Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 14)


First of all..a very very big thankyou to all the TU members..
aree yar i just could not define my happiness when i read ur cmmnts..
uff..ur just till infinity and so is mine to u..
guys i m not ending this ff or leaving it in middle..
i ll write but ll not be able to upload offten..
as i m buzy with my tight schdule..

now lets proceed to episode..
baki ki bak bak at the end..

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Recap-the night masti with twinj were twinkle was scared and kunj spacifies her..and we saw few funny secnes..

—– * —– * —- * —– * —– * —- * —– * —–

Kunj bindfolds twinkle his hands..
T-kunj batoo na where are u taking me..
K-rukja todhi der u ll get to know..
T-u know i m so exited to c the gift..i just lov u so so so much kunj..
esse lag raha hai ki i should hug u tight and u a peak..but u have bindfolded me…
aur even if u would have not bindfolded me then also na..
uff how could i forget my hubby is so boring..
K-will u shut ur mouth for some time…
T-kyun mein kyun muuh band karun..and by the way
K-uff meri maa bass kar..varna kal ki shopping cancel..
T-nahi nahi plzzz..tum toh mere cutii piee so plzzz..
K-okky ok ab ready for surprise..
and he remove his handfrom her eyes..
she slowly opens her eyes..and sees few members standing there..
3 womens and a guy with a small girl..
“so mrs Kunj sarna kesa laga surprise?”,says kunj..
twinkle had tears in her eyes..she eyes lovingly to kunj and he asures her to making eye contact..

Twinkle opens her arms and the small cute girl runs to her calling her mumma..
twinkle hugs her and cries..
yes,the girl is ariya..
both hug for some time..and then break the hug..
Ariya-mumma i m sooooo happy that at last u woke up..
u know i used to miss u so much…
now u ll not lev me and go na..?
and promise me..u wont sleep for so long.
T-pakka promise beta..!
K-today only hugs to ur mom….toh dad ko kon hug karega..?
A-ufff ho..i m angry on u..i wont speak but i can give u hug..
now cm down…
K-umm oky..
so my darling is angry on her dad..but dad also must know y his darling is angry..
A-coz darlings dad din call her since two days..and his darling was missing him..but dad din bother only..
K-(holding his ears)ohh sooo sorry beta..
i m sorry..
T-beta..challo we ll give ur dad a punishment..
A-good idea mumma..
but what is the punishment..
T-hmm we ll think it later..

Twinkle gets up and sees leela and usha their..
she hugs them..
kunj intros all..
and he also intro UV and Mahi as her bhai and bhabhi..
Leela-beta i m so happy that ur fine…
Usha-han puttar we missed u so much..
K-koi muze be miss karliya karo..
T-kisi se jalne ki boo aarahi hai …hai na maa?
mahi-exactly twinkle..
Uv-twinkle tu teek toh hai na..?
T-g bhaiya mein tekk hun..
Leela and all starts laughing..
K-twinkle tumne UV ko “G bhaiya” kaha?
T-han bo muzje bade hai na so..
UV-u used to call me bhai..

all have a family time..

K-han Mr Yuraj bolo
UV-ur being too much formal
K-i havnt forgiven u yet
UV-i dint had any option bro
K-anyway i dont want to speak about that..all i know is twinkle is with me..n i wont allow any bad eye fall on anycost..
Uv-i m with u..
K-thanku but i can handle my wiife..
UV-ur wife is first my sister
now tell me where u found her and what did doc say?
kunj says him everything..
Uv-kunj what if she regains her memory..
i have seen her hurting herself..when she left u all..
i dont want my sister to do so again..
K-dont worry Mr Yuraj..i ll only allow her to remember which she should..i wont let her go far from me and family..this time..
Uv hugs kunj,but our kunj dont respocate..
Uv-i know i dont have any but still plz forgive me..plzz i was helpless that time..
she had said she ll commit suside if i dont listen to her..and i got scared plz kunj..
K-plz Mr yuraj..u can lev now
UV-i know ur angry..but once place ur self in my place and think what could have been my state..
K-did u think how i,maa and all that 6 months old that small ariya
then y d hell should i..
now just lev plz…
K-i said lev..now1

L-beta..kya tumhe toda b yad nahi hai..?
U-han beta toda yad kase kunj ne tumhari mang bhari thi hospital mein..pir kase tum douo dusman bangaye..
M-han twinkle ..tumhe pata hai..kunj bhai ne tumhari mang bhari thi issiliye best frnds turned into enemies..
par firbhi ek dusrke bina ek din bhi nahi reh pate the..
hai na maa?
T-i dont remember anything…accha..aur kya kya huva..batoo na bhabhi..
K-kuch bhi bata ne ki zarurat nahi hai isse..
T-par muzje zana hai..plzz
K-its not right time twinkle..doc has said u to rest
T-bhad mein gaya tumhara doc..bhad mein gaya rest..muzje zana hai matlab zana hai..
K-meine kaha na..not now..some other day..
its time for ur rest..
jennie(shes maid guys i mentioned it before)
twinkle ko duud de do and medicines too
twinkle now go and rest i said..
T-no no no..kunj plzz…i want to spend time with all..
i want to hear all the things..coz i dont remember anything..plzz
K-tu nahi manegi…
Ariya-papa y r u scolding mumma..
T-han beta dekho papa muzje kitna datthe hai..
Ariya keeping her both the hands on her waist..
dont u it..
K-arre but..
twinkle shows tounge to kunj and hugs ariya..
and smiles victoriously…
kunj(self talk)yeah sab milkar muzje hitler bana rahe hai..abhi bata ta hun tuzje twikle..agar medicine bataunga toh support nahi karegi but milk..han
K-beta app ko pata hai mein appki mumma ko kyun datt raha tha
K-coz she is saying no to milk..which gives u so much strength hai na..
T-(self talk)yeah kunj toh isse black mail kar raha hai..aur agar jeet gaya na toh..i shd drink that taste less milk..

T-vo..nahi toh beta..
K-dekha..toh say her to drink it here only..
A-aree its oky papa..milk is very taste less…
i too hate it..and i think mumma also..
hai na..
T(again smiling victoriously)-yes beta
K-i dont care now..drink this milk and have medicines..else u ll become ill again..
(fake anger)
A-mumma u din take medicine take it fast plzzz..for me
T-oky..sadu sarna tum badme milo i ll talk to u..
K-i heard everything
T-very fine
Leela-are puttar basss..twinkle beta..davayee khale..
by this u ll get well soon
usha-han beta…
UV-comon twinkle eat it fast..
twinkle haves her medicines and again sits there only..for chatting..

After some time
K-tu abhi tak yahe hai…i said u to rest na..
T-no u dint..cant u c i and bhai are playing with ariya..
u go mr sadu sarna go and sit in ur study..
K-twinkle u may get unwell again..
Dj atlest u make her understand..
Uv–what did u call me..
(kunj assures by eyes that he has forgiven UV)
twinki i think kunj is right..
u should go..
T-accha tek hai bass ariya ko suladun fir chalijaungi..
saying this she takes ariya with her..

ariyas room..
T-han beta..
Ar-u ll not lev me agin na..?
T-han beta promise..
twinkle makes her sleep and lys there only..
T-mein kyun aaoo
K-are yar plzz..
u wont get sleep here..
and if u sleep here wr will i?
T-in ur room..
T-chatni pot!
now go
K-u wont come..
K-zabardasti karun toh
K-i know u wont let ariyas peace ful sleep to get disturbed..
T-but i want to sleep with her..
but bed is small one..
u cant even place ur self comfortbly..
and u know shes went on u..
who wakes up at small pin of noise..
so i cant help
T-no i wont go..
K-but u shd..
T-i ll not go only how will u take me..
K-watch this

Saying this he pics twinkle in his arms..
and twinkle smiles at him..and puts her hand around his neck..
and smiles..

Next day..
Twinkle goes to ariya and wakes her up
A-maa..plz just 5 min..plzzz
T-aree but its 8 already..get up beta
A-han its 8!
T-accha koi ni its oky u sleep for some time..oky
A-no even if i want i cant..
T-y so..
T-papa ?matlab
A-he wants all of us to have atlest one time of dine together..
so breakfast is the only thing that all can have to gether
so its rule that v shd be their at 9 sharp..
T-accha?but its good habit na..and good idea too to have the quality time with family..
by talking and enjoying..
A-and what about table manners mumma?
T-table manners?
i hope its not like..
having food with out talking..with out laughing n all..
A-aree no no we all can talk but papa dont talk to anyone..
nor laugh..just he eats and if hes asked he answers and thats it mumma..
but i think its coz he was missing u..
T-awww..i know what my lil princess want u want ur papa to be a joly one?not hitler
then lets go on a mission were today their ll only be joy and ur papa will only talk..
now get ready fast..
T-han beta
A-not only papa but mamu also..&did u forget something
T-achha dont worry ll make them jolly too & me and forgot something..?no..
A-my morning hug and kiss
T-aww..come here..

@Breakfast table
All are sitting together ..and waitingfor kunj..
he comes down and looks at twinkle angrly..
ariya and all other starts laughing..

Kunj comes on a three forth pant and a red top..with sunflowers on it..
(somewhat like a beach attire)
K-what d hell..yar
where are my clothes…?
T-yeah..i gave them for cleaning..
T-han any problem..?
K-and from where did u get these girly clothes..
T-uffhooo my pati dev…u only taught me to save time..
online shopping did u forget?
K-(himself)le kunj beta..bada challa tha bevi ko impress karne aur dek kya kiya iss siyappa queen ne..

just then our Uv enetrs..
U-kunj..are u gone insane?these cloths..
(he sees all gigling..and understands)
Uv-so all are here hai na?
UV-pass the salad
Twinkle winks at mahi..
T-bhai today for a change different ..
U-twinki fine so whats for breakfast..and it should be light han
T-han pizza
(its been 10 mins now..that no one is speaking..twinkle and ariya wink at each other)
Uv starts eating the served pizza..and he looks shocking at twinkle..then mahi then all members of family simultaneously and starts screaming (u might have guessed y na?)
and starts drinking water..
kunj worries for Uv and goes towards him..and as he was about to go..
he falls down..
(u might have guessed it too..

(Flashback:-ariya goes down the chair and ties the shoe lace of kunj..)

still twinkle and all others try to control their laugh..
T-kunj my shopping!
K-han we shall go now.. me too me too.. mom and daughter ll enjoy..
i ll just go and get ready and come soon..
K-no need..phir..1 ghanta ..n i cant aford its better u cm as u are..
coz by the way no one ll c u ..
T-(to her self)so challanging me mr sarna….?wait sab hai toh isska fida utha rahe ho..?
i ll tell u who is Mrs Sarna..!
just cm for shopping..
lets go..
here take pizza..
K-(thinking what happened with uv)no no..i m not hungry..i m fine with my juice..
lets go..
(self talk)isse kya huva..?i said her so to taunt her so that she could defend her self and i can take my badle of making me fall..but iss siyappa queen ko tho..thodi bhi fikir nahi..

twinj and ariya together lev for shopping..

—– * —– * —- * —– * —– * —- * —– * —–

precap-kunj twinkle and ariya on shopping..
twinkle ke nakre..
kunj ka naya mission bivi manoo..
and a new shock..
a past haunting comes front of kunj..

—– * —– * —- * —– * —– * —- * —– * —–

and soon guys v ll move to a short flash back..
i.e as shown in promo..

hope u enjoyed the episode

—– * —– * —- * —– * —– * —- * —– * —–
To my Dearest FF readers, lil sis thankyou for such a heart touching cmmt
and rosh yar the thing that u said made my jaws drop to ground,..
sayeeda really glad that u wait for my ff and os so eagery..and sorry for disappointing u some times when i dont upload ff..

and my dear “your fan”..answers to ur questions..
-still 1 n half month remaining for me to lev
-yes,completing the ff
-my course is CSE
-after 10th i directly persued my CSE..and continuing the same….just finished my final exam f DTE..
now gonna persue my Higer Eng..and then Master degree in it..
my aim is to work with my jiju..
whos one among the worlds 10 best software Eng..
(i know it sounds funny..but s..have lots of things to learn from him..and he being highly professional no chances of influence also hahahaha! only hard work can bring me sucess in it..)and dear my gmail is [email protected]
u can also catch me up in twitter/insta/snapchat.
hope u are satisfined by my answers..

also a big wala tq to mitali, kruti, fatarajo, twinky, anushka, zikra, sam, ria, panchi, keerthana, lama, ritzi, rupam, sanam and all my silent readers and those too whom i by mistake din mention the name..
Aku i m missing u re..where are u..?if at all if u are reading this ff..plz say me if u r here..i m really missing u badly..if any1 know abt her toh u atlest cmmnt n let me know if shes fine..


Credit to: crazy

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