Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 12)


(guys we are going in present now..story from episode 6 to 11 was flashback of how twinj became close the next session of flashback i ll show u their love story and in next the betryal of their love (i.e how were they got seperated which u all wnted to know right from episode 1)..just trust me..u ll enjoy this track..)

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

Theres a knock on the door..
kunj comes out of flash back and sees that a lady is standing their..
he quickly goes to her and hugs her tight..
its our bebe..
Kunj beta i have always supported u..u remember many days ago i said u a thing..
trust on god..and he ll make all set..
when u had lost all trust on that god..i said u to trust him only for me..
and c he gave back ur twinkle to u..
similarly trust hhim again..
he ll not let anything happen to her..

afterall shes our punjabdi kudi..
and punjabda sheer ki sherni han na..
K-han bebe ur (and looks for bebe here and their and sees that it was just his imagination)

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

guys i m sure u had taught shes back na
hahaha!sorry shes not..i was thinking u all like to c more twinj secnes so let her be in the imagination itself..and u all enjoy twinj secnes..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–

“i think now i should chk twinkle once..doc had given her injection of going in mild coma so that she can rest”,says kunj and goes towards the room to chk twinkle..
he comes in and his jaws fell off and was shocked to see something..

he saw that twinkle was trying to wear a saree..
and she was not able to wear..

K-shit..kunj wrong time(he murmurs)
twinkle hears him..and turns..herself..
to which kunj starts laughing aloud..grumbling around..seeing twinkle..
K-twinkle koi saree denim pe nahi penete..i know tere memory chull hogayi hai but itni ki..hahah!

Twinkle looks herself in mirror..and smiles too
twinkle had wore a denim..and instead of top she wore blouse..
and wrapped the saree around herself .. funny..u wait i want to talk to u..i llchange and come back..
K-wese(comming close to her)if u want i can help u in wearing it..
shall i..

Twinkle looks in kunjs eyes..
both are lost in each other..
twinkle pics up the saree like a she had wrapped around her and was not able to wlk properly and running ws far away..
and pusshed kunj on bed and ran to washroom..
K-this girl will make me go mad for her like she made me BEFORe

twinkle comes out wearing kunjs shirt and a denim..
K-dint u get any other dress..?
T-all tops are becomming somewhat too short and i m not comfortable..
now say what u wanted to ask..
(she walks to a table and gets a album)
she shows it to kunj..
see to kunj and asks him if we married 5 yrs ago hows our child 5 yrs only..
did v both do any sin.
and she starts crying..
she says all this while shes closing her eyes..
she open her eyes and finds kunj missing..
she wipes her tears and calls out for kunj..
kunj ..kaha ho..
kunj makes some noise..
twinkle follows it..
and kunj is seen in balcony talking to someone..
kunj signs her that the call is important..
he ll be back soon..
twinkle smiles at his childish actions and says oky..

kunj finishes his call and comes in room and sees that twinkle slept on couch itself..
he carefully takes her in his arms..and places her slightly on bed..making sure her sleep does not get disturbed..
he says uff yeah siyappa queen toh din ba din mothi goti jarahi hai..

he cares her hair..and kisses gently on her forehead..and drags a chair and sits infront of her admiring her beauty,staring her..he goes slowly to her and was about to give her a peak but backsoff suddenly with a jerk and goes and stands near the window..

“what the hell was wrong with u kunj,how could u even think of i cant..”says kunj..
he was frustrated he bangs on wall with frustration..
he feels two beautiful hands around his back..hugging him..he could feel them..those touch made him again and again melt for her..
he calms down and closes his eyes tight..and a drop of tear falls on those two delicate hands..
yes,it was twinkle hugging him..
she turned kunj to face her..
kunj had still closed her eyes..
she slowly kisses his eye..
respocating him to open them..
twinj have a eye lock..
K-u din sleep..
T-i had but i ur touch
K-v..i m sorry i know i.
Twinkle places her finger on kunjs lips..
T-u dont need to think 100 times before comming close to me kunj..u are my husband and i m ur wife u have full rights on me..
K-i know twinkl..pata hai mujze par..mein wait karunga..wait karunga ki kabb tuje sab yaad aajayee..

mein itna bewakuff bhi nahi hon jitna tu muje samajti hai..i know u dont remember any thing..
u might have seen these pics and came to conclude that i m ur hubby..hai na?
tu duniya kisi se bhi ullu bana sakti hai..muja nahi..
issliya jab tak tuze kuch yad nahi ata i wont cm close to u..(but i ll wait..i m not fool as much as i think..i knw u dont remember anything from past..and when u woke up u might have seen these pics and concludede that i m ur hubby..u might lie anyone in this world but not me..i know
so i have decided thzt till u remember everything i wont come close to u)

twinkle had tears in her eyes..
kunj turned again to window..

—– * —– * Twinkles POV * —– * —–

thanku so much babaji..i might have done some good deeds that y i m here with kunj..
hes so caring…he respects the feelings of girls..
he knows all about me..
he got to know i lied so he went from me..thinking i may feel uncomfortable..
aur koi hota toh he might have took advantage..
and pics ka kya hai..we have photoshop now..
but today his words confirmed me that he is my husband sadu sarna..
and i fell for him..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

twinkle walks towards kunj and stands beside him..she keeps her hand on his(which was on seeling)
she says “kunj i m sorry i dont know how u came to know that..but i all know is i love u..and i trust my love a lot”
twinkle turns kunj and moves close to him..
“u are bound not to come close to me..but i m not bound to come close to u..”

kunj was in shock to hear this,he suddenly opened his eyes..and looked at twinkle..who was just inches far from him..

she leans still more close to him..she takes his hand keeps them on her waist..making him confortable..and keeps her hands around his neck..twinkle closes her eyes..and was about to kiss him when his phone rang..

both get it..
kunj smiles at twinkle and twinkle too does the same..
he says its maa..
kunj goes out and attends the call and comes back..
T-y did u go out..?and i also wanted to talk to them..ariya also stays with them na..
i wanted to talk to her..
T-han vo vo kya?age bhi toh bolo..
K-nothing..just sleep now..tommo ll be hectic for u..
T-no i wont sleep..i m bores so i ll watch Tv now..
K-i m feeling my old twinkle is back..
T-now were is this remote..
K-why are u take the remote..
fine u watch Tv till then i ll complete my presentation..
T-oky i ll watch any movie..

T-i want cheez popcorn
K-are u crazy..?it has colestrol and doc has said that u should not eat such things..
K-no but wat..
u are not having it..
T-atlest normal one..plzz..
K-oky u wait i ll get it..
twinkle climbs the bed..
and sees that kunj had kept so many files here and their..
she takes all of them and throws it on couch
and changes the channel..
she sees few things but get bored..
just then kunj enetrs and twinkle shouts Insideous
K-what?are u sure u want to watch that
T-han..y are u scared?
K-no i taught u are scared..
T-y ll i be..
K-coz u were scared before to watch such movie..
T-before na not give me my popcorn..
K-what the files y did u throw them this way..
T-coz i want bed clean..
K-clean my..
twinkle interrupts making the light of the rom dim..and starts watching movie..
kunj keeps his hand on chest and folds them and looks at twinkle..enjoying the movie..

kunj takes his laptop and starts woring on presentation..
after some time he notices that twinkles laught has stopped ..
he chks her and sees that twinkle is biting her nails and has took blanked over her fully covered..and is wating from a side dip of it..only with a eyes open..

K-now i m sure that this is the same twinkle..
and something strikes his head and he smirks..
he slowly walks to twinkle..
and slowly puts his hands around her neck..from back..
twinkle screams and falls on kunj..
making both of them fall on ground..and blanket wrapped around them
she had closed her eyes and starts chanting hanuman chalisa..
“Jai hanuman gayan guun sagar..
jai kapisa thriha lok…….
and kunj just stares at her..
he slowly places his hands on her waist and makes some funny noise..
twinkle recognises the touch and starts sreaming..
kunj who culd not hear more of her scream places his hand on her mouth..
and kisses her cheeks.
twinkle slowly opens her eyes..
and finds kunj..she hugs him tight..
and then realises that it was prak of kunj..
and starts hitting him..
kunj starts laughing..
and our irrked twinkle tries to get up but in vain
K-i taught some one said they are not scared
T-who the hell said i m scared.. only u were chanting mantras
T-vo..make me get up first..its paining..
K-u are on me..ur wait is on me..
i fell on ground..
my back is acking..and its paining for u..

both compose themself..

twinkle switches off the Tv and says i m sleepy good night..
and he walk to couch and starts working..
he dims the light agin
T-kunj dont dim light..
K-are u scared..
T-no..u ll face problem else so..
K-ons the light as he knew shes scared and being ego cosious she ll not admit it..
kunj finishes his work and off the light..
and he sees twinkle awake and smirks..

he goes towards her and kisses her forehead and says good night siyappa queen..
and goes towards couch taking a pillow from othr side..
twinkle catches his hand and asks”where are u going?”
K-i said u na..that i..
T-and i said u u are sleeping here with me..
K-y..are u scared
K-then sleep alone..coz i know what ll happen if i sleep with u today..
T-what do u mean..
K-nothing u sleep..
i ll b here only on couch..
T-u ll sleep with me only..
fine u want to sleep on couch na..then i ll also join u
Kunj laughs turning his face..
twinkle notices this..
and thinks for a while..
T-fine go sleep..
K-are u sure..
K-good night..
kunj sleeeps on couch and closes his eyes..he feels some moment..
and open his eyes and sees taht twinkle is standing infront of him..
T-han nothing u continue..
K-twinkle …
T-are i m thinking how ll i adjust my self here.,,
K-what..and wides his eyes…
(hope u guys understood what was twinkle upt)
K-fine i ll sleep with u..on bed..
T-good boy..come

Precp-u guys ll enjoy it..just trust Me..funny episode on its way

hope u enjoyed

Credit to: crazy

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