Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 13)


Hai guys..back with another episode..
thanku for support..have few surprise and bad news to u..this ff will be my last ff on TU..going to NY for higer education and dont know if my cousin i mean bhai ll allow me to write it further or this ll be last indeed..
he was the first one to encourage me in publishing my stories on website..but insted of websie i choosed TU as my medium..
though he was the first one to support me, now hes asking me to concentrate on my curier too as my goal of life is higer a bit..
being youngest girl all are a bit more possisive..
it all started since 2015 feb..writing my first ff for PKDH,swaragini,undefined love story,marathi fan friction for HSMHG and then TEi..
just loved everything huge following family too..
thanku for support..and yeah want everyone to suport me in this..
and bid me bye in a good maner with out tears..
and if at all by chance i m back without letting my bahi know then ll let u guys know about it..

challo enough of my talks lets move to episode now..

Recap-cute twinj secnes..and now we are in present..

Its 3:07..twinkle wakes up to drink water she sees time..
and gets scared..and simly goes to kunj and hugs him tight and sleeps…
K-kya huva twinkle…dont hug so tight..yar..
T-kunj plz let me..c the time is 3:7 and in movie
K-uff..u watched insideous na then what u r thinking is of conjurin so sleep..
T-kunj i m really scared..
wait i ll put the blankent full on us..
and u plz dont let me go..
K-hmm k…do what ever u want and let me sleep i m tired already..
he hugs her too..
T-let me put the blaanket atlest..
K-main hun na no need
both sleep peacefully..

Its about 5 when twinkle was sleeping peacefully..
she suddenly jerks kunj making him fall..
and kunj gets up at that instant..
K-tabhi toh mein sochhu..abhi tak muze isski laat kyun nahi padi..
horror movies dekti yeah hai and suffer muje karna padta hai
(that is what i was thinking y dint she kick me still..
the one who watch horror movies is this madam and sufferer is me)
he adjusts himself bac and sleeps..
and again a dyuunnnn!
yar is she football player or thinking her self as messy
now i wont sleep with her..this is y i said her yesterday to let me sleep in couch but no..
he goes to wadrob..takes a dupatta of twinkle..
and ties it to her legs..
moves her one side and sleeps beside her..

after about 30 min..
both twinj are sleeping peace fully..
higging each other..
when suddenly kunj wakes up..
with a jerk keeping his hand on his cheeks..
yes u guessed it right..
twinkle slapped hm in sleep..

kunj gets up
“i swear twinkle..i ll never let u watch any horror movies from today..”
he sees time..its 7..
kunj goes to twinkle and unties the duppata that he had tied on her legs..
for preventing her from kicking him more..
he goes and frshens up…and sees that twinkle is no where..
just then twinkle comes fro out
K-where vr u?
T-went to other room to have bath..
Twinkle back hugs kunj and asks v are going for shopping right?
K-yeah..we are..and u dont need to put maska for just going to shopping oky..
T-u meel i m putting makhan to u..
hahaha no way..i was just showing my Mr perfect how to romance..
T-wait what happened to ur cheeks..
K-nothing..(in angry tone)
t-Its as if some one slapped u..
K-not some one my own wife slapped me in sleep..not only slapped but kicked me also..and made me fall so badly ..
hayyy meri kamar..
T-(was teary eyes)how cm kunj?u are lying right..?
K-(din notice that she had teary eyes)no twinkle i m not..that is why i said u..i ll sleep seperate..
coz i had experienced it..
(and he turns and finds twinkle crying)
kunj cups her face..and wipes her tears..
K-hai y r u crying..?
he side hugs her..
T-i m sorry kunj..plz i m sorry..
i might be the only wife that kicks her husband slaps her husband…and dono what nt i have done..
K-that is y i say u r unique..
twinkle kisses him on his cheeks..
kunj says did u see that the pain is gone now..
kunj holds her by waist..
and twinklle puts her hand around his neck..
they lean to a kiss..but as usual they are interupted by a call..
K-han bol..
ya ya i know…han u dont worry i ll

twinkle (self talk)-uff pirse call..maan toh kar ta hai iss phone ko lekar tod dun..phod dun..
mera pati toh kabhi romance karta hai nahi..aur jab thoda bohot mood ho jata hai tab yeah..
asee lagta hai phone meri sautan hai..

Kunj finishes his talk and turns to see that twinkle was giving a small touch they were going out obvio for shopping..
kunj-twinkle chale..
T-han tumahare phone calls khatam hogaye ho toh lets go..
K-toh madam gussa hai..
T-nahi toh mein kyun gussa karungi..
saying ths she turns her face..
kunj comes and leans towards her back hugging and keeping his chin on her sholder..
K-umm so u are angry..and as a husband its my duty to make u go well..
T-no..nonono..y shd u..go talk on phone..and do a thing divorce me and marry this cell..
K-do u know if i would not have picked the cell then how could ur surprise get delivered ..
t-surprise..?so it means it was that call..
K-han siyapaa queen
T-i love u kunj
K-love u too
and sorry..
K-han vo actually ur surprise was about to cm in evening but its o i think we should skip the plan of shopping..
dont say m this kunj..i cant toltrate this sarress anymore..
u know i always feel that they can skip out anytime..
and for god sake how many time should i take help from jennie aunty(shes maid guys)
plz kunj..
K-lekin surprisee..
T-i ll cm home and see..
coz we dont have any option left out
K-humm we have one..
u can get ur shopping done now and here itself..matlab how much u want now na that mich..
then u can see surprise too..
T-and how is that possible
K-online shopping..and we will say for fast delivery.. cutieee piee is so intelligent..
T-han sagat ka asar hai i know..!
K-u r too much twinkle..
now come lets do..
T-kunj shall i ask u something..
K-han ask..
T-what type of dresses i wore before?
K-what type of question is this yar..
T_han matlab i wore salwar suits or formals or saree
no no no i m sure i have never wore it..
coz i know how uncomfortable i m in this..
K-to tell truth..u wore sarees ocasionally..
and in parties u wore one piece or denims..
in home when family is there u wore salwar and u wore formals too..
in short i have seen u wearing all types of dresses ..
oky now cm we ll c which u want to..
twinkle and kunj sat their and saved time and did few shopping..
kunj seperately ordered few thing too..

(guys i know i said u about shopping and all..but this was a prank..but dont worry shopping track and that fun ll also be shown..with few twist as i said u in promo..and for implementing promo and going back to flash back we need shopping dont get dissappointed..)

T-its been an hour kunj where are my suprise gifts..
u din take me to shopping saying they are on way..and u..
K-twinkle patience
Twinkle starts walking here and their..
just then they hear the sound of horn of car and kunj says “lo gaya apka surprise madam”

Precap-Surprise surprise surprise!

Credit to: crazy

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