Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 11)

HAi guys..
i know somewhere u were disappointed with this story..
but as made sure right in the first episode..
u should have patience..coz only patience can make u atleast if not love then like the story..
and many f u said me to continue with present and past simultaneously..
i tried hard to do so..but everytime endede in dissapointment coz i m not able to figure it out..and being a writer first it should satisfy me..and i myself make sure first that it is properly embeded or not..
and going together is making story worst so i rewrote it..
anyway this episode is last for flshback..and there after i will do it simultaneously..
hope u ll believe me..and trust me
and do say if u need any changes

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

lets proceed to episode now
Recap-Tej’s truth is out..Twinkle is completely broken in this she hurts her self

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

Twinkle is rushed to hospital..shes turning pale yellowish green in color..
all are worried for her..
Uv-doc doc..just chk her shes turing pale..
plzz save my sister plzzz.
Doc-cool down ..v shall proceed with her checkup..but till then plz fill up the form..
UV-dont worry about these..just chk my cutki..she must be fine..and if shes not then dont dare come infront of me..
Doc-dont tretn me..all i can do is try..
K-UV control ur anger all will be me..
UV-i just hope..else this doc this hospital will not be n good state..
Leela-uv kunj vo..beta..twink..
K-aunty cool..doc is their na..he ll do
U-leela g dont worry our sherni ll b back..and then we all will fight with her..
Uv hugs mahi and cries..
Doc comes out after some time..
UV-u came out it means my sis is fine na
DOC-yes,…she is! but,
K-but what..?
doc-u guys cant meet her..
UV-what bulsh*t is this..?
Doc-look she out of danger but due to stress ..(he stops their)
i need to talk personally to the one whos close to her..
whom she listens the most..

all look at UV and kunj..
Uv-kunj u go..
K-what? ..i?u know insted of fighting she never does anything with me and listening to my words is like its not in her dictionary..
Mahii-but,bhai only u are the one who can handle her stubrness..
UV-and after today she wont listen to me either..
K-fine..but Uv accomapany me
Doc-come to my cabin..and yeah dont worry..all is fine..shes out of danger i gave her medicines so that she can rest..

In cabin,
Doc-look..i know u guys are tensd..
but c..i m doc..and after what i m gonna ask u i need true answers and hence forth always say true..

K-y are u frighting us..?twinkle ko kuch..?
Doc-u are very well aware of it so i called u in private..
but i want to know ur family bg..
Uv-how can v say a;; of it to u
Doc-coz from hence forth i ll treat ur family doc..
plz prefer me and if u want to save her life u have to..
her case is critical..
Uv-what do u mean say clearly..
Doc-look twinkle is in lot of stress..
KUNJ-dr plzz clear
Doc-what happened in ur home that she took this step..
she has been addicted to those pills like a drug additor..
she takes them daily may be to reduce stree and get sleep..but today she took so much that she cant withstand anything..
sorry to say even if she contiues taking these pills more more than a week u ll loose her..
so in short u have 7 days to make her stress free..
now tell me truth what let her do this..

K&U tell doc everything..

Doc-i advise u to hurt her then
UV-are u insane
Doc-what ever but u must hurt her to get out of stree say her truth and let her come out..
and i m also sure that after listening the truth she may again go back to depression so for that all u must do is be with her 24 * 7 and get her out of guilt..
this is the only way left out..

KUnj-is their no other way..
Doc-their are many ways but u have 7 day i.e 1 week
i dont know how are u gonna do it
UV-its all coz of me..if i ever din shout her then this would never happen
Doc-look cntrl ur self..its time t be strong not week..
KUnj says can v go now..
he nods..
kunj asks uv to tc twinkle he ll be back soon..

Kunj goes to twinkles room he sees browine their..
he hugs him..and says jab yeah siyappa queen aaegi na we ll not lev her..
we both will torture her together..oky..
browine wags its tail..

Kunj searches whole room and at last gets those pills..
he changes those pills to vitamin tablets..
and even if she takes these she ll nt be in anydanger..

other hand,,,,
twinkle is consious..
she open her eyes..
and finds kunj infront of her..she gets up ..
and rubs her eyes..
she says how u also landed in heaven..
wait wait..
u must go to hell not heaven..
then is it that i also landed in hell or u by mistake landed in heaven..
and more over hoe u landed here though its hell or heaven..
i took pills not u..
K-smiling at u din take pills alone i also took them seeing u in stress
but did u take it..
as i m also with u..we ll share all with each other say me..
Just then UV enters and twinkle is shocked..
she gets that kunj saved her and was lying to her to get out the truth..
Uv rushes in cing twinkle fine and hugs her..and cries..
Uv-i m sorry twinkle..i m really sorry i din know that my reaction would cause ur life..i m sorry..really very srry..
T-its oky bhai..
u have right to scold me and to slap too
Uv understands tha twinkle is hurt..
UV-i know ur hurt but its important that u should know the truth that day what u saw was not fully true..
ur missunderstanding maa..
T-(stay silent)
just then nurse enters and says u can take her home..within an hour
but only one stay here and let all lev..

Kunj was about to lev room when uv asked him to stay..
KUNJ(self talk)-abb toh yeh billi jungly ban kar muze kachaa chaba jayege(now this cat ll go wild and will eat me raw)
all left..twinkle gave death glare to kunj..and decidede to just sleep..

DAys went on and twinkle became fine..
she used to take pills but those which kunj had changed..
she was recovering well but what stuck her mind was those words of uv about truth ..

KUnj and Uv’s talks
UV-kunj ur plan is flop..this only floped then how can we execte the next plan..
it was better if we could say her directly
K-no..yar..its working but y is twinkle not comming to ask u..
she has a huge dout ka kida in her mind..which makes her stress full..but this is necessary..
UV-what if she takes pills ?
Kunj-no dont worry i have changed them to vitamin tablets so it wont affect her..
UV-what if she keeps it to herself..
K-i have a nother plan..
K-we ll talk purpusly about it infront of her and atlest by this she tries to cme to u..or me ..yes,she ll come to me
if she gets that i know the truth..
UV-and whats the plan?

Uv and kunj go to nnear twinkles room..
kunj peeps a bit..and sees twinkle awake they both lean towards the door purpusly and start talking such that twinkle can hear them..
UV-kunj are u sure
K-yes,i m
K-shes a part of ur family..she has right to know about it..
(twinkle comes close to door to hear them)
K-go in and tel truth to twinkle..
UV-no i wont
K-u ll,she has right to know
UV-what if she cant handle
u know na she is sensitive about tejs matter
K-but tej is also her bro she has right n u are saying her
(T(to herself):thankgod plz reveal what truth is that)
Uv-no i wont
K-u ll
UV-i said i wont
K and i said i ll
(they are testing my patience says twinkle(to herself))

twinkle looses her temper and open the door and both our heros fall in room ..
T-hope u had a safe landing..
twinkle gives hand to kunj to get up..but doesnt to uv..
Uv looks on

The truth is out to twinkle now and she is fully distraught..
she huridly goes to leela and hugs her..
leela was in such a emotion that she could feel her daughter her twinkle about after 7 yrs she was very happy at this instance..
she din know what to say and what to do..
all she did wa to hug her and break down with her
twinkle asked her sorry..and cried out her heart..
leela looked towards kunj uv mahi and other members of family..all smiled to her ..
T-i..m very sorry..i hurted u a lot na..i m sorry
L-no din know about it..n i never told u too…if ever i would have said u about it..then this could have not happened..

(twinkle hugs leela and runs out of house)
K-aunty let her be alone and cry out..
and by the way i think now u should prepare something yummy..i m bored of mahis food..
U-han…yar..u are right..maa today paneer plzz.
and usha maa u make those phulkas …uff my mouth is watering now only..
M-(pulling kunjs and uv ear)so…my food is boring..
K-aree i was kidding it was DJ who said yes..
U-no..jaan no..not me..i just nodded
K-oooo..jaan han..
Mahi blushes
M-dont try to change the topic..
Kunj quickly escapes from their..and goes to leela & usha..
K-dekha leela aunty iss besharam ladki ko kese blush kar rahi hai..
and maa dekho appke SIL ko..hes calling her jaan..
have some shame guys..
UV-i have a urgent conference to do..
bye maa..bye ush maa
M-i ll c twinkle(both go away)


—– * —– * A NEW PROMO ON THE FF * —– * —–

Twinkle comes home injured..all worry for her ,Uv asks her the reason she says she fell..
Kunj gets suspicious on twinkle..
what do u guys think..
Did twinkle just had small wound..or is hiding something from all..?
Is she hurting her self..?
or that was just a small incidedent?
Throw ur views on it

—– * —– * —– * —– * —–
and guys dont forget we are in flashback still..
and now i ll return back to the present ..
and later after one or two episodes back to flashback..
and in that flashback you ll see the promo implemented..
Guys i know i m confusing u all by going in present and past..
but trust me..
cant assure it if u ll love it..
but yeah u ll enjoy it for sure..

so keep calm and trust ur Crazy

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

And one more request guys in my home except my cousins none knows that i write story..
matlab they know i write it but they dont know that i upload it too..
i din say this to my dad too..with whome i share all things..
only my cousins know a humble request to not tag me in any post on FB which is regarding my writings of my FF..
as right from my granny all are on fb..and its obvio that if they c it on my timeline mere toh band pakki..
so plzz..its due to some personal issue..
hope u understand not post it on my TL..
but u all can msg me..
as many already do..

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Credit to: crazy


  1. Rashi

    No crazy….u have a misconception about urself …..u r a great writer….. I really love ur story….waiting eagerly for the next part….

  2. Chandra

    Hey Di . I hv bcm ur fan . Ur just amazing . I bcm speechless after reading ur ff . And I hv a prblm . I tried to find u on fb . But bcm unsuccessful . Can u plz tell me ur profile name ?

    • crazy

      Hai Chandra my name n fb is Vaishnavi Gadge
      Pro pix is of me n a black crop top
      N tq for the compliment

  3. Sasmerra

    OK crazy got you episode was fabulous . How did twinkle loose her memory ? This is confusing me?.any ways loved it . I was waiting for your ff .?

  4. Purnima

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  6. Anushka

    Just amazing
    same here yaar only my friends and cousins know that I upload my writings on internet. My parents also don’t know about it. Because I m sure if I will tell them they will say me ‘no’ because of studies.

  7. panchi

    Awesome yaar …… lot of suspense …… eagerly wtng fr d nxt epi …….. ur story is jst fab …….. loved it …..

  8. Ria

    It was awesome yaar. What makes you think that we don’t love your ff? We do love your ff and, it isn’t at all confusing.. It’s just that it has a lot of suspense waiting for us.

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    don’t say it boring
    it was awesome and
    request u to end this flash back track and to show story of strict kunj and twinkle which
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    • crazy

      Nope dear..
      S I think I visited that school as my cousins study there..
      N indeed I m maharastran..
      But I stay n Karnataka hubli
      N me recently gave exams for CSE..
      Finished my final year

  14. Mitali

    Do u study in the bishops school kln Pune. I just wanted to ask u. I had some doubt that r u my school friend

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