oky my cutie pie..
A-wow..papa ur name is so nice..even i ll call u cutiee pie papa..
nice name na…
Kunj bends towards ariya and says dont call me that oky…

T-oky now go fast..

twinkle and ariya are standing near the enterance….a guy sees them…
Guy-she..(looking towards twinkle)
wow…how nice it is to meet her..but i m douting..if shes the same girl..?
shit yar should i meet her..
han i ll do a thing i ll go near and see..
once if shes my same girl then i ll surly meet her..
after all its long high time..
he goes towards her..

T-c here he come..
come lets explore the shopping..
ariya and twinkle give hifi to each other..
K-so lets go..

trio enter the mall…

the guy comes their..
and sees that twinkle is no where..
he cals someone..
and says i saw the same girl..s i m searching her..
han oky..i ll call u later..and s yar i m sure she is same…

K-so where shall we go first..?
A-wait..papa..y are we here..
K-to shop..
A-han but for whome?
K-obvio for this siyappa queen..
A-then first we shd go there..
T-no beta..i ll shop later come lets go to kids section..
K-han good idea.challo ariya..
K-now what..
A-i m small..right..?
T-ur smallest..?
A-i m ur princess
K-s..and my darling tooo..
A-then plz do something i cant leg is paining..
T-aww…come i ll pick u..
K-tu rehnede..when her papa is here i ll pick her..else..after sometime..
u ll get tired..and would ask me to pick u too..
Twikle gives “i ll kill u look” to kunj..

now here it..i have created few suspence here…
the past as shown in promo ll be out soon…
but the beets are here..

-whos this new man looking for twinkle…
keep thinking…
sorry for short episode..
hope u enjoyed and had fun..
ll be back with a longer episode..thats a maha episode..
yes,next episode is maha episode…!
a longer one..
with a bigger twist…

ll be back after 2 or 3 days..
tommo tho not possible..
coz i m outing with my family and frnds…as soon ll be leving them…

hope u guys understand..

Credit to: crazy

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