Twinj Love Strategy (Episode 10)


hello guys i’m back so lets move to next episode..
Hope u like it..
I know u din like d last episode as the episode always had up to 30 cmmnts n this time it just had 3 cmmnts..
Let me know if u don’t like the track..
So that I all either change the track or end Ff….

Remember v r n flash back still…
Twinj n Clg..Maya gets our d truth f tej…

Twinkle is very frustrated..kunj notices this..
but seeing kunj is with her she controls herself..kunj very well knowing her behaviour tries to distract her mind..
he says ur a great actor yar..
K-u just drove off..did u see shanayas face when i said u as my GF..hahaha
T-hmm(she was lost in her own world)
kunj understood it..
K-so shall we go home
K-u love DJ na
K-U love mahi
K-u love maa
K-u love me
K-u want me to kiss u
and sudeenly kunj puts break and twinkle in jerk comes to her sences and says what?
K-what?he comes close to her..few inches apart..
T-what are u doing..
K-u said u want me to kiss fulfilling my promise
kunj laughs loud
K-did u c ur face..
wait let me take a pic of u..
he clicks a pic and twinkle gets more frustrated
T-are u driving or shall i lev and take a cab
K-no..its k i m here na..
twinj reach home..
T-kunj u go back to clg..
i m fine..u go and attented the classes ii m absolutely fine..
T-all are waiting for u..u muct lev..

twinkle goes in..and just walk to her room..
she locks her self and cries..
she takes out the pic..

—– * —– * FLASHBACK * —- * —–

Its shown that their are 3 people sitting their..
Its uv and tej and twinkle..
Twinkle with two plats
and Uv and tej making her hair proper as shes their ankon ka tukda..
their are her next parents..
just then a lady enetr and starts laughing..
Puttar what have u done to twinkles hair..
T-mumma they are my worlds best brothers..i know that but in them whos best?
so they are checking it by making my plat..who makes it best will win this competation..
she was having bread and jam..
accha channg..but have one bread at a time..
u are two are having it simultaneously..
no mumma ..both my brothers prepared if i eat one at once then other will feel bad so..both at atime..
leela laughs..
just then leela says tej puttar..go and get few clips from my draw it ll look best..
to her he nods..and runs to get it..
but twinkle stops him..
and says no tej bhai dont go..alone..i ll also come..
tej-dont worry mein yun gaya aur yun aya..
he gets the clip..leela stucks them to her and makes her look like a princes..

—– * —– * FLASHBACK * —- * —–

Twinkle looking at photo frame,kitna pyar tha na..teju btwn all of us..
but all was the fake concern..her love was fake..her smile to our deeds was fake..
she her self is fake
but u know what i met my bhabhi today..u know na u said about her onnly to and today c shes was here..with me..she turned out to be my classmate..
i wish u could be here..
Y did u lev me alone..y?
just then she gets aknock at the door.
she clears her face..
and removes the bolt of her room for her surprise..
there stood few people fully covered with flowers..
she stood same for few minutes..
some voice over took her cons
can we enter our legs are paining..
she took a flower out and said yes..
and it was revealed that all are her friends..
nikhil,rahul,chinki and maya and kunj..
all get in..
Chinki-wow yar ur room is so good..
any way how was our surprise..
maya-just good..
kunj notices tejs pic their..
he goes and just keeps the pic on its place..
kunj-anyway now no more rona dhona..
come we are going out u get ready fast..
chinkii and maya..plz help her coz she takes 2 hrs 18 min exactly to get ready and we dont have so much time..
Nikhil-what so much time?
T-dont complain on me oky..
did i ever complain when u keep speaking to deepika’s pic showing her ur body..muscles..
bada aya Sharuk khan bane..
K-dont compare me to the oldy of 50 oky..
T-ooo hello mr..ur not even a inch close to him..
and dont forget ur deepika loves to do mivies with him..
and the guy ur telling oldy na has millions billons girls back of the same oldy..
Bandar kya jane adrak ka swad..
T-aww ctiee is getting angry..
K-dont call me that’siyappa queen
T-sadu kahi ka
just then usha enters
uff hooo chuppppp
u guys again started naa..
she puuls kunjs ear and asks y is he troubling her always..
K–aa..uchhh..maa its paining n i din trouble her she started..
T-aww! kunj is lying he started
K-lying han n that too me..wait i ll tell u..
both run all over the room..
and knowing kunj is full too in form..
she quickly starts trowing pillow on him..
but it hits nikhil..
N-y did u throw it on me.. twinkle
wait i ll tell u..he throws it aand it hits chinki..
now chinki throws on kunj and kunj on rajat and he on twinkle and she again on maya..
all start fighting..
and just then kunj smirks at his idea and says stop….
i ll say whos the culprit..
who started the pillow fight first?
all look at twinkle

who threw it on nikhil..
again all look at twinkle..
so the culprit is..
and all start chasing twinkle now twinkle huridly runs down and and runs hear and their..and at last goes to browine..
kunj suddenly stops looking at going to direction of where brownie is.
he stops
R-aree now what come fast..
twinkle ll escape
Kunj has flashback of his and brownies first meet and shouts nooo brownie..
maya-whos this
Chinki-seems a dogs name.. my dog browine..
it just loves kunj a lot..hai na kunj..
Kunj starts sweting..
ye..yeah…i mean he loves me so much that..
he quickle climbs the sofa..
twinkle winks at chinki and then others ..
so all understand that kunj is scared of brownie..
but not only kunj but there is someone else too..
suddenly browine starts barking..
and UV comes out and says whats going on..i m not able to concentrate..
T-hai bhai..these are my frnds..and we were just playing..with browine..and kunjs and browines relationship a
Kunj takes a shie of relief and says thank god u are here Dj these all were..(uv cuts kunj)
and shout browinee..
browine had some file in his mouth..
twinkle starts laughing..
and says browinee chuuu chuuu!
now browine starts running behind Uv and UV sees mahi their and goes to her..
ISS duurr bhaga yarrr mahi plzzz
Mahi starts laughing and says i was waiting ffr u in mall and u r here..
T-bhai very bad..
Chinki wishpers something in twinkles ears and twinkle in mayas ears so slowly..
twinkle walks..slwoly to browine..
and takes it with her and says something to it.
K-siyappa queen tu iss kutee ki kan mein kya kusur pusur kar rahihai..?
Mahi-dont dare him call kutta..
he has so cute name..
all girls start playing with them..

Mahi-twinkle plan B..
T-oky bhabhi..
So ready chinki..
C-whats that plan but..?
Maya-the oe u said just..
C-oky oky..
Nikhil and rajat were gigling all kunjs and UV..twinkle asks them to stay silent..
twinkle slowly takes brownie and says chuu!
Kunj says abb hasso!
all boys run here and there..
and all get tired..
at last Uv screams to put him in..else i ll remove it from home..
KUnj feels good seeing twinkle laughing and forgeting what had happened in morning..
Mahi-now challo get to work..
Mahi-han did u see what mess we created here..
come on guys..
all clear the mess..
and says they are hungry..
kunj orders pizza..and every one have it..

usha and leela are talking..
L-now i m revealed..usha
L-i got a perfect match for my daughter..
l-s..she ll be happy i ll decide about clothes and jewelery as very less time is left..
and date also we revmoved only na for all ll be ok..
Twinkl who heard all this could not stop her anger..
T-s,…so the history is marriage is fixed..clothes and jewelery shopping list is is fixed and i dont know anything right..
L-no beta..
T(shota)-dont dare come front or show ur fake concern to me..
Y are u back of me..first u killed my want to control my life..
(kunj uv and mahi come their)
Uv-twinkle stop it..
T-no bhai i ll speak today..
she is doing my marriage u know!n the best is she choose boy..fixed date..and i dont know about it..
bhai ko mar ke jee nahi bhara jo abb mere jaan lena chahati ho(are u not satisfied by killing my bro that now u want to kill me han?)
UV-(in anger and in loud voice)twinkle i said st op..
did u c..
my bhai din raise voice on me till now and today that also happened..
hope u are satisfied by it..
i just hate u got it!..
i hate u..
ur not fit to be called mom also..
Uv -(could not take it)and gave a tight slap to twinkle
Twinkle was in such a shock that shetouched her cheeks to c if its true..that her bhai slaped her..
twinkle cryingly goes to her room..
she bolts the door..and cries heavily..
K-what th hell DJ
how could u raise a hand on her
MAhi-uv..are u my Uv who love his he the sm Uv who could not c tears in his princess eyes and is reason today for her tears..
U-Uv u should not have did that..
twinkle cries vigorsly
and takes a bottle in her hand

—– * —– * FLASHBACK * —- * —–

It was a fine vevening..
Both brother and sister were having fuu with leela when the fire caught their home..
leela and all the others gor scared..
leela quickly took twinkle with her and rn out and said beta u two be here i ll come back..ok
she gave them her shawl and said wrap it around u..i ll save u my child wait for ur mumma..
tej and UV just noded..!

USha took first twinkle as she was smallest..
she kept her out..
t-mumma plz save bhai and tej..plzz..
L-han beta mumma is here na i ll save them
leela runs in and gets two boys..
but while exiting she got struck..
she quickly made one of the boy torun out..
but she got struck…with the other..
and later she left tej their only and came out with Uv which was witnesses by twinkle
—– * —– * FLASHBACK ends * —- * —–
leels was crying and uV was making her feel that it was not her fault..
Uv-maa..u know na that the truth is differnt
u tried saving tej but..winkle took it wrong..
and taught it smething else..but truth was something else..

—– * —– * FLASHBACK * —- * —–

tej uv and leela were coming out..
when leea was about to take them..
tejs hand got struck and exit was blocked ..
but leela managed to push uv out and was shouting at tej to come..
but tej hand had got struck..
and fire was about to lit his hand..
so tej pushed leela and he jumped in fire..
where it was looking as if leela was trying to escape and pushed tej to herself become safe..

—– * —– * FLASHBACK ENDS* —- * —–

twinkle looks at tejs pic and says teju i love i cant stay away from u..and if i m alive this women will make me marray or her benefit..
and destroy my life..
so better na if i come to u..

twinkle swallos few pills and says goodnight..
she keeps the bottle in drawer..
and goes and sleeps..
and thinks even if any one comes and finds me then they ll think that i m sleeping and wont be able to save me also..

Twinkle sleeps..
its night…
Uv comes to dinning area and asks where are all..
every one come their..
as Uv dont like anyone to disrespect food..
a brothers eyes,a moms eyes,a best friends eyes are searching for some one..
they all wait..
for some time..
UV-she wont come..lets start eating..
Kunj was controling his anger..mahi kept hand on his sholder to calm him..
K-dii i cant take it anymore..
I dont get it how a bro can act so calm..
i m going to call her if u want or dont want..
UV-no..u wait..i ll go..
K-if u really wanted u could havebefore only..u enjoy dinner i ll call her..

kunj goes and bangs the door..
he keeps banging..
twinkle plzz open yar..
(some thing strucks his mind..)
browinee cms their and starts barking
all go up listing to browine..
all start banging the door now..
kunj breaks the door with Uv and get in..
UV-lo..yee t..shes sleeping so deeply
K-but she gets up at browies voice na
Uv-goes to twinkle and cries miserably..

Precap-twinkle in hospital..
and a new twist in story..

Credit to: crazy

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